Admission Motivation Letter for University: If you’re currently looking to apply to college, it’s time to start thinking about writing your motivation letter!

A motivation letter, also known as a personal statement, is the part of your application that’s written by you and sent along with your other application materials to convince the university admissions board to admit you.

A great motivational letter can be the key between getting into your dream school or being told no thanks, and as difficult as writing this letter may seem, it’s actually easier than you think – once you know how to write it!

To get an idea of what admissions officers want to see in this letter, then continue reading for some advice on how to write your own successful motivation letter for admission to a university.

What is a Motivational letter for admission?

A motivational letter is one of several required items that you need to send as part of your application package.

It is meant to give an insight into who you are, why you want to attend an institution, and how it fits with your future career goals.

The letter should be written by someone other than yourself (ie – a friend or family member), often called a reference.

Your application will be reviewed more favorably if your motivation letter appears genuine, not just something written by yourself.

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Top tips for writing a great admission motivation letter?

The secret to writing a great motivational letter for admission into the university of your choice is to mention all the skills you have which make you the perfect candidate, such as knowledge, expertise, creativity, etc.

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In order to get noticed for a degree at a popular university, it’s important to emphasize those attributes and skills because without that it’s possible your application won’t be looked at.

Here are some of the things you should consider while writing a great admission motivation letter for a  university;

Research about the University

Before writing a letter for admission to a school, you should take the time to research the school’s general academic standards, environment, famous alumni, and different study programs from the student’s part.

Highlight your strengths

The motivation letter is your chance to let admissions officers know who you are and what you bring to their campus.

So, rather than listing all of your academic and extracurricular accomplishments, focus on specific strengths that relate most directly to your chosen field of study.

For instance, if you’re applying for a music program, highlight your abilities as an instrumentalist or vocalist (or both). If you’re applying for an art-related degree, emphasize your painting skills.

Explain your future ambitions

A good motivation letter should convey your motivation and ambitions, explaining what you want to get out of attending university, and showing that you’re serious about furthering your education

The more succinctly you can explain your motivations, ambitions, and reasons for applying—as well as any extenuating circumstances such as family or financial problems—the easier it will be for potential universities to understand what drives you.

This can also come in useful if your grades aren’t quite up to scratch.

Limit the letter to 3-4 paragraphs and 1 page

A good motivational letter should be approximately 1 page long, if you need more space, that’s okay, but don’t exceed 2 pages.

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Make sure it is easy to read and free of typos or grammatical errors, try to limit it to 4 paragraphs and let it contain information about your motivation for applying, your background, and any relevant information about why you think you would excel in their program.

Proofread your letter

Finally, always read through your letter and make sure it’s free of typos and grammatical errors.

A poorly written letter of motivation can reflect negatively on your personality, so take some time to proofread it.

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How do you write an admission motivation letter for a university?

How to Write an Admission Motivation Letter for University

To write a great motivational letter for admission, start by writing contact details followed by a salutation, the introduction of the letter, the body, and the conclusion.

Here is the format of the motivation letter for admission into a university;

Contact details:

Carefully write the contact details of the receiving school and that of the sender, this will help to simplify the letter and also help to easily identify the recipient.


The introduction of the letter should explain your excitement about choosing the school, in this stage, you should give the admission officers a background understanding of who you are.

Body of the letter:

This is where the work is, when you are writing the body of the letter, explain why you are applying to the school and what it can do for you, also highlight your strengths and your future ambitions.


Summarize the key points of your letter and end it with a formal statement.

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A Sample Motivational letter for admission into a University

You can download the template or use this sample to craft yours;


Recipient address
Postal code

Recipient address
Postal code


Dear Mr/Mrs,

My name is [Name Sender], and I am in high school at [School’s name] I am really interested in furthering my career in information technology at [University name].

I hope to one day become a [Title], so I would like to advance my knowledge in the field of [Topic], from the success of the famous alumni, I am very confident that the programs at the school can help me become an [Ambition] in the future.

I am also very fascinated by the innovations the famous alumni of this school have produced and I would like to be one of the innovators from my field that studied at this institution. I have great respect for [School name] in academic and sporting excellence.

I am hopeful that with my acceptance, I can go on to achieve my potential in the classroom and outside it. I feel my diverse interests would make me a great fit for your school.

Studying at [school name] would help me develop my aptitude for software building. Thank you very much for considering my request. Please email me at [email] if you have any questions about my application.

Yours faithfully,
[Name Sender]

You can use this template even when you are writing an Undergraduate’s, Bachelor’s, or even a Master’s degree motivation letter.

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