Best Free LPN programs in NYCTo become an LPN (licensed practical nurse) in New York City, you’ll need to complete a nursing program and pass the NCLEX-PN exam.

Generally, to become an LPN in New York, you would need to budget from $12,000-$25,000, and depending on the program you are going for, some programs have a per-credit cost while others have a total program cost. 

However, if you don’t have the money to pay for tuition, some schools in NYC offer free LPN programs to jumpstart your nursing career.

These full-time LPN programs are designed to help recent high school graduates get started on their journey to becoming licensed nurses and working professionals in the field of healthcare.

We hope this article will help you make a more informed decision that kickstart your career!

What is the role of a licensed practical nurse?

Licensed practical nurses, also known as licensed vocational nurses (L.V.N.), are responsible for providing basic medical care to patients who are not fully capable of doing so themselves.

They can provide treatments such as injections and take vital signs, and they also may act as a liaison between a patient and the physician’s office.

And it takes just twelve months to become a licensed practical nurse, if you are already a CNA then it can even be as little as six months, it takes two years if you wish to go for an Associate’s degree.

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What are the Best Free LPN Programs in NYC?

Best Free LPN programs in NYC1. New York State Memorial Scholarship

Do you have financial issues because you lost a parent? the New York State Memorial Scholarship is one of the free LPN programs in NYC that honors those who lost their parents while serving in the Public Safety Careers duty.

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The duty of the Public Safety Careers covers areas of law enforcement officers, paramedics, and EMTs. 

As an applicant who is eligible for the scholarship program, you should apply and be patient with the funding.

The value of the scholarship program varies and the award can be used for public education.

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2. LaGuardia Community College

LaGuardia Community College is one of the schools offering free LPN programs in NYC provided through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) in the state of New York.

There are many degree training programs options for students who wish to advance in their respective careers and one of these programs is for those who are wishing to become licensed practical nurses.

The Free LPN program offered by LaGuardia Community College requires 48 credits to be completed in its entirety.

One of the main requirements for continuity is that the students must maintain good grades, it takes six months to one year to complete the LPN program at LaGuardia Community College.

For those interested in advancing their nursing education, the college also offers an ASN Program, upon completion of this program, the students will be well prepared to serve their community as nurses.

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3. The 1199SEIU Funds LPN Scholarship

The 1199SEIU Funds Scholarship is a way for members to give back to the community, many retired or even currently employed healthcare workers receive benefits.

As one of the best free LPN programs in NYC, the funding program offers a diverse range of educational opportunities including an LPN program for those who have been enrolled in Licensed Practical Nursing education.

This 1199SEIU Fund shall help offset the cost of tuition, uniforms, textbooks, and supplies for the beneficiaries.

Recipients are selected on the basis of need and merit, so it’s important that you provide all requested information as accurately as possible.

4. New York City HHC

The New York City HHC is also one of the institutions offering free LPN programs in NYC giving opportunities to individuals interested in joining the healthcare field.

You can jumpstart your nursing career by applying and receiving the LPN education, the program runs for eleven months, usually from September to June.

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The New York City HHC is one of the free LPN programs that is quite selective with admission, only forty students are accepted, so it is very important to apply earlier to have a better chance of admission.

The minimum age required for the scholarship is 17 years of age, and the beneficiaries will have a contract signed to work for a certain healthcare facility.

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5. Duchess Community College

Duchess Community College is also one of the schools just like LaGuardia Community College that offers free LPN programs in New York through their Workforce Investment Act.

This community school offers a diverse range of programs which is career-changing, these programs allow the students to apply for a four-year institution of learning.

Applicants for the LPN training program will complete 500 hours of instruction which will include time in the classroom as well as gaining hands-on experience at surrounding healthcare facilities.’

Beneficiaries of this program can also receive help with the tuition fees for many of their programs.

6. Foundation of the Student Nurses Association – Bronx Community College

Intending nurses who are attending college in nursing or pre-nursing studies can take advantage of this scholarship program at Bronx Community College.

This award is meant to help students who are actively involved in community service related to healthcare, and financial challenges.

As one of the best free LPN programs in NYC, this award provides the financial assistance needed o to offset the LPN education or other things like uniforms, books, and supplies.

Students should be aware, there is a $10 scholarship application fee.

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7. Hudson Valley Technology Development Center

Hudson Valley Technology Development Center is one of the institutions participating in the WIA and offering free LPN and other career training programs in New York.

The goal of this technology is to arm students with the right resources and training needed to land highly demanded job opportunities, as such, individuals who are displaced workers or struggling with employment can receive the help they need to pay for training to obtain a new career.

Graduates of the free LPN programs offered by this institution can become licensed healthcare professionals in the state.

The education gotten here is top-notch and never in doubt, this is because of the state-of-the-art facilities available that will enhance the learning experience of the students and ensure good performance in their clinical rotation and exams.

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Interested individuals should ask and apply from the school’s admissions office or financial aid office.

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Hopefully, your dreams of becoming a licensed practical nurse can be brought to life after reading this article.

Related Questions:

Is pre-nursing the same as LPN?

Pre-nursing is not the same as LPN, though they share a lot of similarities. They both train to help people with everyday tasks and take care of them when they are sick. The difference is that pre-nursing is done by someone who has not been formally trained as a nurse yet, while LPNs have had formal training and certification.

What is the difference between a Registered nurse and a Licensed practical nurse?

The difference between Registered nurses (RN) and Licensed practical nurses (LPN) is that RNs provide direct care to patients, while licensed practical nurses (LPN) typically provide assistance to doctors or registered nurses.

Is LPN School Hard?

In order to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), you will need to complete an approved education program and pass the state licensure exam, the LPN school is not easy, but it is possible, with the right guidance.

What is the fastest way to become an LPN?

If you are looking for the fastest way to become an LPN, the answer is to enroll in a vocational school diploma program, in just a matter of months, you'll be well-equipped to work as a full-time student, and graduates qualify for the same professional credentials as students completing degree programs.

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