Students looking to go to college in Alabama have plenty of options – including public schools, private colleges, and even community colleges!

Some popular public schools in Alabama include the Arab High School, Auburn University, and Spain Park.

Each college has its own pros and cons, so students should research each school to find the best fit for their needs.

To help you make this important decision, we’ve compiled our list of the best public colleges in Alabama, and even the online public schools to help make an easier decision.

But before then, let us understand what a public school is and why a public school can be a good option for you;

What are Public Schools?

Public schools are those educational institutions that receive some funding from local, state, and federal sources.

Public high schools in Alabama are important to explore.

Parents can also get involved by having their children do community service work as a way to help students learn how to be a part of a larger community while providing support for non-profit organizations.

Why Study in a Public School?

Alabama’s public high schools and public colleges can get you in for a lot less money than their private-school counterparts.

In fact, a number of public institutions are among the best values in all of higher education:

They tend to cost less and have much lower tuition rates than those private schools in Alabama.

Plus, you can’t beat their location—in major cities like Birmingham and Mobile, as well as in small towns like Florence and Enterprise.

Are Alabama Public Schools Good?

Public high schools in Alabama vary significantly depending on where you live.

Some are better than others, which is why it’s important to look at a school’s ranking and statistics when considering a move.

In order to narrow down your list of possibilities, we looked for public colleges and high schools that have a good education system and provide students with several opportunities for growth.

What are the best Public Schools in Alabama?

  • New Century Tech Demo High School
  • Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School
  • Homewood High School
  • Vestavia Hills High School
  • Bob Jones High School
  • Spain Park High School
  • Oak Mountain High School
  • Auburn High School
  • Ramsay High School
  • Arab High School
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New Century Tech Demo High School

New Century Tech Demo High School is one of the best public high schools in Huntsville, AL.

The school is a perfect example of the innovative things that are possible with integrated technology.

The school gives students access to students enrolled in grades 9th through 12 to have a far wider variety of digital resources than they might be exposed to at home.

Letting them try technology-based learning for the first time and showing them how to integrate these new tools into their own work.

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Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School

Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School is one of the high-performing, public schools in Alabama located in Montgomery.

With about 491 students in grades 9-12 and 16 students per teacher, this is a great institution to consider while making your decisions.

The graduation rate for the school is high compared to others in the state at 96%.

The magazine U.S. News and World Report ranked it for its effective use of computers and libraries.

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Homewood High School

Located on a sprawling campus in Birmingham, Alabama, Homewood High School is one of Birmingham’s top public high schools.

Recognized as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, Homewood High School offers a range of AP and honors courses that challenge students to achieve at high levels.

Additionally, Homewood boasts programs that set it apart from other public high schools in Alabama.

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Vestavia Hills High School

The Vestavia Hills is another top public school in Alabama, the school has a high graduation rate of 82% and an acceptance rate of 40% according to the U.S News.

The school is also ranked as one of America’s Top 100 Schools, according to performance data on:

  • Reading
  • Math, and
  • Science proficiency

As reported by other schools across the country.

The school operates two campuses: a freshman campus that serves students in grades nine through eleven, and the main campus that serves students in grades ten through twelve.

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Bob Jones High School

Located outside of Birmingham, Bob Jones High School is one of Alabama’s best public high schools.

The school features small class sizes and a low student-to-teacher ratio, which helps students to receive more individualized attention.

The school also has a top-notch music program with several state championships under its belt and offers plenty of extracurricular activities for all interested students.

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Spain Park High School

Spain Park High School is one of the top public colleges in Alabama, a four-year public high school in Birmingham, Alabama.

It is smaller than Hoover High School, the other public high school in the area.

This school has an athletic team, just like the NAIA Schools in Alabama.

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Oak Mountain High School

Located in Birmingham, AL, Oak Mountain High School is one of many public high schools with a very competitive admissions process.

The school requires all students to complete at least two years each of

  • Math
  • English, and
  • Social studies.

The school’s overall philosophy is to provide students with a safe and positive learning environment where they can develop a lifelong love for learning.

Auburn High School

One of Auburn’s oldest schools, Auburn High School was founded in 1837.

Since its founding, AHS has been known for its prestigious academic reputation and sports success.

Auburn High School is also the only high school in the Auburn school district offering technical, academic, and other related programs.

Auburn High School is also known for having an overwhelmingly high college acceptance rate of 80.7%.

Whether you want a top public high school education or a hotshot basketball career at the next level, if you choose to attend Auburn High School (AHS), chances are you’ll succeed in both arenas.

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Ramsay High School

Located in Birmingham, Ramsay High School is one of the public colleges in Alabama that comes with all of its own unique benefits.

The arts are also very strong at Ramsay High School, giving students great opportunities to engage with their interests and be involved on a deeper level than just their classes allow.

Students at Ramsay High School say they feel safe on campus and value their teachers highly—one reason why they all chose to attend the school.

Arab High School

Arab High School focuses on math and science, which makes sense given that its most recent graduates went to top-tier schools like MIT, Princeton, and Harvard.

One of Arab High School’s greatest strengths is its STEM program.

96 percent of students who took AP math classes passed their exams with a score of 3 or higher.

The school’s engineering program is particularly impressive.

Online Public Schools In Alabama

  • Baldwin County Virtual School
  • Genesis Innovative School
  • Alabama Virtual Academy at Eufaula City
  • Limestone County Virtual School Center
  • Madison County Virtual School

Baldwin County Virtual School

Baldwin County Virtual School is one of the best online public schools in Alabama best, with a student-teacher ratio of 38 to 1.

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The school offers advanced placement and International Baccalaureate courses, along with access to all kinds of extracurricular activities, such as:

  • Drama club
  • Dance team
  • Debate team, and
  • Chess club. 

As part of their offerings, the campus offers virtual field trips to places like London, Costa Rica, and Germany.

There are about 287 students in grades 7-12.

Test scores from our state demonstrate that more than 62% of students in our district are proficient in math and 67% in reading.

Genesis Innovative School

Genesis Innovative School is also one of the best online public schools in Alabama, located in EVERGREEN, AL.

The school has about 645 students in grades K-12 and a 124-to-1 student-teacher ratio.

Using state testing scores, 32% of students have at least demonstrated proficiency in math and 52% in reading.

At Genesis Innovative School, the majority of teachers are deemed Highly Qualified under No Child Left Behind.

Alabama Virtual Academy at Eufaula City

This is one of the best online public schools in Alabama for grades K-12.

Alabama Virtual Academy at Eufaula City Schools allows for individualized learning.

With a committed and compassionate staff, students will receive an education that will serve them well whether they choose to continue their studies or enter the workforce.

Limestone County Virtual School Center

Limestone County Virtual School Center is an online public school located in ATHENS, AL.

It has about 2,478 students in grades K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 953 to 1.

According to state test scores;

  • At least 29% of students in this school are proficient in math and 47% in reading.
  • The average ACT score is 19.3.
  • The total minority enrollment is 56%.

Limestone County Virtual School Center is ranked #1,068 nationwide for best public high school colleges.

Madison County Virtual School

Madison County Virtual School is one of the public schools in Alabama that serves students grades 3-12.

With a student-teacher ratio of 95 to 1, it has 286 total students.


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