Are you looking for the best football colleges in Delaware?

It’s no longer news that most colleges incorporate athletics as one of the cores of their educational experience, interestingly, colleges in Delaware are no exception hence while there are schools in the state that have active football teams.

Football is one of the sports most picked by students enrolling in college. From the fame it brings to the excitement and bonding between players and their fans, there is everything to love about student football. Not only are student footballers the pride of their teams, but they also have a strong chance to join a football team in the state after graduation. 

Delaware is one of the states in the USA that have incorporated athletics into its educational experience for students in colleges. However, when it comes to football, just a handful of schools in the state have a football team. If you’re looking to study in Delaware for college and need a school that will help you turn your passion into reality, this guide is for you.

Are There Football Schools in Delaware?

Yes, Delaware is one of the states in the United States that have schools that have football as one of the core athletics students can participate in.  

In addition to football, Delaware colleges have other sports or athletics students can engage in, such as softball, basketball, etc.

How Many Football Colleges Are There in Delaware?

Unlike many other states in the USA, Delaware has just two football colleges. These schools’ football teams are only open to male athletes. 

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Why Enroll Into Football Colleges?

Football as a career is famous, and this holds true for college football, too. Besides football being a famous sport, there is a wide list of reasons why any student should enroll in colleges that have a sport for footballers.

Attending football universities can offer numerous benefits for aspiring footballers such as

  • The opportunity to study in colleges with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that can help improve an athlete’s performance. 
  • Students who have a footballing passion also get the opportunity to be trained by an experienced coaching staff who can provide guidance and mentorship to help players reach their full potential.
  • Another benefit of attending a football college is the opportunity to play against top-tier teams. Delaware has a strong football culture, with many talented athletes and competitive teams. 
  • Also, this can help players develop their skills and gain valuable experience that can be useful in their future football careers.
  • Moreover, attending a football college can provide access to academic and career opportunities. Many of these colleges have strong academic programs and can provide support to help students balance their studies with their athletic commitments. 
  • Additionally, some colleges have connections with professional football teams, which can lead to networking opportunities and career development prospects.

Best Football Colleges In Delaware 

Delaware just has two colleges for student footballers. Interestingly, these colleges have been ranked as the best D1 Men’s Football colleges in Delaware. 

From our research, we have listed these schools as the best when it comes to student football in Delaware. Our decisions were made based on the school’s overall academic quality, athletic competitiveness of the school, as well as the provision that has been made by the school to ensure students train appropriately while on the team. Here are the best colleges for footballers in Delaware;

#1. University of Delaware

  • Location: Newark, Delaware
  • Total number of team players: 113
  • Teams academic progress rate: 958
  • Average tuition cost per student: $36,880
  • Total team revenue generated: $8,001,726
  • Total team net profit/loss after expenses: $274,044

Sited in one of Delaware’s best cities, Newark, the University of Delaware represents one of the best schools of higher learning in the state. This prestigious college still holds the reins of education at its highest, even with many years of existence. 

In 2021, the University of Delaware handed out bachelor’s degrees to 4,743 students. With the student population, we can tell that UD is a large public institution open to both international and domestic students. 

In 2023, the University of Delaware tops the ranking as the best school for D1 Men’s Football athletes in Delaware. The UD men’s football team comprises 113 players trained by a head coach and 10 assistant coaches. The prowess of the team in the last football year generated a revenue of $8,001,726. However, after settling the team expenses, the University of Delaware all-men football team can boast of a net profit of $274,044. 

The good thing about the University of Delaware football team is that the team is excelling both athletically and academically, showing an academic progress rate performance of 958. 

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#2. Delaware State University

  • Location: Dover, Delaware
  • Total number of team players: 113
  • Teams academic progress rate: 921
  • Average tuition cost per student: $18,280
  • Total team revenue generated: $2,807,177
  • Total team net profit/loss after expenses: $274,044

Of the two football colleges in Delaware, Delaware State University is the most affordable. Delaware State University is not just affordable. It is also one of the best public institutions in the USA as a whole. 

Students who are looking forward to joining an incredible functional football team will find one of the best there is at Delaware State University.  Del State football team showed an academic progress rate of 921, which is a strong indicator of excellence in the educational work of each of the team members. 

There are 84 players on the Del State men’s football team led by one head coach and 15 assistant coaches who ensure that all team players are kept in shape. Financially, the team generated a revenue of $2,807,177. However, after all, the expenses were paid, the team had no money left. 

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Does Delaware have a college football team?

Yes, the two football colleges in Delaware have football teams, which are the only recognized football teams in Delaware. First is the Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens football team that represents the University of Delaware. Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) college football.

The second football team is the Delaware State Hornets football team of Delaware State University which represents Delaware State University (DSU) at the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision level as a member of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC). 

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Delaware colleges have a spot for students who want to pursue their footballing passion while still a student of higher learning. Although few, the colleges open for footballers in Delaware have all the needed requirements to ensure any student has an amazing experience academically and athletically.



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