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Community Colleges in Jacksonville Florida: Top 9 Best

Where to go after high school?

That’s the big question on the minds of many students, and community colleges are the popular answer.

This is especially where there are many community colleges in Jacksonville Florida for local students to choose from.

Whether you want to live at home, or somewhere else close by, there’s a community college in Jacksonville that will fit your needs and budget.

If you’re curious about which of these institutions might be best suited to your educational and vocational goals, keep reading.

Why Study in Jacksonville Florida?

Jacksonville is an amazing place to study, the environment is serene and beyond the sunny weather, Jacksonville also provides nearby residents with higher education opportunities like:

  • Associate degrees
  • Certificates
  • Corporate training
  • Continuing education, and
  • High school completion programs.

International students who come to Florida always speak nicely about the reception and opportunities to explore Jacksonville.

Are community colleges free in Jacksonville Florida?

People often ask if there are community colleges in Jacksonville Florida.

Well, not all community colleges are free, but many of them have highly affordable tuition rates.

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Explore community colleges in Jacksonville for more information on how to keep costs down during your studies.

Top 9 Best Community colleges in Jacksonville Florida

Here is a list of some of the top community colleges you can find in Jacksonville.

  1. Florida State College at Jacksonville- Downtown College
  2. Concorde Career Institue – Jacksonville
  3. St Johns River State College
  4. Fortis College
  5. Stenotype Institute of Jacksonville Inc
  6. Sunstate Academy- Jones Technical Institute
  7. University of North Florida
  8. Harvest Community School
  9. Jacksonville Jewish Center Conservative Synagogue

Florida State College at Jacksonville- Downtown College

If you’re looking for a community college to start your educational journey, consider enrolling at FSCJ-Downtown.

The FSCJ is one of the best community colleges in Jacksonville FL. It is located on historic downtown Jacksonville’s waterfront, FSCJ-Downtown is just one of ten community colleges throughout Duval County.

With over three dozen associate degree programs and certificate programs, there are many options for completing your prerequisites and earning an associate degree or technical certificate.


Concorde Career Institue – Jacksonville

Concorde’s degree programs are designed to help meet your needs and goals as you strive to further advance your education.

This is one of the best community colleges in Jacksonville Florida, the school provides a solid education foundation with a career-focused curriculum, which can be completed at a pace that suits you best!


St Johns River State College

Established in 1958 as St. Johns River Junior College, St. Johns River State College is one of a few state colleges in the Florida College System.

These colleges can offer more bachelor’s degrees than typical community colleges.

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The school is part of the Florida college system and offers both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees to students who are pursuing a career that requires a higher education level.

Located in Palatka, FL just south of Jacksonville, St.


Fortis College

Fortis has nine campuses and numerous online programs across 15 states. They offer associate degrees in:

  • General studies
  • Accounting
  • Paralegal studies
  • Medical assisting
  • Radiologic technology and
  • Criminal justice.

Their athletics include baseball, softball, soccer, and volleyball for men; basketball for women; and football for both genders.


Stenotype Institute of Jacksonville Inc

Stenotype Institute of Jacksonville Inc-Jacksonville educates 41% of its students as full-time students.

The university’s student: teacher ratio of 21:1 is higher than the state average of 14:1.

Minorities make up only 33% of the student body (mostly Black), which is less than the state average of 62%.

The most popular degrees at Stenotype Institute of Jacksonville Inc are Criminal Justice, Paralegal, and Business Administration & Management.

This school offers subjects such as English Language & Literature, General Studies, and Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Address: 3563 Philips Hwy #501, Jacksonville, FL 32207, United States

Phone: +1 904-398-4141

Sunstate Academy- Jones Technical Institute

Sunstate is one of the community colleges in Jacksonville Florida that offers 15-degree options at Jones Technical Institute.

They offer both full-time and part-time programs for any student who may be working full-time or balancing a family.

By attending Sunstate you will save money by earning college credits in your community, as well as having convenient access to different methods of transportation including Lynx bus routes.

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Overall Sunstate Academy has proven that they are one of the best community colleges in Jacksonville Fl because they offer several opportunities to better one’s career at a very low cost with many job opportunities upon graduation.


University of North Florida

The University of North Florida often referred to as UNF, is a state university located in Jacksonville, Florida.

One of eleven institutions making up the State University System of Florida, it was founded as North Florida Junior College in 1947.


Harvest Community School

Harvest Community School is one of the top community schools in Jacksonville Florida that provides educational opportunities for children.

They are many fundraising events and even parenting classes offered by this school, you can reach out to them via the website below.


Jacksonville Jewish Center Conservative Synagogue

This is one of the community colleges in Jacksonville Florida affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

Read more about this institution from the website below:


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