Are you searching for the list of nursing schools in Nigeria?

If you have discovered that one of your passions is saving lives, you might want to consider being a nurse, and as such, enroll in a Nursing school in Nigeria.

This nursing profession is now a competitive career choice in Nigeria, especially among the female gender although the males are growing interested in it too.

For those searching for the list of schools of nursing in Nigeria, we compiled this detailed article to show you the best nursing schools in Nigeria, their contact, location, and how to apply.

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What are Nursing Schools in Nigeria?

Nursing schools are a type of tertiary institution that trains interested applicants and prepares them to become fully qualified nurses.

The nature of this nursing education and nursing certifications varies from country to country and as the world advances through technology and development, they have been many enhancements in nursing training.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council in Nigeria is responsible for the accreditation of nursing schools in Nigeria and licenses nurses to practice their craft nationwide, they are also responsible for the nursing license renewal.

How to become a nurse in Nigeria

Interested applicants should know that there are two ways one can become a nurse in Nigeria, and they are;

  • Attend an accredited nursing school for a three-year duration, in this article we provided a list of nursing schools in Nigeria.
  • Attend any university offering nursing as a course to earn a degree (duration of 5 years).

Degree programs for nursing schools in Nigeria.

  • General Nursing Program
  • Post Basic Midwifery Program
  • Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (BNSc)
  • Masters or Doctorate Degrees in Nursing

General Nursing Program

 The first degree available to students who wish to study nursing in Nigeria is the General Nursing Program, as such these prospective nursing students will be awarded the Registered Nurse (RN) title after a three-year training program.

These registered nurses can now decide to go for the next higher program.

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Post Basic Midwifery Program

Registered nurses can now apply for the Post Basic Midwifery program and upon completion; they now become Registered Midwives (RM).

And as RN or RM, students receive a Practicing License to begin for a year, this will give them practical field experience such as; registering patients and working towards a Clinical Specialization at the certificate level through professional programs.

Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (BNSc)

To obtain the Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (BNSc), intending nurses in Nigeria can attend a recognized university in Nigeria offering nursing science courses and upon completion, obtain the BNSc degree.

During the course of this program, these nursing students are required to go on a one-year internship in an approved health care facility.

Masters or Doctorate Degrees in Nursing

And if you intend to further after your bachelor’s degree, you should apply for your master’s and Ph.D. program in a reputable university that offers nursing courses, such as;

  • Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife
  • The University of Ibadan in Ibadan
  • University of Calabar
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  • University of Benin
  • Niger Delta University
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka
  • Babcock University Ilishan Remo
  • Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Best list Of Nursing Schools In Nigeria

Check out this list of schools of nursing in Nigeria below and select which of them to send your applications to.

  • ECWA School of Nursing, Egbe
  • Eksuth School Of Nursing, Ado Ekiti
  • FCT School of Nursing, Gwagwalada
  • Mater School of Nursing, Afikpo
  • Ondo State Schools of Nursing & Midwifery
  • School of Nursing, University College Hospital -Ibadan
  • School Of Nursing Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido Ekiti
  • School of Nursing UNTH, Enugu
  • School of Nursing, LUTH
  • School of Nursing, Sacred Heart Hospital, Lantoro
  • School of Nursing Amaigbo
  • School Of Nursing Mbano, Joint Hospital
  • School of Nursing UBTH, Edo

1. ECWA School of Nursing, Egbe

The first on our list of nursing schools in Nigeria is the ECWA School of Nursing, located at Egbe Yagba-West LGA, Kogi State.

This school is one of the oldest nursing schools in Nigeria and is committed to quality in providing nursing training to prepare intending nurses for their chosen path.

Contact details


Phone: 0703 499 0709

2. Eksuth School Of Nursing, Ado Ekiti

The next on our list of school of nursing in Nigeria is the Eksuth School of Nursing. Students who wish to study nursing as a professional course in Ekiti state can look up to this nursing school located in Ado Ekiti.

This nursing school offers programs that teach its students topics on the national philosophy of nursing education and emphasize the purpose of nursing in a broad concept, so as to achieve a better health system for the individual and the community at large.

Contact details


Phone: 0816 711 7825, 0809 071 9944, 0706 242 0926

3. FCT School of Nursing, Gwagwalada

The University of Abuja School of Nursing, located in Gwagwalada is one of the best nursing schools in Nigeria that prepares competent nurses that will use problem-solving skills in providing safe and effective healthcare services.

If you are looking to study nursing in Abuja, you can check it out.

Contact details:


Phone: 0818 015 7965, 0706 422 1237, 0803 075 6430

4. Mater School of Nursing, Afikpo

Ebonyi state is one of the developing states in Nigeria with good infrastructure and tourist attractions, if you are an adventurous person who wants to study nursing in Nigeria then the Mater School of Nursing is your go-to area.

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This School of Nursing and Midwifery, located at Afikpo runs two types of nursing programs:

  • Basic general nursing is a three-year program and
  • Post basic program in general nursing which is a two years program for nurses who had their basic midwifery training.

Contact details:


Phone: 0703 705 4713, 0703 648 8450, 0706 070 4570

5. School of Nursing, University College Hospital -Ibadan

Another on our list of nursing schools in Nigeria is the University College Hospital. This School Of Nursing aims at providing concise nursing training to its students to sharpen them to meet up the health needs in Nigeria.

You can find this institution easily as it is located along Queen Elizabeth Road, Oritamefa, Oyo State, Nigeria. Visit the official link to know more.


Contact details:


Phone: 0817 416 7675, 0813 173 3459, 0700 824 4357

6. School Of Nursing Federal Teaching Hospital, Edo Ekiti

Many students prefer the Federal teachings Hospital’s school of nursing located at Edo, Ekiti State because of their quality nursing programs, the standard of living, use of modern technology, and research centers.

There are more things to love about this nursing school, and if it interests you, check out the school’s website and contact details to proceed.

Contact details:


Phone: 0803 660 6142, 0806 291 4345, 0803 889 7840, 0803 514 1488

7. School of Nursing UNTH, Enugu

We can’t be talking about the nursing schools in Nigeria and not talk about Enugu, a place known for its midwifery.

School of Nursing UNTH, Enugu is another on our list of nursing schools in Nigeria, this school provides top-notch nursing programs for every class of person, and has produced highly qualified nurses from its nursing programs which last for three years.

Contact details:


Phone: 0708 662 8572, 0807 561 9711

8. School of Nursing, LUTH

In our list of nursing schools in Nigeria, we consider Lagos University Teaching Hospital, located at Idi Araba, Lagos, Nigeria.

This school of Nursing in Nigeria offers nursing courses to produce professional nurses who will operate in the hospital and handle effective operations even outside the hospital.

If you are looking to study nursing in Lagos, you are a click away from visiting this school, check on their website below and contact them.

Contact details:


Phone: 0805 655 9417, 01 871 6810

9. School of Nursing, Sacred Heart Hospital, Lantoro

Check out the Sacred Heart Hospital, Lantoro in Abeokuta which stands very unique in the list of school nursing in Nigeria.

This Nursing institution in Nigeria offers nursing programs, training, and different related courses to assist intending nurses with the best quality of learning.

Contact details:


Phone: 0815 033 3088, 0803 392 6705, 0803 323 56980806 133 1217

10. Ondo State Schools of Nursing & Midwifery

Ondo State Schools of Nursing And Midwifery suggests intensive professional nursing programs and midwifery practices for those with the intention to carry out nursing & midwifery activities at all levels of healthcare delivery.

In our list of school of nursing in Nigeria, this Ondo state nursing institution stands out, and to locate this place browse through 767 Igbatoro Road in Akure.

Contact details:


Phone: 0815 300 6106, 0907 909 7462, 0807 756 59890807 756 5966

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11. School of Nursing Amaigbo

Another in our list of nursing schools in Nigeria is the school of nursing in Amaigbo.

The St. Mary’s Joint Hospital has a nursing school in Amaigbo, located in Imo State, Nigeria and which encourages young and intending nurses with the best nursing programs and courses to study nursing in Nigeria.

If you are from Imo state or you prefer to study nursing in this region, quickly reach out to them now, go 1/2 Km, behind Nwangele LGA, Aong Anara-Orlu Road, Amaigbo.

Contact details:


Phone: 0816 403 5437, 0703 499 0709

12. School Of Nursing Mbano, Joint Hospital

Joint Hospital Mbano has one of the nursing schools in Nigeria located in Umuduru Isiala Mbano, Imo State.

As one in the list of nursing schools in Nigeria, this tertiary institution has a course duration of three (3) years where students are exposed to clinical experiences both internal and external.

Contact details:


Phone: 0803 945 0698, 0906 028 8522

13. School of Nursing Ugbowo Benin Teaching Hospital, Edo

The Ugbowo Benin Teaching Hospital is a nursing institution designed to educate students interested in nursing practices with the intention of becoming registered nurses in the span of their 3 years of nursing programs.

Contact details:

Phone: 0806 658 8944, 0802 599 2213

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need JAMB for the school of nursing?

You need Jamb if you are pursuing a barchelor's degree of nursing in an approved tertiary institution in Nigeria that offers nursing courses, However, you don't need JAMB for General Nursing which will award you the Registered Nursing title.

How many schools of nursing are in Nigeria?

Presently there are Two Hundred and Ninety (290) approved Nursing Training Institutions in Nigeria.

Does the School of Nursing go for NYSC?

Yes, Students graduating from the College of Nursing and Midwifery Sciences, Itigidi (CONMSIT), would participate in the one-year mandatory National Youth Service Scheme of the NYSC.

What is the cut-off mark for nursing?

The management of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has announced 270 and above as the latest JAMB Cut off mark for Nursing Science and departmental cut-off mark and point for Nursing Science for this academic session.

What is the name of the first nursing school in Nigeria?

The School of Nursing Eleyele was the first School of Nursing in Nigeria.

What certificates do nursing schools offer?

The training in the School of nursing is a hospital-based one that runs for three years and leads to the award of a Certificate in General Nursing.



Being a nurse is a very important career choice, this is because you have the ability to save lives and add to the good of the community, however, to be a professional nurse, you need to go for training, and in this article, we mentioned the list of school of nursing in Nigeria.

This brings an end to the article, as you embark on your nursing career, we wish you success.

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