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The Top 9 Best Military Schools in Kentucky

If you’re looking to enroll your child in the best military schools in Kentucky, this list will help you out.

It’s no secret that the state of Kentucky has been home to several prestigious military academies.

Kentucky also has its own military academy—the Kentucky Military Institute in Nicholasville—and several other prestigious academies.

What is a military school?

Families that are seeking military programs in Kentucky will want to know what a military school is.

Military schools are boarding schools that develop leadership and discipline through a variety of methods.

These methods may include:

  • Traditional military-style uniforms and ranks
  • Physical training
  • Strict curfews and inspection of dorms and rooms
  • Cutting-edge technology such as tablet computers with internet access.

Some military schools have special academies or courses available for certain age groups as well.

How to choose the right military school

Military programs have popped up all over, including military high schools and middle schools.

However, to ensure you’re choosing a top military school, it’s important to weigh factors like location and cost before applying.

Start by thinking about how close your family lives to where you want to attend; if they live far away, you may not be able to visit as often as your child would like.

How much does it cost to attend a military school?

Military schools can vary greatly, both by cost and by program.

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A number of factors impact how much a school costs, including whether or not it is private, what type of students it serves (seniors vs. juniors only), and where it is located.

The average cost for military school at a private high school ranges from $6,000 to $22,000 per year, while that figure ranges from $1,800 to $5,400 at public high schools.

List of the best military schools in Kentucky

Reach out to these schools and start your application, their contact details will be listed too;  

  1. Bluegrass Challenge Academy
  2. Captain M.J.Caboose’s Military School
  3. Appalachian Challenge Academy
  4. The University of Kentucky AROTC
  5. Western Kentucky University ROTC
  6. Kentucky Military Institute
  7. Recruiting and Retention College
  8. Military Adventure camp
  9. The University of Louisville

Bluegrass Challenge Academy

If you’re searching for military schools in Kentucky, there are many options to choose from. One of our top picks is Bluegrass Challenge Academy (BGA).

BGA was founded in 1995 and is affiliated with both military programs and martial arts training.

Its staff includes instructors who have been inducted into the hall of fame status from their respective fields: military training, weaponry, and hand-to-hand combat.

What makes BGA stand out among other military schools in Kentucky is its solid reputation for offering not only top-notch academics but also discipline, respect, leadership training, and good citizenship skills.

Address: 114 Conroy Ave, Fort Knox, KY 40121

Phone: (877) 599-6884


Captain M.J.Caboose’s Military School

Locally owned and operated, Captain M.J. Caboose’s Military School offers a top-notch military program for students in grades 7 through 12.

This is one of the best military schools in Kentucky that provides all of its students with the traditional curriculum as well as military training that includes both discipline and leadership skills.

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Students also have access to uniforms, weapons, physical training, and other tools necessary for success.

Address: 176-108 E Prong Rd, Richmond, KY 40475

Phone: (618) 535-2728

Appalachian Challenge Academy

The Appalachian Challenge Academy is one of the best military schools in Kentucky.

This academy offers a rigorous residential program that helps students mature into disciplined and responsible adults.

From athletics to leadership education to personal growth programs, the Appalachian Challenge Academy has something for every student who wants a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

As one of the top military academies in Kentucky, students are guaranteed to make lasting friendships that can last for life here at The Appalachian Challenge Academy.

Address: 465 Grays Branch Rd, Grays Knob, KY 40829

Phone: (606) 574-0303


The University of Kentucky AROTC

The ROTC offers a four-year program with advanced training, preparing young men and women for careers as officers.

The AROTC is the Army’s most popular officer training option. Students complete two summer training sessions and participate in weekly drilling throughout their first year of enrollment.

Students are also required to attend study sessions every Monday evening.

As one of the top military universities in Kentucky, students may choose from three areas of focus:

  • Logistics
  • Military Intelligence or
  • Air Defense Artillery.

Address: 101 Barker Hall, Lexington, KY 40506

Phone: +1 (859) 257-6865


Western Kentucky University ROTC

WKU is one of only two schools in Kentucky that hosts a Military ROTC program (the other is the University of Louisville).

If you’re looking for military options in your home state, WKU offers both Army and Air Force programs.


Kentucky Military Institute (KMI)

KMI is one of only a few military schools in Kentucky to offer an ROTC program and an Air Force JROTC program.

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The school’s military programs focus on discipline and leadership.

The school also offers several Advanced Placement courses.

Students can participate in more than 20 sports teams, as well as music groups and other extracurricular activities.


Recruiting and Retention College

The RRC is accredited by both the Council on Occupational Education (COE) and the Army Quality Assurance Office (QAO).

Mission: Train and educate military and civilian leaders, and develop complementary concepts, doctrine, organization, material, and training across the spectrum of recruiting and retention to support the requirements for America’s decisive force.

The Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) vision is well-trained, disciplined, and values-based professionals.

Address: 1929 Old Ironsides Ave BLDG #2389, Fort Knox, KY 40121

Phone: (502) 608-5631


Military Adventure camp

Serving students with military-focused programs, the Military Adventure camp offers students many benefits for those who are interested in pursuing military careers.

These include career guidance, leadership development, and a student activities program.

Address: 1083 Mt. Hope Rd, Flemingsburg, KY 41041

Phone: (859) 608-3155


The University of Louisville

This is a public research university and one of the best military schools in Kentucky.

It is part of the Kentucky state university system; you can get military training when you enroll in a program here

This is one of the top military academies that also offers a variety of support services to ensure success.



You can start your military career by applying to any of these schools, and to have a better chance of acceptance, just apply to as many as possible.

This brings us to the end of this article on the best military schools in Kentucky, to see other programs and opportunities that might interest you, click here.

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