Are you searching for the best veterinary schools in Arkansas? Do you have a flair for animals and wondering what college in Arkansas has the technical and education structure to train you to become a vet? 

Well, good news, your search for the best schools for veterinary students in Arkansas ends here. Arkansas is home to a lot of schools although not as many as in the other states of America. Amongst these schools are some of the schools which offer veterinary programs at different academic levels of study.

So if you’re considering going to college in Arkansas with the sole aim of becoming a veterinary personnel, you have schools in the state which engage you in classroom activities as well as hands-on practical training. By the end of this guide, you should be able to make a choice of college or consider going to veterinary college in other states of the USA. 

Are There Veterinary Schools In Arkansas?

Yes, there are veterinary colleges in Arkansas. However, the sad news is the number of schools in Arkansas with veterinary programs is quite a few. 

Currently, there are just 3 recognized veterinary institutions that have the accreditation and necessary tools to train students to become a veterinarian. 

One is the Arkansas State University Jonesboro which offers a doctoral degree program in Veterinary medicine, while the other two offer pre-vet programs.

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How Much Does It Cost To Attend Any Of The Veterinary Schools In Arkansas?

The different veterinary colleges in Arkansas have their own specific tuition cost which is dependent on a lot of factors. While there is no specificity to the cost of tuition, we encourage you to visit the school website once you’ve made a choice of college and decipher what the cost of tuition is to become a veterinarian.

What Are The Requirements To Enroll Into A Veterinary School In Arkansas?

It is important to remember that each veterinary college has different prerequisite criteria for admission into its program. As such there is no specificity to the application requirements for all schools in Arkansas. 

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We recommend you verify the prerequisites for your veterinary college(s) of choice before enrollment. Many veterinary schools have an early admission program that allows certain students to start veterinary classes while finishing their bachelor’s degree.  The condition is that the student must attend a college in that particular state for his/her bbachelor’sdegree.     

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What Are The Best Veterinary Schools In Arkansas?

While there are not many schools for veterinary students in Arkansas, there are quite some options that are good for your consideration. 

Helping you find the perfect school for you is our plan here at Zikky. As such we have done our research and come up with the best veterinary colleges in Arkansas for students seeking to become a veterinarian.

Our choice of schools was made based on the overall quality of the school, the quality of the veterinary program they offer based on universal rankings, and the structure of the school to ensure the students gain hands-on training for practice upon graduation.

1. Arkansas State University-Beebe

  • Location: Beebe, AR, USA
  • Total number of students: 2,982
  • Veterinary Program Offered: Associate degree
  • Tuition: $2,928 (In-state) and $4,656 (Out of state) plus $5,550 for room and board, and $1200 for books and supplies.

Arkansas State University Beebe is a 2 year not-for-profit coed public institution and one of the high-profile schools in Arkansas. ASU is every 21st-century student’s dream because of the availability of suite-style living accommodations, gaming rooms, and computer lounges. 

Beside a safe and excellent environment for learning, the courses at Arkansas State Unitop-tierBeebe are top tier. Its veterinary program makes it ranks as the best veterinary school in Arkansas, the 46th in the South, and 173rd in the United States as a whole. 

In the best technology & assistance school rating, Arkansas State University Beebe ranks the best in Arkansas, the 24th in the South, and the 108th in the United States. 

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2. University of Arkansas

  • Location: Fayetteville, AR, USA
  • Total number of students: 27,562
  • Veterinary Program Offered: BSc to Doctorate 
  • Tuition: $9,574 (In-state) and $26,390 (Out of state) plus $11,942 for room and board, and $1100 for books and supplies.

The University of Arkansas is a 4 year not-for-profit coed public school and the largest university in Arkansas. While the University of Arkansas is known to be one of the best veterinary schools in Arkansas, their school does not have an instate veterinary program.

The animal science department of the University of Arkansas offers an outstanding pre-professional program that includes two faculty veterinarians. College students who want to attend veterinary school will take a science-oriented, pre-professional program that leads to a B.S. degree in animal science. Also, they can take other science courses and classes designed to prepare students for veterinary school and for successful practice, afterward. 

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Also there is the pre-vet club offered by the Department of Animal Science that aims to familiarize students with career options available in veterinary medicine. This will help facilitate their application to professional schools. Additionally, the group hopes to foster fellowship among students who share similar goals and friendships. 

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3. Arkansas State University – Jonesboro 

  • Location: Jonesboro, AR, USA
  • Total number of students: 13,106
  • Veterinary Program Offered: Doctoral degree 
  • Tuition: $7,130 (In-state) and $12,698 (Out of state) plus $9,640 for room and board, and $1250 for books and supplies.

Arkansas State University – Jonesboro is a 4-year public not-for-profit coed institution in Arkansas and the second largest university in the state. ASU-Jonesboro offers virtual and in person classes, fully online programs, and hybrid programs which makes them a good option for students who want to study from a distance. 

The Arkansas State University – Jonesboro veterinary program is new. The University launched the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) program and got approval from the ASU System Board of Trustees which is a sign of credibility. ASU Jonesboro veterinary program offers a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree to all who enroll. 

Amongst the veterinary schools in Arkansas, Arkansas Jonesboro’sversity Jonesboro Veterinary programs is one of the credible veterinary colleges in Arkansas because of the endorsement by the ASU System Board of Trustees. So if you’re looking for a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine in Arkansas, the Arkansas State University – Jonesboro is your best bet.

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How Do I Become A Veterinarian In Arkansas?

Well, before you go ahead to become veterinary personnel, you need to have a passion for it in the first place. Passion and interest are what makes you consider if this is a good idea. In addition to loving this career part, prospective veterinarians need to be able to communicate with others effectively and have compassion for animals. 

Once this foundation is solid enough, you need to register or enroll in any of the veterinary schools in Arkansas or any one of them you choose in the United States. School helps you gain hands-on training and as well introduces you to Arkansas veterinarians and veterinary technicians who will serve as your mentors.  Keep in mind that this can take 4 years. 

In your 4th year, you will take the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam. (NAVLE®)  Once you pass the exam, you can apply for a license in Arkansas.  IToreceive a license, you must take an exam that is based on the Arkansas Veterinary Practice Act. Once you graduate from school and do all the exams and get certified, you have become a veterinarian. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Veterinary Colleges In Arkansas

Is Arkansas the highest-paying state for veterinarians in the US?

If you want to earn high as a veterinarian, you should consider practicing in Arkansas. Arkansas pays vets 146% over their state average of $110,480 according to This makes Arkansas the highest-paying state for veterinarians in the United States 

How long is vet school in Arkansas?

Veterinary schools in Arkansas take 4 years to complete except for the community college: Arkansas State University Beebe. This gives students time to complete their first year of coursework on campus before moving into the veterinary community for residencies, internships, and specialty placements.

What kind of classes should I take to get ready for veterinary school?

As a foundation, students aiming to go to veterinary college should take courses related to veterinary science such as animal science, zoology, pre-veterinary, etc.  

They can also choose to enroll in colleges with pre-vet programs such as the University of Arkansas. This allows them to infuse themselves into the profession. 

How do I choose the right veterinary college for me?

Arkansas only has one veterinary college. That leaves you with just one choice to make unless you are considering enrolling in pre-vet schools like the University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University Beebe. 

You should choose a veterinary college based on the cost of tuition, the cost of living and personality fit.  This is important because veterinary college is expensive! 

What can I expect as a veterinary student?

Like most academic courses in college, veterinary students in Arkansas should expect to study hard. attend classes for 4 years, and learn about both small and large animal species and laws and ethics.  

Also, expect to go for and finish your clinical rotations in your 4th year, pass all of your classes, graduate, take the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam. (NAVLE®), pass, apply for a license in Arkansas, and receive the license. 


No, this is all you need to know about. Veterinary colleges, courses, and institutions in Arkansas. While the states may not have the highest number of veterinary schools, Arkansas colleges that have a veterinary program offer the best for its practice

We encourage you to visit the school website once you have made a choice of institution and find out what the requirements are for your application to the school. Also, confirm with specificity the tuition costs for the program you’re enrolling into. 



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