Alberta, a diverse and culturally rich province in Western Canada, is home to a burgeoning Islamic community that has contributed to the development of numerous educational institutions providing Islamic-centered education.

We have specifically put this piece together to help parents narrow their search when looking for the best Islamic schools in Alberta, Canada. In these schools, tradition and modern education harmoniously coexist for the good of every child.

Keep in mind that Alberta’s Islamic schools are spread across its major cities and regions, such as Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, and more.

Each of these schools offers a unique approach to Islamic education while adhering to Alberta curriculum standards. We delve into the educational philosophies, facilities, faculty, and extracurricular activities that make these institutions stand out.

Most offer valuable insights for parents, students, and anyone interested in the intersection of faith-based and traditional education.

At the end of this guide, you will be able to make a decision that suits your child. However, if these schools in Alberta do not meet your expectations, we recommend you explore our archive of the best Islamic schools for options outside of the region.

How many Islamic schools are in Alberta?

Alberta is a large province with lots of cities, each home to a few Islamic schools. Currently, there are over 20 Islamic schools in Alberta, Canada.

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What is the tuition cost for Muslim schools in Alberta?

The tuition cost for Muslim schools in Alberta can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the specific school, its location, the grade level of the student, and the services provided.

On average, tuition fees for Islamic schools in Alberta can be as low as $550 to $10,000 per year. Some may offer financial assistance, scholarships, or sliding-scale fees to accommodate families with varying financial circumstances.

To get precise information on tuition costs for a specific Muslim school in Alberta, it’s advisable to contact the school you are interested in once you’ve made a choice.

Which city in Alberta has the highest number of Islamic schools?

Alberta’s major cities and regions include Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, and more. Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and has the highest number of Islamic schools in the province.

Calgary is home to a significant Muslim community, leading to the establishment of several Islamic educational institutions in the city.

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What are the best Islamic schools in Alberta, Canada?

Helping you find the perfect school for you is our plan here at Ziiky. As such, we have done our research and come up with the best Islamic colleges in Alberta, Canada.

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Our choice of schools was made based on the overall quality of the school, the universal rankings of the school, and the structure of the school to ensure the students are equipped with character and learning.

Here are some of the best Islamic schools in Alberta, Canada, based on factors such as academic excellence, extracurricular offerings, and parent satisfaction:

1. MAC Islamic School Calgary

  • Annual tuition: $2,200
  • Contact: +1 403-454-7879

MAC Islamic School in Calgary, situated in the heart of the city, is one of Canada’s oldest and largest Islamic schools, established in 1985.

With over 300 students spanning from kindergarten to grade 12, the school combines Islamic education with the Alberta curriculum, providing a choice for Muslim families in Calgary. The school’s engaging approach enables students to learn about Islam interactively.

It boasts a team of highly qualified teachers dedicated to ensuring a quality education from kindergarten to grade 12. Beyond academics, MAC ISC offers various extracurricular activities, including sports, Qur’an studies, Arabic language classes, and field trips to museums and historical sites, allowing students to explore diverse civilizations worldwide.


2. Ahmadiyya Muslim School Calgary

  • Annual Tuition: $1,000
  • Contact: +1 403-355-6313

Among the top Islamic schools in Calgary, the Ahmadiyya Muslim School Calgary Academy stands out as a reputable institution. Established in 1983 by members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, this school has held accreditation from the Alberta Board of Education (ABE) since 1984, offering primary education for students in grades 1 to 6.

Notably, Ahmadiyya Muslim School provides a comprehensive Islamic education that encompasses various subjects, including Islam, Arabic language, mathematics, science, social studies, art, and music. Students also engage in religious studies, such as Qur’anic recitation and Islamic history, deepening their knowledge of their faith.

The school boasts outdoor playground facilities and an indoor gymnasium for physical education classes.


3. Eddiya Canadian Centre Arabic School

  • Tuition Cost: $210 per semester
  • Contact: +1 403-248-2773

Eddiya Canadian Centre Arabic School is a well-known Islamic school in Calgary. This school provides a diverse range of programs for children, youth, and adults, encompassing after-school activities, summer camps, sports tournaments, private tutoring, family events, and more.

One notable offering is the accredited preschool program tailored for children aged 3 to 6 years, focused on academic skills, social development, and emotional growth through reading, writing, math, and science.

Eddiya presents an Advanced Kindergarten Program for 5-year-olds preparing for Grade 1, which focuses on building a strong academic foundation in subjects like art and science through hands-on activities.

Their elementary school program aligns with Alberta provincial standards and emphasizes academic excellence across various areas, including literacy, math, science, social studies, and physical education. Arabic language skills are a consistent part of the curriculum.


4. Horizon Academy Institute

  • Tuition per student: $19,600
  • Contact: +1 403-460-1746

Horizon Academy Institute, a registered Islamic school in Calgary, welcomes a diverse student body of 546 students representing various cultural backgrounds. Established on November 1, 2017, this non-profit institute emerged from the vision of parents and community members who recognized the demand for Islamic education in their community.

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Their commitment to quality education extends to students of all ethnicities and religious backgrounds. Horizon Academy Institute prioritizes a holistic approach, catering to students’ academic, social, and emotional needs. They foster an environment for self-discovery and intercultural understanding through educational activities like field trips, social events, and family nights.

This institute offers Islamic education from kindergarten through Grade 12, and it even provides adult classes for individuals who wish to learn about Islam but couldn’t attend school during their childhood due to work commitments or other obligations. Horizon Academy Institute’s inclusive approach is aimed at enriching the educational journey of students at various stages of life.


5. North West Islamic School

  • Tuition Cost: $2,700 
  • Contact: +1 403-703-6308.

North West Islamic School, situated at 10th Street SW and 16th Avenue SW in Calgary, has been a pillar of quality education for over two decades, catering to the Muslim children of the city.

Their comprehensive programs encompass preschool, junior kindergarten, and kindergarten, welcoming both boys and girls from kindergarten to grade 12. The school boasts a team of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in teaching students from diverse cultural backgrounds, including those with learning disabilities or ADHD.

These teachers are well-equipped to support students facing academic challenges due to various factors, such as language barriers or personal issues, that may impact their learning abilities. Additionally, North West Islamic School offers an after-school tutoring program (AST) designed to enhance academic performance by providing homework assistance, tutoring sessions, and extra support on weekdays when regular classes are not in session.


6. The Islamic Center of South Calgary

  • Tuition Cost: $1,700
  • Contact: +1 403-984-4272

Established in 2001, the Islamic Center of South Calgary stands out as a unique Islamic school in the city, committed to providing quality education. The school’s highly trained and professional teachers are well-versed in their subjects, offering students valuable guidance.

The Islamic Center of South Calgary curriculum aligns with Alberta Education standards for both public and private schools, spanning from kindergarten to grade 12. Students have the option to choose between two programs: Islamic Studies (Grade 1–9) and Religious Education (Grade 10).

The school’s diverse range of courses, from Arabic to Physical Education, French, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies (History and geography), Fine Arts (Art and music), and Health This empowers students to excel academically and follow Islamic teachings, contributing positively to society.


7. Al-Amal Academy

  • Tuition Cost: $10,900
  • Contact: +1 825-996-5399

Al-Amal Academy, situated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has earned a reputation as one of the city’s most prestigious Islamic schools. Founded in 1991 by a group of parents, it began as a private kindergarten with just seven students and has since grown to enroll over 1,500 students.

As one of the largest Islamic schools in Calgary, Al-Amal Academy offers both English and Arabic language programs for students from kindergarten to grade 12.

Remarkably, Al-Amal Academy has expanded its reach with campuses in Edmonton and Red Deer, Alberta. The school prides itself on providing a strong academic foundation and employing world-class teachers trained at leading universities in North America.

Students are encouraged to engage in various extracurricular activities, including participation in sports teams and clubs, fostering a well-rounded educational experience.

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8. Almadina Language Charter Academy

  • Tuition Cost: $117 per semester
  • Contact: +1 403-543-5070

Almadina Language Charter Academy, a standout Islamic school in Calgary, is distinct in that it operates independently and is not affiliated with any mosque or religious group. Almadina is dedicated to offering a high-quality, comprehensive education to all students, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities.

They provide an enriched learning environment that combines modern technology with Islamic values in the curriculum. Believing in every student’s boundless potential, Almadina recruits certified teachers with a minimum of three years of university-level teaching experience, proficient in both English and Arabic.

Their passionate teachers set high expectations, provide continuous support, and offer additional assistance through small group instruction, one-on-one tutoring, and online resources like Khan Academy, ensuring every student’s success.


9. Hanan’s Preschool

  • Tuition Cost: $100 per semester
  • Contact: +1 403-714-6031

Hanan’s Preschool is another distinguished Islamic school in Alberta, Canada, providing exceptional education to children aged 2 to 7. The school offers a full-day program from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with extended care options until 6:30 p.m.

Hanan boasts well-equipped facilities, including a spacious gym, library, art studio, computer lab, and outdoor play area. Classrooms feature modern tools like interactive whiteboards, iPads, and laptops, and teachers are proficient in their use to enhance effective learning.

What sets Hanan’s Preschool apart is its emphasis on teaching both Arabic and Islamic studies, with all teachers fluent in Arabic, enabling more effective language instruction compared to schools with limited Arabic-speaking staff.


10. Al Mustafa Academy

  • Tuition Cost: Not specified
  • Contact: +1 780-432-7020

Last on our list is Al Mustafa Academy, one of the most prestigious Muslim schools in Alberta, Canada.

The school seeks to provide its students with an enabling and conducive environment with qualified and lovable teachers who can drastically improve the student’s overall performance, both academically and religiously.

Unlike other Canadian schools, Al Mustafa Academy, in a bid to properly groom its students, offers Arabic as a core subject alongside English and French.



As far as education in Alberta, Canada, is concerned, the best Islamic schools stand out as beacons of knowledge, diversity, and community. They have demonstrated a commitment to providing a holistic, high-quality education while nurturing the cultural and religious values of their students.

These institutions continue to make significant contributions to the educational and cultural landscape of the province, nurturing the minds and hearts of future generations and preparing them to be informed, engaged, and compassionate members of our global community.

Do well to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below on your desired Islamic school in Calgary where you’ll be considering enrolling your child.




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