Motivation Letter For Scholarship: Maybe you have a scholarship opportunity you are very passionate about and the school you applied to requested you to submit a motivation letter and you really don’t understand what that means.

And that search made you click on this topic, or your friend is worried about providing a letter for his or her job appointment and you intend to help, we welcome you to this page, and we are hopeful you will find your answers here.

To be considered for your dream school or scholarship award, you need to stand out in the way you write your scholarship motivation letter.

You need to practically penetrate the soul of the reviewing authority, making them see reasons as to why you deserve the award.

This comes down to understanding how to position your words and structure your content.

Deep in this article, we provided some killer samples of very converting motivation letters, and also you too will learn how to configure your own from the lessons that will be taught here.

What is a Motivation Letter?

We were inspired to write this article after we got feedback from one of our readers who was searching for BIPOC scholarships for black students in Canada, and it was during his application phase that he reached out to us to know more about a motivation letter.

A motivation letter for a scholarship is actually a portable document sent along with the scholarship application, by the applicants of a scholarship program to the selection panel, it is usually attached to your resume.

It is in this letter that the candidate describes why he or she deserves the scholarship.

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This letter describes the candidate’s future goals and plans and stylishly persuades the panel to consider this proposal in a professional manner, keep reading and you will learn to write a killer motivational letter that people can’t ignore.

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How to write a killer motivation letter for a Scholarship

Usually, the application will not specify how long your motivation letter should be or how many words you should cover so you will employ common sense.

While creating your sample motivation letter for scholarship, be careful to follow this structure;

  • Add your contact details in the header section
  • Add a title
  • Include introductory paragraphs
  • The story behind your achievements should be well explained in the body of the motivation letter
  • Provide data on acquired skills such as public speaking, previous awards, leadership roles, and current skills that can entice value to the scholarship providers or job recruiters
  • A paragraph for showing interest in a scholarship, admission, or another opportunity
  • Propose a summary of relevant objectives
  • Provide a plan of execution
  • Provide reasoning why are you a potential candidate
  • Conclude the motivation letter

You can carve out your motivation letter in two ways and they are;

  • General Motivation Letter format
  • Scholarship Motivation Letter format

General Format of a Motivation Letter:

In this format, your motivation letter will be composed of three parts, just like an essay, it will contain;

  1. A paragraph that has the introductory lines (Introduction)
  2. Another paragraph with the main purpose (Body of the letter)
  3. The last paragraph concludes and summarizes the whole letter (Conclusion)

Sample Motivation Letter For Scholarship Format:

This format emphasizes making a minimum of five and a maximum of seven paragraphs, and you can easily express yourself better using this format;

  1. The introduction will have one paragraph
  2. The body has five paragraphs and in each of these paragraphs a new goal of the applicant is discussed
  3. The last paragraph is just for concluding your motivation letter.

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A Sample Scholarship Motivation Letter

The Scholarship Committee
550 University Ave, Charlottetown

Prince Edward Island,

Canada C14 4P3.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Frank Maxwell, a Fourth-year student at the University of Prince Edward Island. I am currently pursuing a five-year Bachelor of Environmental Science, and I plan to follow up with a one-year master’s degree after I graduate.

While in high school, I worked extensively with my oil spill agency in the Environmental Impact Assessment Department to help recover and restore damaged areas caused by accidents that cause spillages. I am very capable and well-grounded in the area of oil-spill remediation and proper utilization of resources to achieve a significant result.

I wanted to be a full-time consultant to train internship students and workers on ways to remediate the hazardous impacts and also create synergy between the management department and the engineering team.

Also, I would like to work with the senior staff at the Ministry of Environment and provide some of my skills, I believe firmly in their mission to create sustainability and save the environment for all.

I appreciate your consideration. With your assistance, I can continue my Environmental Management schooling to bring contribute to a safer environment for all.


Frank Maxwell.

Download sample motivation letter for scholarship

Check out these samples and open each of them on a separate tab to download them for free.

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Some Final Tips

You may not be very articulate in your beginning stages as you are learning how to write your motivation letter for a scholarship, great things may take time and commitment.

We suggest that you:

  • Plan what you will say in advance,
  • Allow at least three days to write the letter, review it, step away from it, and edit it.

This extra time will provide the best chance of success with your application.

Common Mistakes When Writing A Scholarship Motivation Letter

Many people complicate their scholarship motivation letter, it is not supposed to be that way, optimize yours now by leveraging on their experience;

  • Your scholarship motivation letter should be well-written with no grammar or spelling errors.
  • Don’t try impressing the scholarship panel with ambiguous grammar, keep it simple and natural.
  • Use a professional tone and advanced phrasing (no slang or colloquialisms).
  • Provide specific examples about your past, present, and future. Stay away from generalizing these details. It suggests a lack of care or knowledge, neither of which is impressive to a scholarship review committee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a motivation letter for a scholarship?

motivation letter for scholarship

Your scholarship motivation letter should be well-written with no grammar or spelling errors. Use a professional tone and advanced phrasing (no slang or colloquialisms). Provide specific examples about your past, present, and future. Stay away from vague generalizations.

What motivates you to apply for a scholarship?

motivation letter for scholarship

The motivation letter should connect your academic and professional future plans with the scholarship you are applying for. It should give the reader an understanding that you are really interested in studying a specific field, and your selection is not only beneficial for you, but also for the scholarship source.

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What do you say in a motivational letter?

motivation letter for scholarship

Introduce yourself and your intent in the introduction, describe and highlight your experiences in the body, and thank the reader for his/her consideration in the conclusion. Do your research, show genuine interest, and never, ever lie.


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