Best Culinary Schools in France: In the culinary world, France reigns supreme as the preeminent destination for food lovers and aspiring chefs.

In order to become a chef in France and master the art of culinary and baking, you’ll need more than just a passion for food; you’ll also need the proper training, which can only be attained through formal education at one of France’s top culinary schools.

This French culinary school list from some of the world’s best chefs should help you decide which culinary school to attend in France.

From fine-dining establishments to Michelin-starred restaurants, you’re sure to find your perfect cooking school on this list!

I am confident that you shall find a good school here, however, if you don’t see your culinary school on the list, feel free to get in touch with us so we can add it!

What do you need to be a chef in France?

Becoming a chef in France is not an easy task actually, the is no exact path actually, however, if you have a passion for food preparation, you will most like find a way.

To become a chef in France, you will most likely need to be skilled in food preparation, and maintain food hygiene, you should do research on the different programs available and then decide which level of education you want to enroll in.

The program length at most chef schools in France can range from fourteen to eighteen months, depending on the level of education you want to pursue.

With the schools mentioned in this article, you can be able to select what type of education you want for yourself and kickstart your cooking career.


What are the best Culinary Schools in France?

Best Culinary Schools in France
1. Cook’n With Class, Paris.

Cook’n with Class is one of the best cooking schools in France owned and managed by chef Eric Fraudeau since 2007, you will definitely love this place for many reasons especially since it is located in the heart of Paris and the french cooking class is also taught in English.

Learning to cook at Cook’n With Class means you will learn from experienced chefs and you would learn anything from how to make baguettes, and sauces, go on french food market tours, and you would also discover French cheeses & wines.

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There are cooking classes for kids and even families, the learning process is really fun and hands-on with real recipes that you can actually make at home.

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2. Le Foodist, Paris.

Established in 2012, Le Foodist has been consistently voted as one of the best chef schools in Paris, France.

Even professional chefs describe Le Foodist as classy, as a student here, you will experience various cooking styles, pastry, and baking classes, and wine tasting, and you would also go on food tours and hosted gastronomic dinners.

Le Foodist offers a hands-on cooking experience and finishes with tasting what has been prepared as a meal or teatime.

If you love to travel then Le Foodist is the ideal cooking school for you because they love to go on Paris food tours, share culture and discuss how it relates to food and wine.

3. Le Cordon Bleu, Paris.

Founded in 1895, Le Cordon Bleu is a prestigious cooking network of hospitality and culinary schools in Paris teaching French haute cuisine.

The school accepts over a thousand students each year and has been voted the World’s Best Culinary Training Institution by the World Culinary Awards.

Students at Le Cordon Bleu will have access to a wide range of short culinary courses from cuisine, pastry, and bakery.

To become a chef from Le Cordon Bleu, you will have to complete the cooking classes which last for 9 months although it can be completed in 6 months of full-time study.

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4. Ecole des Gourmets, Lyon.

Ecole des Gourmets is one of the most prestigious cooking schools in France managed by Institut Paul Bocuse and welcomes all food lovers who wish to take cooking and pastry lessons.

The classes are taught by professional chefs, bakers, and bartenders who wish to share their wealth of experience, and the cooking programs are hands-on.

You can select from any cooking program of your choice, the Cuisine & Culture program is a very specific 5-week cooking program for just 8-10 participants tailored to discovering both modern and traditional French cooking techniques. 

While the Cuisine & passion program is a 3-week cooking program with 8-10 participants that allows you to discover national culinary traditions and contemporary cooking trends.

You will find fun learning and cooking together with the team at the Gourmet Cooking School.

5. École Ritz Escoffier, Paris.

Opened in 1988, Ecole Ritz Escoffier is one of the famous cooking schools in Paris, it was opened in the equally famous Hotel Ritz Paris, the name was gotten in honor of the french chef Auguste Escoffier.

One of the advantages of this school is that the french cooking program is translated into English for international students.

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The gastronomy cooking classes are hands-on and each class has a maximum capacity of 8 students, the program length can be anywhere from 3 days up to 6 months and master classes and classes are held here for everyone.

Here is a table showing extra charges. [data source: Smapse]

Programs Cost (€)
Culinary Arts Diploma 40200
Diploma in French cuisine 2500
Diploma in French Pastry 2200
A short course in French cuisine for professionals 1800
French pastry course for professionals 1500

Ecole Ritz Escoffier offers long-term programs and certificate courses where you can become better in regional cuisines, and master the secrets of French pastries, vegetarian cuisine, and much more.

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6. Le Labo Culinaire, Paris.

Le Labo Culinaire is a cooking school in Paris offering a wide range of courses and even the opportunity to cook alongside great starred chefs.

The school has cooking workshops and also offers catering services, the French cooking classes are also available in English.

So if you have been wanting to visit a chef school well known for french cuisine, sushi classes, vegan cooking, international cuisine, etc, Le Labo Culinaire is most recommended.

International students are very much welcome to learn together with the team.

7. École Lenôtre, Paris

Founded in 1971, École Lenôtre is one of the best culinary schools in France offering training to both native and international students.

The school boasts over 3000 trainees from more than 100 countries sharing their wealth of cooking experience and developing chefs who would meet the expectations of professionals in the food industry.

Here is a table below showing the long-stay programs offered by École Lenôtre that allows you to get intensive training in French Cuisine or Pastry:

Programs Length
Pastry Chef Diploma 25 weeks
Cooking Chef Diploma 25 weeks
Basics of French Pastry 6 weeks
Basics of French Cooking 6 weeks
Bakery Advanced Training Courses 15 weeks

Some of the many reasons most students choose École Lenôtre is because of;

  • Experience
  • Quality curriculum
  • Good instructors

The maximum class size is 12 students which gives room for a hands-on learning experience, this way the student gets the most from the Chefs.

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8. École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse, Paris

Founded in 1999, École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse is arguably one of the best chef schools in Paris where you can get top-notch cooking, wine, or pastry class for beginners or experts.

One of the advantages of this cooking school is that the classes are in small groups of ten students at maximum, giving the students the opportunity to have more understanding.

As a graduate of the Alain Ducasse Cooking School, you can leverage the school’s global reputation and easily secure jobs and other related opportunities.

9. La source Food School

La Source Food School is a professional training institution that is strongly focused on training upcoming chefs about the business of catering with a more modern, human, and educational approach.

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Graduates of this institution go on to fill in the demand for professionals in the catering industry.

10. Gastronomicom

Founded in 2004, Gastronomicom is an internationally recognized culinary school in the South of France hosting students from all over the world.

The school provides top-quality hands-on cooking and pastry classes intended for both professionals and beginners who want to improve their skills in French cooking or pastry, they also offer french classes so international students can learn to communicate properly.

As a student, you can choose either the 7-month or 12-month program and you will complete a culinary internship in a French restaurant, this training will lead to a certificate or a diploma.

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11. Farrandi Paris

Farrandi Paris is a very recognized culinary arts school in Europe located in Paris, this institution offers a unique range of courses that prepare for careers in gastronomy.

Here are some of the courses offered by Farrandi Paris;

  • French Cuisine
  • French Pastry
  • Chocolate Making
  • Hospitality Management
  • Bread Making

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Cooking/Culinary Schools in Paris?

Here is a list of some of the best places to visit for culinary classes while in Paris;

  • Le Cordon Bleu, Paris.
  • Le Foodist, Paris.
  • Cook’n With Class, Paris.
  • Farrandi Paris
  • École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse, Paris
  • École Lenôtre, Paris
  • Le Labo Culinaire, Paris.
  • École Ritz Escoffier, Paris.
  • Chef Guy Martin
  • Alain Cirelli
  • Chef Martial
  • At Home with Patricia Wells
  • Les Coulisses du Chef, Paris
  • ChefsSquare (formerly L’Atelier des Sens), Paris
  • La Cuisine Paris, Paris
  • Art France Académie du Recevoir et Tradition.

How much does a French chef make?

A chef in France makes about $57,805 per year.

What is the cost of living in France?

The cost of living in France varies independently based on factors like location, budget, and your nature of spending, however, the approximate cost of living is 1350 euros per month.

Can International Students become chefs in France?

Of course yes, becoming a chef is not about nationality but competency, a foreign student who has gone through training is very much qualified to be a chef in France.


The best culinary schools in France are the ones that have a strong teaching staff, knowledgeable chefs, and an international flavor.

We are certain that you shall find a school or more on this list that will interest you, kindly share this post to help someone today. Sharing is Caring!

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