If you’re exploring what state has the best vet schools, you should consider the veterinary schools in Wisconsin. Looking to enroll in a vet school can be tasking and in a state such as Wisconsin, the options are enormous making it quite more difficult. 

It’s not surprising that Wisconsin has some great schools. That explains why it is one of the most attractive hub spots for college students. The state has lots of veterinary schools with up-to-date state-of-the-art facilities. If you have issues making a choice, our guide is here to help you.

In this article, we have made a list of accredited schools and colleges in Wisconsin with accredited vet programs. We have also written down insights about these schools and their unique details and why you should choose any of them as your possible school. 

However, if the vet colleges in Wisconsin do not suit your educational goal, click on the link Veterinary Schools to explore other locations with great vet schools.

How Many Veterinary Schools Are There In Wisconsin?

Currently, there are 8 vet schools in Wisconsin. These schools are a fine blend of community colleges and universities prepped to offer the best academic experience for prospective students in the veterinary field. 

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What Is The Acceptance Rate To Get Into Veterinary Colleges In Wisconsin?

There is no specificity on the acceptance rate for all vet colleges in Wisconsin. This is so because each school has its own acceptance rate for each course. 

However, based on general reviews, the average acceptance rate of vet colleges in Wisconsin is from 10% to 15%.  This over the years has resulted in a 50% to 80% intake of accepted applicants. 

Apparently, this means that it is slightly easy to get into Wisconsin vet schools. 

Important Things To Note When Choosing Vet Schools in Wisconsin 

If you are considering any vet school at all in Wisconsin, there are factors that must be ticked off the box in a good way. You need to consider the following points before making a choice;

  • Accreditation
  • Acceptance Rate 
  • Curriculum strength.
  • Number of Programs.
  • Location of school and safety 
  • Graduation & Employment Rate.
  • Presence of professional teachers.
  • Availability of hands-on practical training. 
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What are the Best Veterinary Schools in Wisconsin?

Helping you find the perfect school for you is our plan here at Zikky. As such we have done our research and come up with the best veterinary colleges in Wisconsin for students seeking to become a veterinarian.

Our choice of schools was made based on the overall quality of the school, the quality of the veterinary program they offer based on universal rankings, and the structure of the school to ensure the students gain hands-on training for practice upon graduation.

1. Cardinal Stritch University

  • Veterinary Program Offered: Pre-Veterinary Medicine 

First, on our list of vet schools in Wisconsin you can consider is Cardinal Stritch University. Cardinal Stritch University is a private catholic school currently running a pre-professional certificate program in veterinary medicine. 

The vet program at Cardinal Stritch University takes three years to complete in which students focus more on biology, chemistry, physics, and clinical experience. 

Cardinal Stritch University’s vet program is a good option if you are looking to get a foundation in vet medicine and as such be prepared to meet the requirements for admission to veterinary school.

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2. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • Veterinary Program Offered: Pre-Veterinary Medicine

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee also offers a pre-veterinary medicine program that prepares students for veterinary school. Unlike most vet programs, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee vet program is designed to provide you with 60 credits to enroll in medical school. 

Classes focus on the introduction to biological sciences, inorganic and organic chemistry, and general physics. While others carry out internships in clinics and hospitals, studying at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee vet program lands you an internship at Milwaukee Zoo.  

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3. University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Veterinary Program Offered: Veterinary Medicine 

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, you are sure to get clinical training in a well sited state-of-the-art veterinary training hospital. Classes generally are focused on anatomy, histology, physiology, epidemiology, and animal pathology.

One of the reasons to study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the surety of accreditation. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is the only accredited veterinary school in the state. 

Also, in the last year of your classes, you can take an external or mentoring project-based.

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4. Madison College

  • Veterinary Program Offered: Veterinary Technology

Madison College is one of the best veterinary schools in Wisconsin offering a veterinary technology program for prospective veterinary technicians. The Madison vet program is accredited by CVASA and offers students an AAS veterinary degree. 

Classes cuts across animal husbandry, nutrition, laboratory tests, anesthesia, and other skills necessary to function as a vet upon graduation. Another perk of the Madison College vet program is the hybrid nature of the program. 

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Graduation requires completing the 64 credits by taking all the necessary courses. Also, the college also prepares students to take the national veterinary exam which between 2018 and 2021, they have an 82 percent pass rate on the first attempt.

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5. Milwaukee Career College

  • Veterinary Program Offered: Veterinary Technology

Milwaukee Career College is one of the vet schools for aspiring veterinary assistants. The school has its program programmed to train accredited junior specialists in veterinary technology to advance to the next stage of their careers. 

Classes at Milwaukee Career College vet program cuts across animal behavior, X-rays, collecting patient histories, and other cornerstones of veterinary technology. While students are enrolled in college, they also go for a 12 weeks internship to gain hands-on training and gain real-world experience.

The vet program at Milwaukee Career College is a 73.5 credit program that prepares students for entry-level work as veterinary technicians.

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6. Gateway Technical College

  • Veterinary Program Offered: Veterinary Technology

Gateway Technical College is one of the best veterinary schools in Wisconsin. Upon graduation from Gateway Technical College, students are ready veterinary technicians who understand various aspects of animal care. 

Classes are mandatory as well as clinical practices in state-of-the-art laboratories that simulate actual veterinary practices. The Gateway Technical College vet program requires four clinical practices that ensure students understand the specializations, tools, and diverse styles of veterinary medicine. 

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7. Northwood Technical College

  • Veterinary Program Offered: Veterinary Technology

Northwood College of Technology is one of the few colleges in Wisconsin that offers an Associate of Veterinary Specialist program. This program prepares students for patient history, initial physical examination, installation of intravenous catheters, and general animal care.

Graduation requires the completion of 65 credits across major courses and clinical practice. Another perk of Northwood Technical College is that students get to work with other veterinary technicians and veterinarians to get real experience.

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8. Fox Valley Technical College

  • Veterinary Program Offered: Veterinary Science

The vet program offered by Fox Valley Technical College is an applied veterinary science program that prepares students to manage the veterinary business, administer drugs, perform laboratory procedures, and create diagnostic radiographs.

To graduate from Fox Valley Technical College veterinary program, you must complete 65 credits, including coursework and clinical practices.

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Is There An Online Vet School For Wisconsin Residents?

The only school in Wisconsin that offers an online or distance learning program in veterinary studies is Madison College. However, another suitable option for online vet school that although not in Wisconsin but can serve Wisconsin residents is Purdue University and Penn Foster College. 

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Purdue University offers a part-time 70-credit vet program that can be completed in three years. The Veterinary Nursing Distance Learning Program leads to an AAS degree after taking 27 web-based courses and 18 tutorials.

Penn Foster College is another online 73-credit veterinary program that prepares students for a career in veterinary medicine. The program has a 75.86% VTNE pass record on the first try. Students at Penn Foster College work with licensed veterinary technicians and veterinarians through two clinical internships in the program.

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Veterinary Schools in Wisconsin FAQs

What are the official accreditation bodies for vet schools in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, just like in most countries of the United States, the official accreditation body for vet schools is the American Veterinary Association’s (AVMA) Committee on Veterinary Education and Activities.

Schools accredited by AVMA are considered qualified to offer you the best education in veterinary-related studies. 

What is the job outlook for veterinarians in Wisconsin?

From our research, the number of veterinary technicians in Wisconsin is expected to grow by approximately 510 between 2012 and 2022. This means that there would be 2290 jobs for veterinarians in 2022 as against the 1780 available today. 

Is it tough to get into veterinary schools in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin vet school’s acceptance rate is at about 10 to 15 percent. This is tough but not considerably difficult. However, what may seem difficult will be traced to the limited availability of vet colleges in Wisconsin. 

While there are 10 possible options for you to enroll in vet school in Wisconsin, the number is declining each day. 

Do I need a license to practice as a veterinary personnel in Wisconsin?

Yes, you must obtain a license from the Department of Safety and Professional Services to practice as a veterinary technician in Wisconsin. 

To obtain a license, applicants must complete a veterinary technology program approved by the American Veterinary Association (AVMA) or undergo at least two years of training with a licensed Wisconsin veterinarian. 

Applicants who have completed a course of study or two years of professional training must pass the National Veterinary Technician Exam (VTNE).


Having read through this detailed guide above, we believe you have all you need to know about veterinary colleges, schools, and the best institutions for vet programs in Wisconsin. 

Ensure that the school you choose is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Once you have made a choice of institution we encourage you to visit the school website once to find out what the requirements are for your application to the school. Also, confirm with specificity the tuition costs for the program you’re enrolling into. 



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