Culinary schools in Baton Rouge are those educational institutions in Baton Rouge where people interested in learning different cooking and baking skills go to get trained.

Baton Rouge is a city and the hub of all things in the capital of the U.S state of Louisiana; it is the perfect city to explore the eclectic culture, history, and food of the amazing state.

So are you in Louisiana and looking to get cooking training in Baton Rouge?

There are many cooking schools in Baton Rouge Louisiana, some of which are found in community colleges and the universities here.

In this article, we have compiled the list of the best cooking schools in Baton Rouge for people searching for culinary schools near me.

What is a culinary school?

We see a culinary school as an educational institution devoted fully to the art and science of cooking and food preparation.

There are many types of culinary schools in the world, some of which are only interested in grooming professional chefs, and others are aimed at improving amateurs, while some culinary schools are known for training both professionals and amateurs.

If you are in Baton Rouge to get your culinary training either as a professional chef seeking improvement or an amateur who needs cooking lights, this article can help sharpen your edge, but before that, let us answer a few related questions.

Is a culinary degree worth it?

Many people ask if it is important getting a degree from a culinary school when you can grow on the Job.

It is very important to have a culinary degree from a reputable cooking school especially if you have the vision of expanding in the world of cooking or hospitality, managing or owning a restaurant, bar, or any foodservice venture.

Here are some advantages of getting a culinary degree;

  • Learn how to cook and create
  • Culinary networking opportunities
  • Have the skills to start your business
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Learn how to cook and create

While getting your culinary training from a Baton Rouge culinary school, students have the opportunity to receive instruction from successful and passionate chef instructors.

Some of these instructors have devoted good years of their lives to cooking, so you get quality training to scale up your career.

Culinary networking opportunities

Getting a culinary arts degree will greatly increase your chance to connect with other professional chefs in Louisiana and the world at large, you can easily connect with them and use their influence to boost your career.

Have the skills to start your business

Of course, getting a culinary degree will give you the skill-set you need to start your own culinary business; if you have attended culinary classes in Baton Rouge and learned from professional chefs here, you can start up your own food service business in Louisiana.

Requirements for Baton Rouge Culinary Schools

To be admitted for culinary training in any of the cooking schools in Baton Rouge Louisiana, try and keep up with these eligibility requirements.

  • Provide proof of citizenship.
  • Show proof of high school graduation or its equivalent such as a high school diploma, official high school transcripts, GED, HISET, etc.
  • Complete an application and pay the non-refundable application fee for the school.
  • Provide an attestation letter
  • Provide a motivation letter of about 750 words stating why you need the culinary arts degree.
  • Pass the required aptitude tests required by the school.
  • Interview with the admissions panel.

List of culinary schools in Baton Rouge

This is our selection of the best cooking schools that offer culinary classes in Baton Rouge;

  • Ashle Turnipseed
  • Baton Rouge Community College
  • Louisiana Culinary Institute
  • Louisiana State University
  • Red Stick Spice Co
  • Southern University and A&M College
  • Young Chefs Academy – Baton Rouge LA

Ashle Turnipseed

Ashle Turnipseed is one of the cooking schools in Baton Rouge Louisiana, you can also learn from their experience in culinary arts, baking, pastry, and hospitality.

This Baton Rouge culinary school is a culinary artisan of the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute that offers

As a professional or a complete amateur searching for culinary classes in Baton Rouge, contact them from the link below.


Baton Rouge Community College

Another educational institution on the list of culinary schools in Baton Rouge is the Baton Rouge Community College located at Baton Rouge Campus – 201 Community College Drive – Baton Rouge, LA 70806.

This is one of the public community colleges with a culinary arts program in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, established on June 28, 1995.

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The culinary arts program here is designed to help students who wish to work in food service organizations and a technical diploma in culinary arts and occupation is given to students who have completed their program here.

Increase your basic occupational skills, employability skills, and strong work ethics by attending any of the cooking schools in Baton Rouge.


Louisiana Culinary Institute

The Louisiana Culinary Institute is regarded as one of the best colleges with culinary art programs in Louisiana, and it is also one of the famous Baton Rouge culinary schools where you can get professional cooking training from.

The school offers Associate degrees in Culinary Arts and Hospitality and Culinary Management, the program length is 1335 hours and it takes about 16 months to complete.

Some of the programs you will get from here include;

  • Introduction to Culinary arts
  • Baking and pastry
  • Hospitality and Culinary Management
  • Business communication skills and more

This school is licensed by the State of Louisiana Board of Regents and is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Education (COE).


Louisiana State University (LSU)

Louisiana State University commonly referred to as LSU is a public land-grant research university in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and one of the colleges with culinary art programs in Louisiana. This university was established in 1853.

The culinary arts schools in Louisiana State University Louisiana issue out a certificate of Associate’s/Bachelor’s Degree to its students, they major on;

  • Culinary skills
  • Food science or nutrition

Nowadays, there are so many cooking schools in Baton Rouge Louisiana, and even hundreds of private community colleges that offer high-quality training in culinary arts, throughout all the United States of America.


Red Stick Spice Co

The Red Stick Spice is one of the Baton Rouge culinary schools that offer cooking classes to students who wish to learn cooking skills at 660 Jefferson Hwy.

Red Stick Spice Company is a family-owned business in Louisiana; we believe in homemade dishes and have built a business around it.

Some of the colleges with culinary arts programs in Baton Rouge offer Associate’s degree programs that cover basic principles and skills of hospitality such as;

  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Communication

When you are opt-in for our culinary classes baton rouge, you will learn how to make Louisiana local meals, and become a food and wellness expert, you can use the training here to start your own food service business.


Southern University and A&M College

The Southern University and A&M College are one of the colleges with culinary arts programs in Baton Rouge.

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This school teaches students from the basics to the advanced level of what is needed to become a successful chef.

The program here will prepare you to handle management roles or entrepreneurial opportunities within the food industry, making you more employable in the hospitality industry.

Career opportunities here include; positions as a manager with airlines, cruise ships, retirement communities, hospitals, universities, correctional facilities, delis, and catering operations.

Students also enjoy financial aid while studying at the Southern University and A&M College.


Young Chefs Academy

As the name implies, the Young Chefs Academy is one of the cooking schools in Baton Rouge Louisiana for kids who have an interest and would like to learn to make everything from cookies, pastries, and all sorts of foods.

Kids from 3 to 6 years old are grouped in the kindergarten stage called KinderCooks, while kids from 7 years and above are in the JuniorChefs group.

This school helps to groom kids to become excellent and professional chefs from a very young age and not only does the young chef’s academy teach cooking skills, but they also teach the kids table manners.

You can locate this Baton Rouge culinary school at 7970 Jefferson Highway, Suite E, and also check out their website to proceed with more start-up information.


FAQs on Culinary schools in Baton Rouge

What is the best culinary school in Baton Rouge?

There are many great cooking schools in Louisiana but the best Baton Rouge culinary school is the Louisiana Culinary Institute.

Can You Go to Culinary School With No Experience?

Yes you can, however, you need to meet with the school’s requirements both in terms of finance and efforts needed.

How long does it take to complete a culinary art program?

A culinary and cooking program from a culinary school takes about 10 months till 4 years depending on the school and other factors that affects your study.

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