The best nursing schools in delta state can prepare you for a career in the healthcare industry and will open up doors to new opportunities. 

Whether it’s a job that requires you to be on your feet at all times or one that allows you to have more flexibility with your time.

There are so many factors to consider when looking at nursing schools in Nigeria, including cost, location, and programs offered.

So we’ve put together this list of the top nursing schools in delta state to help you narrow down your options and make the best decision for your future career and lifestyle.

Who is a Nurse?

A nurse is a person who performs one or more nursing roles.

These roles include direct care, health promotion, patient education, prevention of illness and injury, and participation in health research.

Nurses may be differentiated from other healthcare workers by their approach to patient care which is often based on collaboration and cooperation rather than unilateral decision making.

For example, they take into account what a patient says about his or her condition and its treatment.

Nurses practice in many specialisms with differing levels of prescriber authority.

Risks attached to being a nurse

Being a nurse is both highly rewarding and challenging. Those who are prepared for hard work and flexible schedules will find their efforts pay off.

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While the nursing career can be profitable and competitive, nurses are also at risk of getting infected, especially in Africa.

Nurses need compassion and people skills, as well as strength and stamina; they also have to make life-and-death decisions on a regular basis.

Being a nurse can also be tiring because you will be attending to a whole lot of patients, and any drop in performance can lead to the dismissal of your job and revoking of your license.

What are the Best Nursing Schools in Delta State?

Here is a list of the top nursing schools in Delta state for you to make your selections;

  • Delta State School of Nursing, Abraka
  • Delta State School of Health Technology, Ofuoma
  • School of Nursing (SON), Agbor
  • School Of Nursing Eku
  • School of Nursing (SON), Warri
  • School of Post Basic Midwifery, Asaba

Delta State School of Nursing, Abraka

The Delta State School of Nursing is just one of the many nursing schools in Delta State that is committed to quality training.

They do an excellent job preparing students for the exam so they can be licensed and certified.

Their staff makes sure that the students that attend their organization meet the requirements of the country’s healthcare service providers.

There are lots of courses to choose from, ranging from full-time programs to diplomas and degrees, as well as certificates and time courses.

Delta State University, Department of Nursing is accredited by the National Universities Commission.


Delta State School of Health Technology, Ofuoma.

Delta State School of Health Technology is also on the list of the top nursing schools in Delta State.

Studying here gives you the opportunity to advance and explore health-related fields and also learn from the large resource of information.

The State Government commenced the execution of its own health care delivery services to the benefit of the citizens of the state.

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Contact details:

Address: Ofuoma-Emeragha Rd, 333105, Ughelli
Phone: 0902 502 4841


School of Nursing (SON), Agbor

School of Nursing at Agbor is one of the recognized nursing schools in Delta State, in order to enroll in this nursing school in Delta state, you will need to have:

  • Five (5) O-level credits in WAEC, GCE NECO, or their equivalent, including English Language and Mathematics at not more than two sittings.
  • SSCE/NECO Result(Awaiting result not accepted)
  • Four passport photographs
  • Then complete the Nursing school’s application form.

Payment of the entrance examination fee of N10,000 cannot be refunded, and payment must be made to the Ministry of Health.

School Of Nursing Eku

The School of Nursing is one of the famous nursing schools in Delta State located at Eku Baptist Hospital, Eku, Igun Watershed.

Every year, the School of Nursing Eku welcomes prospective students who meet the admission requirements.

To be admitted to the School of Nursing, Ekuru, you must pass the following subjects with at least 5 Credits.

  • English Language
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

You should also be an applicant between 18-35 years of age.

Contact details:

Eku Baptist Hospital, Eku, Igun Watershed

School of Nursing (SON), Warri

The Warri Nursing School (SON) in Delta State is one of the nursing schools and they observe good nursing practices.

Some of the programs you can get here include:

  • Midwifery Nursing
  • Post Basic Nursing

The last time we learned that the enrollment fee is N60,000, you can however check if it has been updated.

School of Post Basic Midwifery, Asaba

The School of Post Basic Midwifery, Asaba is one of Delta State’s best nursing schools.

The school is designed to train midwives who are responsible for supervising, managing and delivering proper care to women during pregnancy and childbirth.

This specialized training prepares midwives to provide normal and high-risk maternity care with support from doctors or other medical specialists.

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Frequently asked questions

How much are Nurses paid in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, Nurses are among some of the highest-paid professionals. In fact, they are second only to Petroleum Engineers when it comes to salary.

In many places across Nigeria (especially private facilities), a Nurse can earn as much as ₦200,000 per month.

Of course, location also factors into salary—more populous areas will be able to command higher salaries for Nurses than remote ones.

Where can Nurses work?

Nurses typically work at hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, home health agencies, and other medical settings.

They can choose between two main types of careers:

  • Registered nurses (RNs) and
  • Licensed practical nurses (LPNs).

In most cases, RNs have more responsibility than LPNs and often receive higher salaries.

There are also many avenues for specialization within both fields. For example, it is possible to become a nurse anesthetist or a pediatric nurse practitioner.

What is the Jamb cut-off for nursing?

Since every university has its own prerequisites for admission, a good idea is to talk to an advisor at your college of choice.

But one thing remains true: Strong grades are essential, with a Jamb Score of 250, you should get into a nursing school in Nigeria.


If you’re interested in Nursing as a career, it’s worth looking at these nursing schools.

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