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7 Best Barber Schools in Birmingham Alabama

You’ll need to attend one of the barber schools in Birmingham Alabama and earn an accredited certificate of completion in other to efficiently work as a barber in the state.

There are quite a few schools in the area, and all of them will train you how to use all the necessary tools and teach you the latest hair-cutting trends.

In addition, most barbering schools offer elective courses that focus on men’s grooming.

So by attending one of these schools you can not only learn how to become an expert stylist but also develop your business skills as well.

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What Is A Barber School?

A barber school just like other academic institutions is a place you go to learn all that is involved in the understanding of the scalp and hair.

At a barber school, you will learn various things like hair anatomy and physiology, which will help yo cut properly, color, style, and treat the hair.

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How do you become a barber in Alabama?

To become a barber in Alabama, you will need to get enrolled in any of the barbing schools in Alabama.

It takes about 1,000 education hours or 2,000 apprentice hours to complete training and apply for a license which is renewable every two years.

How do I become a licensed barber in Alabama?

To become a licensed barber in Alabama, you should;

  • Complete a formal barber program or apprenticeship through a registered school of barbing in Alabama.
  • Take the required Licensing test

What does Apprenticeship in Barbering mean?

Just as the word goes, an apprentice is someone learning through mentorship for a specific period of time.

Apprenticeships are legal documents showing that you will work under the tutelage of a professional barber within a stipulated length of time.

It is wise to obtain your barber apprentice license that follows your state’s cosmetology board requirements.

As an apprentice, you are getting hands-on training with real-world clients from your master who is a full-time professional.

What are the best Barber Schools in Alabama to Get Into?

Here are some of the best barber schools in Alabama for you to make a more informed decision;

  • Midfield Institute of Cosmetology
  • Alabama College of Barber Instruction
  • DT’s Barber & Style
  • Southeastern School of Cosmetology and Barbers
  • J.Jireh’s International School of Cosmetology, Inc.
  • Brown Beauty Barber School
  • International Barber School/Shop

Midfield Institute of Cosmetology

Midfield Institute of Cosmetology is one of the most recognized barber schools in Birmingham Alabama.

The school offers an exceptional cosmetology curriculum that will guide you on your chosen career path.

Address: 26B Phillips Dr, Birmingham, AL 35228.

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Phone: 205-925-7600.

Alabama College of Barber Instruction

The Alabama College of Barber Instruction is next on the list of the best Barber schools in Birmingham Alabama.

The barbering curriculum here is designed to produce technically savvy, as well as, business-minded professional barbers. 

The school has gotten good reviews across the web and interested applicants can contact them to know more;

Address: 1715 4th Ave Ave North, Birmingham, AL 35203.

Phone: +1 205-909-0127.

DT’s Barber and Style

DT’s Barber and Style is one of the best Hair salons in Birmingham Al that offer classes to apprentices who are interested in pursuing careers in the field.

Address: 1210 Main St, Gardendale, AL 35071.

Southeastern School of Cosmetology and Barbers

The Southeastern School of Cosmetology (SESC) is one of the cosmetology schools in Birmingham Alabama.

They offer training programs that teach what it takes to become a professional barber in Alabama.

Address: 1865 Bessemer Rd, Birmingham, AL 35208, United States.

Phone: +1 205-323-1011

International Barber School

The International Barber School is also known as Real Cutz Barber school. This is one of the best barber schools in Birmingham Alabama.

The school strives to provide a very thorough education when it comes to haircutting or other barbering arts and sciences.

Apprentices are developed in the best ways possible, undergoing the most effective hands-on learning system to develop cutting-edge skills in the field.

Registration at the Real Cutz Barber School is $1000 and students spend about 10 months (1500 hours) mentorship period.

Address: 1573 Center Point Parkway Birmingham, AL 35215.

Phone: (205) 739-2178.

J.Jireh’s International School of Cosmetology, Inc.

J.Jireh’s International School is one of the top cosmetology schools in Birmingham Alabama.

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Students are encouraged to continually improve so as to become professionals from the barbering programs and training offered here.

Address: 246 Gadsden Hwy  35235 Birmingham, AL, US

Phone: +1 205-253-1438

Brown Beauty Barber School

Brown Beauty Barber School covers all things cosmetology education, if you are looking for barber schools to get into, this is one of the best.

They offer the most needed programs that give the complete skill set apprentices need for success – from hands-on technical training to developing your creativity, to honing your business skills.

You can easily start your career after completing the program at this school.

Address: 1724 1st Ave N, Bessemer, AL 35020, United States.

Phone: +1 205-424-4247


If you’re looking to get into barbering, look for barbing schools in Birmingham Alabama that offer these benefits:

  • A high job placement rate
  • Affordable tuition and
  • Flexible class times.

This way, you can start your career on the right foot!

What Is the Difference Between Barbering and Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is a general term where barbering is just a subspeciality in it. Cosmetologists train to work in hair, nails, skin, makeup, and overall beauty enhancement, barbers focus on cutting hair and giving shaves and trimming facial hair.

What Does a Barber Do?

Barbers cut, style, shave, shape, and care for the hair.

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