There are actually many reasons to study in Canada and if you are passionate about Information Technology and protecting internet-connected systems, Quebec has the opportunities for you.

The province boasts many IT projects, over 230,000 cybersecurity experts with 18,000 university students, and about 10,000 IT companies.

This article will help you find the most recommended cybersecurity schools in Quebec so you can make a more informed career decision, you can also read our article on how to become a chief information security officer.

Worrying Cyber Attacks Statistics in Quebec, Canada

According to Statistics Canada, Quebec has the second highest number of cyber-attacks (8,223) after Ontario (28,540) among other provinces. This does not come as a surprise because it is one of the most developed and populous provinces in Canada.

However, the numbers are quite worrisome, because cybercrime in the province has been on the rise in previous years.

In 2017, the Quebec police reported the total number of cybercrime to be 3,483, 4,004 in 2018, 4,984 in 2019, 6,727 in 2020, and in 2021 it became 8,223.

With these numbers, you can see how much of a demand there is for cybersecurity professionals in Quebec, and therefore, by getting the required education and skills, you can fill this demand and create a lucrative career.

What are the best Cybersecurity Schools in Quebec, Canada?

1. Cégep de l’Outaouais

Cégep de l’Outaouais is one of the biggest public colleges located in the city of Gatineau, Quebec, Canada offering a diploma of college studies in computer programming and security.

This program takes 6 semesters (3 years) to complete and students will learn how to build a complete application that meets customers’ needs, they will also learn how to implement cybersecurity strategies to protect the client’s infrastructure and data.

One important reason you might consider studying cybersecurity at Cégep de l’Outaouais is that if you maintain academic brilliance, the Department of Computer Techniques will help you in your search for an internship or a job during your training.

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Graduates of this program can explore various cybersecurity career opportunities in private companies, financial institutions, hospital centers, and even public services.

2. Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe

Founded in 1968, Cegep de Saint-Hyacinthe is a top vocational college and one of the best cybersecurity schools in Quebec, Canada offering programs that lead to a diploma of college studies in IT techniques, Networks and Cybersecurity.

During the course of this program, students will learn how to design various cybersecurity software programs, and after a while, each student will specialize in either Software Development or Networks and Cybersecurity.

One of the reasons many students choose to study this program at Cegep de Saint-Hyacinthe is because they work as a team with people from different professions, and this helps to foster lifelong relationships.

For work opportunities, graduates can explore careers as technical advisors or representatives, Network managers and after a few years of experience, they can become cyber administrators and Chief Information Security Officers.

3. Cégep de Sherbrooke

Cégep de Sherbrooke is a public pre-university college located in the city of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

The school offers a 44-week cybersecurity and an integrated security program that leads to an Attestation of Collegial Studies (AEC).

This program came up as a direct response to the demands of companies in the province demonstrating the need for cyber experts to manage their sophisticated systems.

The cybersecurity program at Cégep de Sherbrooke will equip the students to become proficient in identifying risks and threats and carrying out various security measures for clients.

Students will also be invited to carry out practical learning through internships in companies, and graduates can go on to become threat and incident response managers, malware analysts, penetration testers, etc.

4. Cégep Garneau

The cybersecurity program at cégep Garneau can be taken online and in the evening on a part-time basis, it is divided into two sections; a certificate program and the other program leading to an Attestation of College Studies (ACS).

Students interested in obtaining a cybersecurity certificate program from Cégep Garneau will be trained to be competent in ensuring the protection, security, and integrity of all computer and information assets of an organization.

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It takes 214 hours online to complete this program and graduates can pursue careers as IT security managers, cryptographers, system and network administrators, and even cybersecurity project managers.

The Attestation of Collegial Studies program on Cyber-survey takes 270 hours to complete online and is mainly for individuals who wish to go into the investigative aspect of cybersecurity, anticipating, detecting, and solving cybercrimes.

Graduates of this program can pursue careers in insurance companies, financial institutions, government, and private services, etc.

5. Cégep Limoilou

Founded in 1967, Cégep Limoilou is one of the top colleges in Quebec that offers pre-university and technical programs, continuing education, and corporate services.

The school is also known for its competitive program in Information Technology Techniques with a major in Network Management.

This program grooms students who are interested in exploring cybersecurity careers to become proficient in performing related computer network tasks and obtain a diploma in college studies.

6. Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Located in Saint-Lambert, Quebec Canada, Champlain College Saint-Lambert is one of the colleges in the province with a top-notch cybersecurity program in Prevention and Intervention.

This program grooms students to become experts in the field and fill the high demand in the market.

Graduates of this program possess a comprehensive knowledge and skill set of all implicated technologies and cybersecurity concepts, and they go on to become cybersecurity specialists.

7. Collège Ahuntsic

Collège Ahuntsic is a public college and one of the cybersecurity schools in Quebec offering both an Attestation of College Studies and a Diploma program in Networking and Computer Security.

For students enrolling in the Attestation of Collegial Studies, it takes 13 months / 1215 hours to complete, and you will be trained to design and install networks, manage and secure servers and ensure the smooth operation of your client’s computer system.

For those going for the Diploma of Collegial Studies program, you will be trained to become competent in field security, business networks, IP telephony, Windows and Linux server management, etc.

Some of the reasons most students enroll for the cybersecurity diploma at Collège Ahuntsic is that it includes the possibility of taking advantage of the work-study program which allows you to carry out two paid internships of approximately three months each.

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8. The Collège Bois-de-Boulogne

Located on Bois de Boulogne Street in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the Collège Bois-de-Boulogne is one of the public colleges in the province to offer a diploma of college studies in Infrastructure and security.

The program here will train you on how to set up, maintain, and offer services on the different components of its IT infrastructure.

9. Collège de Maisonneuve

Located in Montreal, Collège de Maisonneuve is a very recognized public pre-university and technical college that offers cybersecurity programs leading to both an Attestation and a Diploma of Collegial Studies.

The Attestation of Collegial Studies program major on Network Management and System Security, the students will be trained in the IT following skills;

  • Security
  • Virtualization
  • Computer network programming
  • IP telephony and user support.

Whereas, the path to the Diploma of Collegial Studies is for students who will major in Network Infrastructure and Security.

10. Collège LaSalle

Founded in 1959, the Collège LaSalle is one of the technical schools in the region where students can get the necessary cybersecurity skills necessary to manage physical and cloud networks.

The computer Science Technology courses with a major in Network and Security Management prepare students for industry-recognized certifications such as;

  • CompTIA (A+)
  • Microsoft (MCSA) and
  • LPIC.

This program leads to a Diploma of College Studies (DEC) in Computer Science Technology and graduates can either begin to work in their field or pursue university studies.

Other Post-secondary schools in Quebec with cyber-related programs include;


The importance of cybersecurity professionals in Quebec can not be over-emphasized because of the massive tech innovations going on.

The schools listed in the article are the most recommended if you want to take advantage of the tech opportunities in the province.



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