The school year is coming to an end and you’re in the market for a new school to enroll your child in next year, but what should you look for?

Private schools in Huntsville Alabama are ranked highly across the state, but some of them are better than others.

There are many reasons to consider studying in any of the best private schools in Alabama and in this article, we have listed the top private schools in Huntsville Alabama.

Choose one and your child will never have to worry about getting into college!

What is a Private School?

Private schools are a type of K-12 school that is not funded by taxpayers. Private schools can be religious, or they can be secular.

Just like a public school, private schools usually offer education services to students from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

What makes private schools different from public ones is that they do not rely on government funding to provide a high-quality education.

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What to Consider before Joining a Private School

Private schools may sound like a lot of fun, but there are actually a few things to consider before you join one.

Private schools can be expensive and demanding, particularly if your child is planning to participate in sports or other extracurricular activities.

You’ll also want to factor tuition into your family budget, as well as transportation costs for traveling back and forth between school and home.

If you’re thinking about enrolling your child at a private high school or middle school.

Here are some things you should consider first;

  • You should find out what your ward is learning
  • What is the school culture and vision
  • Are the teachers outstanding
  • Are the students accountable for their actions
  • Where is the school located

Why Study in a Private School in Alabama?

Private schools in Alabama are a good option for many families. Often, private schools are smaller than public high schools.

This means you’ll be part of a more intimate school community and less likely to feel lost in a sea of students.

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Private high schools in Alabama also often offer more rigorous coursework, meaning your child may have a better chance of earning scholarships and getting into top colleges.

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Top School Supplies for Private Schools

Private schools often have very specific requirements for school supplies, so it is important to find out what they are before buying.

  • Pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Erasers or mechanical pencils
  • Lead, and eraser refills.

What are the Best Private Schools in Huntsville Alabama?

Here are some of the top private schools in Alabama to make your decision;

  • Holy Family Parochial School
  • Oakwood Adventist Academy
  • Randolph School
  • University Preschool Learning Center
  • Westminster Christian Academy
  • Bailey Cove KinderCare
  • Bradford Kindcare
  • Whitesburg Christian Academy
  • Valley Fellowship Christian Academy
  • St. John II Catholic High School
  • Calvary Baptist Academy
  • The Country Day School
  • First Christian Church Early Childhood Ministry
  • Grace Lutheran School
  • Huntsville Christian Academy

Holy Family Parochial School

Holy Family School is the first on our list of the best private schools in Huntsville Alabama. The institution is actually small in size and staff, it follows a traditional Catholic school experience.

The school offers a complete curriculum, with a focus on creative arts and technology as well as gospel values, service to others, and the love of Christ.

Holy Family is accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA), so you can rest assured that your child is getting a quality academic foundation.

Holy Family continues to be recognized for our innovative efforts to promote spiritual awareness, literacy, and math skills through the use of technology.

Students are also learning how to work together as they participate in service projects around our community.

Oakwood Adventist Academy

Oakwood Adventist Academy is one of the best private schools in Huntsville Alabama to get into,  is a private school for students who wish to attend on religious grounds.

The academy provides education from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and offers several Advanced Placement classes.

It is run by Oakwood University, which was founded by members of a Seventh Day Adventist church congregation and has campuses both in Huntsville and West Helena, Arkansas.

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Randolph School

The Randolph School is a private K-12 school located in Huntsville, Alabama.

This school’s mission is to provide students with an academically challenging and well-rounded education through a value-based approach.

Students can participate in subjects including foreign language, digital media arts, technology education, music, and drama.

With a rigorous curriculum and strong extracurricular program, Randolph students will gain independence and confidence throughout their high school experience.

University Preschool Learning Center

The University Preschool Learning Center is another private school in Huntsville AL that offers a variety of educational and developmental activities for your child.

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Our educational curriculum is designed to meet each individual child’s needs as he or she grows and develops throughout their years at our center.

Our goal is to give your child an education that fosters imagination, self-confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills with a touch of humor thrown in!

That’s why at University Preschool Learning Center we have programs for children ranging from infants through kindergartners.

Westminster Christian Academy

If you’re looking for a private school that prepares students academically and spiritually, you can’t go wrong with Westminster Christian Academy.

This private high school stands out because of its small class sizes and excellent teachers, making it easier for students to work one-on-one with professors and develop strong study habits early on.

They also focus heavily on Christian values, which helps students feel comfortable in their environment while they prepare to take on new challenges outside of their comfort zone at college.

Bailey Cove KinderCare

Bailey Cove KinderCare in Huntsville, Alabama welcomes you! This is another top private school to send your wards to.

In this place, students will be part of activities such as:

  • Social play and
  • Team-building games

These activities teach students to work together, care for one another and feel respected for what they can do, regardless of background, experience, or abilities.

Bradford Kindcare

A Bradford KinderCare is one of the private schools in Alabama, designed with children’s fun, health, safety, and education in mind.

The school has small classrooms and can allocate individualized attention to all children regardless of their backgrounds, life experiences, or disabilities.

The curriculum includes:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering, and
  • Mathematics

This is for children in nursery school and kindergarten, the teachers are dedicated and experienced professionals in the field of childhood education.

Whitesburg Christian Academy

The Whitesburg Christian Academy is one of the best private high schools in Alabama that provides an academically excellent, Christ-centered education.

We do this within the framework of parents being accountable to God for the education of their children.

All aspects of the process – home, church, and school – partner to see students reach their full potential.

Valley Fellowship Christian Academy

The Valley Fellowship Christian Academy is also one of the private high schools in Huntsville Alabama with a focus on Christianity.

We are fortunate to have had outstanding teachers and an inspirational student body. Our program aims to prepare the well-rounded whole student.

We are fully committed to academic excellence, spiritual awareness, and physical fitness, which are essential for personal development.

St. John II Catholic High School

St. John II has grown into one of Huntsville’s finest private schools. In addition to its academic excellence, St. John II also emphasizes character education and service-learning.

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Calvary Baptist Academy

Calvary Baptist Academy is one of the best public high schools in Huntsville Alabama that provides all of its students with an outstanding education.

The school has a nurturing environment that promotes a healthy Christian upbringing and offers several sports, including:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Golf, and
  • Volleyball

The school also offers academic programs which help students prepare for college-level academics.

The Country Day School

Of all of these top private schools, perhaps none is more highly regarded than The Country Day School.

Students here are high achievers — many even win national competitions for their academic achievements and athletic abilities.

And, as a result, parents have a lot of confidence in their child’s academic future after graduating from The Country Day School.

During high school at The Country Day School, students can choose from multiple Advanced Placement classes and participate in extracurricular activities like:

  • Cheerleading
  • Painting
  • Debate club
  • Sailing crew and
  • Musical theater

There’s no shortage of ways to get involved or meet new people!

First Christian Church Early Childhood Ministry

The First Christian Church Early Childhood Ministry is a private high school in Huntsville Alabama that equip families to cultivate a love for Christ in their children and encourages them to tell others about Him.

In partnership with Christian education programs, First Christian Church Early Childhood Ministry provides multiple opportunities for serving children ages 0–12 throughout our community.

Through various opportunities such as:

  • Mentoring programs
  • Christian education at local public schools
  • Summer camps
  • Vacation Bible School and much more!

Grace Lutheran School

Grace Lutheran School is a private high school in Alabama that combines Christian values with a traditional academic setting.

Because of its affiliation with a local church, students are taught to have faith not only in religion but also in themselves and their fellow man.

In addition to its excellent academics, Grace Lutheran School is also known for its extracurricular activities.

There’s always something happening at Grace Lutheran School.

Huntsville Christian Academy

If you’re looking for a private school with a commitment to your child’s spiritual education, look no further than Huntsville Christian Academy.

Their faith-based curriculum provides students with all of the essential tools they need to succeed on their road to college and beyond.

They also have programs tailored specifically to those students interested in a career within Christian ministry.


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