If you’re considering studying in any of the football colleges in Nebraska, you have some good options in your choice card. Nebraska is not one of the popular locations for schooling in the USA although it is home to over 1,036 schools both for high school and college students. 

Schools in Nebraska, although not popular, have some of the best foundations for education in the USA. The option placed on education in the state makes each of its schools focus on ensuring every student in their care gets the best of studies. 

In addition to good learning and educational grooming, the spirit of athletics did not waver over Nebraska as the state also holds onto the American spirit when it comes to football and other sporting activities. Hence, few of its schools embraced the need to have football programs.

Currently, college students who are interested in football can find a school with a fine blend of education and athletics in Nebraska. This guide helps you find the few and shows you all you need to know before shipping off to Nebraska to become a student footballer. 

How Many Football Colleges Are In Nebraska?

Although Nebraska is home to over 1,036 schools of higher learning, there are just three football schools in the state. This is few compared to the number of football colleges in cities such as Alabama, Mississippi, and Missouri.

Even though the football institutions in Nebraska are few, you can be certain that they have credible programs to put you in shape both academically and athletically. 

How Much Does It Cost To Go To A Football College In Nebraska?

In our archives of the best football schools in states such as Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, etc, Nebraska is the state in the United States whose tuition for schools with football programs is the cheapest.

Students seeking to enroll in any of the schools in Nebraska with football programs can be sure of its affordability as tuition costs just about $7,206 – $9,995 per year in Nebraska football colleges.

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How Do I Choose a Football College to Attend in Nebraska?

For a state like Nebraska, choosing a college to attend wouldn’t be as difficult because you just have a handful of options to choose from. 

However few, you also need to know what to look out for to make a befitting pick that will help you in your career as a student footballer as well as your academics. To choose a school that fits on both sides, here’s how to go about it;

#1. Do your research 

You can never go wrong with research and find out what schools have a fine blend of academics and athletics in the state. 

Find out the various schools in Nebraska that offer football programs. Visit their website and know what the program is like and read what people are saying about the program.

#2. Find out the size of the school program

Yes, you have to consider the size of the school and its football program. Is it big enough to accommodate and groom your dreams? 

Does the school football team go for intercooler competitions? How well are they exposed in this football thing? You Need to have all the questions answered.

#3. How good are their coaches

A good player has everything to do with the coaches that groomed them. So while you’re looking for a good school, consider who is likely going to be your coach.

Look at the coaching staff and their experience and track record. Do they have the technical know-how to bring out the best in you? 

#4. Presence of state-of-the-art facilities 

Beyond good coaches and good schools, ensure that the school you choose out of the best football colleges in Nebraska has the facilities, equipment, and resources to train you.

Not only should these resources be available, but they should also be available to football players at each college. You have to train using modern facilities to be able to fit in in the real world.

#5. Progress of the team over the years

Ensure the school you choose has a football team who have track records in the footballing game. Browse through their matches and see what the team is like. 

Also, look out for their academic progress rate report which is a strong indicator that shows whether or not the team is doing well in the classroom as they are in the field. These two have to be on a fine balance. 

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What Are The Best Football Colleges In Nebraska?

Having considered the number of schools with football programs in Nebraska, we have come up with the best 3 colleges. 

Our list was coined considering factors such as the level of athletic competitiveness of the school, the school’s overall quality, the presence of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, as well as the progress report of the football team.

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#1. Chadron State College

  • Location: Chadron, Nebraska
  • Total number of team players: 167
  • Academic progress rate of the team: N/A
  • Average tuition cost per student per year: $7,206
  • Average revenue generated by the team: $1,377,845
  • Total net profit/loss after all team expenses: $0.00

Chadron State College is the best school for D2 Men’s Football athletes in Nebraska. The college is a small public institution that has over the years proven to deliver quality academics in all fields. Although a small public school, Chadron State College awarded 340 bachelor’s degrees in 2020-2021 which is an indicator of commitment to learning.

As the best for D2 Men’s football schools in Nebraska, the Chadron State College football team in all its competition and involvement in football games in the state generated $1,377,845 in revenue. While the team spent all on expenses, it’s good to know that the Chadron State College football team is not in debt.

Currently, the team which is 167 all-men is led by one head coach and 10 assistant coaches who ensure that the college football team members are kept in shape all season.  

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#2. University of Nebraska at Kearney

  • Location: Kearney, Nebraska
  • Total number of team players: 127
  • Academic progress rate of the team: N/A
  • Average tuition cost per student per year: $15,320
  • Average revenue generated by the team: $1,764,213
  • Total net profit/loss after all team expenses: $0.00

When compared to other football colleges in the United States, the University of Nebraska at Kearney tuition is very affordable. However, in comparison to the best football colleges in Nebraska, the tuition is on the high side. 

Students who want to enroll in a school not too large and not too small should consider the University of Nebraska at Kearney. UNK is a medium-sized student school that awarded 921 bachelor’s degrees to undergraduates in 2021.

As the school does well in academics, so they pride in their football team as well. The University of Nebraska at Kearney football team is one of the best D2 Men’s Football teams in Nebraska. The team raised $1,764,213 in revenue in a single year, however, all was spent on team expenses.

Currently, the University of Nebraska at Kearney football team comprises 127 players led by one head coach and 6 assistant coaches.

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#3. Wayne State College

  • Location: Wayne, Nebraska
  • Total number of team players: 95
  • Academic progress rate of the team: N/A
  • Average tuition cost per student per year: $7,458
  • Average revenue generated by the team: $1,171,037
  • Total net profit/loss after all team expenses: $0.00

Wayne State College is one of the Nebraska schools for students interested in football which has an excellent sports program. The prowess of the school’s football team earned it a spot as one of the best schools for D2 Men’s Football athletes in Nebraska. 

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Although Wayne State College has a small student population, its football team has quite a number of student population.  Currently, the WSC football team is made of 95 players who are trained and guided by a head coach and 8 assistant coaches who ensure they are in shape.

Financially, the D2 Men’s Football team at Wayne State College took home $1,171,037 in revenue but spent all on expenses.

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Is Attending Any Of The Football Colleges in Nebraska Worth It?

Being a student footballer is worth it on every front. From exposure to being the first considered for certain opportunities, college students who are into football have a lot to gain. 

First, if you enroll in a school that has up-to-date facility state-of-the-art sporting equipment in football, that means you will have the opportunity to train well from the get-go under amazing coaches. Coaches you get to meet are standard coaches who will train you as they would a professional player in the industry.

Secondly, for schools that participate in inter-school competitions, you will have the opportunity to play with a d against top-tier teams as in a professional setting. What this means is that you are in the game even before you officially get in because the experience is the same.

The eye catchy part is the vast variety of academic and career opportunities college footballers get to have access to. Some are there to provide support to help students balance their studies with their athletic commitments. Others are there to assist financially while some other ones are there to sign you up after graduation. 

Because football is a big deal, college footballers get to have connections with professional football teams, which can lead to networking opportunities and career development prospects. This will help them develop a strong work ethic, dedication, and talent that will put them in the good books of recruiters.


These Nebraska schools for students interested in football are a sure bet for schooling and exploring your footballing passion while in college. Keep in mind that the requirements to enroll in any of these football institutions in Nebraska vary from college to college, we encourage you to visit the school’s website for more details.




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