The number of football colleges in Nevada is limited as such colleges students looking to enroll in a Nevada institution with a football program have just two options to choose from. For those who find it limiting, you can explore other states in the United States with over 10 schools with vibrant football teams just the best football colleges in California, Florida, and Idaho.

However, if you intend on studying in Nevada, the options you have when it comes to football schools are the state’s best. Nevada is a welcoming city and very accommodating to local and international students. The environment is great for learning and Friday nights in the state remind you of the American love for football.

Although the state has just a few schools and colleges with active and functioning football programs, the quality of education and training offered to athletes in the state is on par. Enrolling in any of the colleges for football in Nevada prepares you for an actual footballing career if you choose to follow that part after graduation. This guide will lead you to these schools and how to go about enrollment and registration. 

Is Becoming A Footballer Worth It?

You must have seen that everything associated with football sports is fun, exciting, and intriguing which makes most people want to jump into it professionally. However, most people still struggle with the question, is becoming a footballer worth it?

If you’re a college student passionate about football and you’re going as far as wanting to enroll in a college or institution with a football program and you want to know if you’re making a good choice, here are some reasons.

#1. Aids you pursue your passion 

70% of people who are working each day are not doing what they are passionate about. If you pursue football as a career you’re setting up yourself to enjoy the benefits of pursuing your passion. 

Playing football allows you to pursue your passion for the sport and potentially make a living doing what you love. This is what many people are looking forward to every day.

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#2. Helps You Develop Physical Fitness 

Of course, you can develop your physical fitness just by going to the gym or engaging in exercise. Being a footballer offers that effortlessly as football requires a high level of physical fitness whether you’re at the college or professional level.

By developing physical fitness, you get to also develop endurance, strength, and agility which are all required in and for the sport.

#3. Football helps you build teamwork skills 

The success of a football team relies on their teamwork. Being a footballer means you will have to learn to work with and in teams for the success of the team as a whole. 

Football is a team sport. Playing it can help you learn teamwork skills such as communication, collaboration, and leadership which are all beyond professional requirements but life skills.

#4. Being a student footballer is an opportunity to get into numerous schools 

Many colleges offer football scholarships, providing a great opportunity to earn a college education while playing the sport you love.

Whether you have more than enough to see you through college or not, football can solve the problem of money for school for you as long as you engage well and play by the rules while maintaining sound academic progress. 

#5. An avenue to launch into a lucrative career 

Besides the fame, happiness, and engagements being a footballer in college bring, the platform offers you an opportunity to launch into a career as a professional upon graduation. 

Being a professional footballer can earn you significant income, making it a potentially lucrative career path when you graduate after college.

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Are There Football Colleges In Nevada?

Yes, there are just two football colleges in Nevada that have an active football program in the state. These college football teams are members of the Nevada Men’s D1 (FBS) Football Schools.

What’s The Tuition Cost For Football Colleges In Nevada?

Apparently, when it comes to the cost of tuition in Nevada, there is no one size that fits it all. The cost of these institutions depends on the school itself and the program the student is offering. 

Sometimes how much a student gets to pay depends on factors such as the cost of the program of study of the student who is also going to be a student-athlete. 

However, on average, tuition cost in Nevada colleges and schools for students interested in football is $24,828 per year. 

What You Need To Know About Nevada Schools For Students Interested In Football?

Before we go one exploring Nevada colleges for football programs these are some facts you need to know about these institutions;

  • Nevada colleges with football programs are cheap.
  • Student footballers in Nevada are academically and athletically sound.
  • They have a high financial inflow made by the tenants each year.
  • Colleges for students interested in football in NV are few in number. 
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What Are The Best Football Colleges In Nevada?

We understand it can be a task finding and deciding on which college to attend when you have just a few options available for student football athletes in Nevada.

To help you know what decision is better between the two schools available, we have considered factors such as the school’s overall quality, the athletic competitiveness of the school, the availability of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for sports, and the academic progress rate of current students who are into football and academics and come up with a list.

#1. University of Nevada – Reno

  • Location: Reno, Nevada
  • Total number of team players: 128
  • Academic progress rate of the team: 987
  • Average tuition cost per student per year: $24,827
  • Average revenue generated by the team: $10,569,596
  • Total net profit/loss after all team expenses: $-23,624

The University of Nevada – Reno is the best school for D1 (FBS) Men’s football school in Nevada. With a history of academic excellence and a track record in delivering quality education in all fields, the University of Nevada – Reno is one of the US best schools. 

As a large public school, it’s no doubt to see a large student population enrolled in college. While the school is reckoned for great learning, its sports are not left out. The University of Nevada – Reno football team is one of the few football teams in the United States with over $10,000,000 in revenue in a single season.

Currently, UNR FBS Men’s Football team made $10,569,596 in revenue in a single year. However, with all the money made, the team is in debt of $-23,624 after incurring an expense of $10,593,220. It’s ideal for you to know that this is not good for the team. 

While financially the team is not doing well, academically, the team is showing a great academic progress rate of 987, signifying that team members care about their grades. The all-men 128 players of the University of Nevada – Reno are under the guidance and mentorship of one head coach and 10 assistant coaches.

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#2. University of Nevada – Las Vegas

  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Total number of team players: 106
  • Academic progress rate of the team: 964
  • Average tuition cost per student per year: $24,828
  • Average revenue generated by the team: $12,223,081
  • Total net profit/loss after all team expenses: $0.00

Because of its excellent sports programs, the University of Nevada – Las Vegas is one of the best schools for D1 (FBS) Men’s Football athletes in Nevada. The University of Nevada – Las Vegas is a large public school graduating about 4,885 students each year in bachelor’s programs.

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Its vibrant and functioning football team comprises 106 players led by a head coach and 10 assistant coaches who keep them in shape and fit. With an academic progress rate of 964, it is easy to see that each of the members of the University of Nevada – Las Vegas football team is doing well in the classroom.

On the field, their prowess generated $12,223,081 in a single year for the University of Nevada – Las Vegas football team. However, after settling the team’s expenses of $12,223,081, the team has no profit made or loss gained for the school. Even though this means that the program didn’t make any money, at least it wasn’t in debt.

Also, it’s ideal to note that the tuition fees at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, are very affordable although footballers stand a chance to earn scholarships as well hence why it is one of the best football colleges in Nevada.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Football Colleges In Nevada 

What college football team is in Vegas?

Las Vegas is home to the University of Nevada – Las Vegas which has the University of Nevada Las Vegas football team UNLV Rebels and Lady Rebels.

Has Nevada ever been ranked in college football?

Nevada ranked for the first time since 1948 in the Associated Press poll Top 25.

Is Nevada a good college football team?

The University of Nevada – Reno football team Wolf Pack is the West’s third-best team and sixth overall in the Mountain West. With a 5.8 win, it’s without bias to say that the University of Nevada – Reno football team Wolf Pack is a good college football team.

What college football teams are in Nevada?

When it comes to Division I football games, Nevada has just two football teams; the Nevada Wolf Pack of the University of Nevada, Reno FBS, and the UNLV Rebels and Lady Rebels of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Understandably, there are not many football colleges and schools in Nevada. However, the very few that are in the state have shown excellence in academics, learning, and athletics. 

Enrolling in any of these schools will not be such a bad idea. However, we recommend that you visit the school’s website once you have made the choice, so be sure of the tuition cost, and other requirements you need.



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