6 Dental Diploma Courses In Canada | Expert Top List

6 Dental Diploma Courses In Canada | Expert Top List

This guide consists of various different top-ranked and prestigious colleges offering the best dental diploma courses in Canada. If you ever have a flair for joining healthcare through working in the dental field, there are opportunities through diploma courses. 

Enrolling into a diploma program in dental health prepares you to understand the basics of the profession and prepares you to take on entry-level job positions and excel at it.

Here in this guide, we have curated a list of some of the best dental diploma courses in Canada, the school that offers them, and possible job opportunities students get to have just by studying these courses.

While we prepare you for that, we encourage you to check out our archive of Programs to see a list of other related programs and also our Study in Canada archive for other opportunities in Canada.

Is Studying Diploma Dental Courses In Canada A Good Decision?

Canada is one of those study-abroad destinations where everything seems good for international students. There is almost no hassle in studying in Canada.

The schools are among the famous colleges and top universities in the world, the student environment is friendly and safe, and there are several job placements upon graduation. 

Studying a dental course in Canada comes with so many advantages such as;

  • Dental care is one of the highest-paying professions in Canada
  • Affordable and available scholarships for dental students 
  • The schools offering dental courses in Canada are globally recognized colleges and top-ranking universities.
  • Also, dental students have numerous research opportunities to expand their knowledge and interest in the field.
  • Lastly, besides being one of the top-paid professions, dental students have many placement opportunities as well

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What Are The Admission Requirements to Study Diploma Dental Courses? 

While there are no one-size-fits-all admission requirements for studying dental diplomas in Canada for international students, these are the essential criteria that you must fulfill to get admission.

  • Sponsor letter
  • Proof of Funds
  • A valid passport
  • Academic Transcript
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Language Proficiency Score
  • Students must have valid documents.
  • Must have passed plus two (high school)
  • Police verification report with clear background.
  • Should meet all the criteria to study for a dental diploma.
  • Proof of English Language proficiency e.g. IELTS a minimum of each band 5 and TOFEL score must be a minimum of 60.

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What Are The Best Dental Diploma Courses in Canada for International Students?

While there are many prestigious colleges that offer dental diploma courses for international students in Canada, here at Zikky, we bring you close to the best in the list. 

Here you will find the list of the best diploma courses in Canada with an emphasis on dental care.

1. Advance Diploma in Dental Hygiene

  • Duration of Program: 3 Years
  • Offered by: George Brown College
  • Average Annual Tuition Cost: CAD 12,000 to 15,000

The Dental Hygiene program at George Brown College is an advanced program focusing on preparing students to practice as primary oral healthcare providers upon completion. 

During the program, the students develop interpersonal skills, communication skills, professional approaches to applying the dental hygiene process of care, and collaborative relationships with clients, communities, and other healthcare providers.

Every student in the program has opportunities to carry out various external practical field education experiences to prepare them to practice as primary oral health-care providers.

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2. Diploma in Dental Hygiene (DDH)

  • Duration of Program: 2 Years
  • Offered by: Dalhousie University
  • Average Annual Tuition Cost: CAD 23,000 to 26,000

One of the dental diploma courses in Canada is the Diploma in Dental Hygiene (DDH) offered by Dalhousie University. This program is a full-time on-campus program lasting for two years.

This program focuses on training students in the current, scientific, and professional education in dental care in a positive, student-centered environment. 

To graduate, students must have participated in the entire educational experience defined by the curriculum and demonstrated overall aptitude and fitness for the profession through the application of professionalism, knowledge, and clinical decision-making skills.

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3. Diploma in Denturism

  • Duration of Program: 3 Years
  • Offered by: Georgian College
  • Average Annual Tuition Cost: CAD 12,000 to 15,000
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The Diploma program in Denturism at Georgian College is a seamless opportunity to become and start your career as a Denturist. While in the program, students learn the skills, attitude, professional approach, and knowledge in line with their scope of practice.

Also, students learn to assist clients in attaining and maintaining oral health, be able to complete, partial and immediate dentures, and dentures over implants. Their problem-solving, decisions, judgments, and intervention skills on current research and theory are also enhanced.

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4. Advance Diploma in Dental Reception and Administration

  • Duration of Program: 1 Year
  • Offered by: Durham College
  • Average Annual Tuition Cost: CAD 12,000 to 15,000

In one year, students who enroll in the advanced diploma in dental reception and administration at Durham College are ready to work as dental receptionists and administrators. This program is suitable for students who do not want to go into the intricacies of dental care but work as administrative officers. 

The dental reception and administration at Durham College ensures students learn how to enhance operations in the dental setting by knowing how to process information and utilize paper and electronic management systems. Also, emphasis is placed on scheduling, financial records, and proficient interpersonal skills. 

Upon graduation, students are able to write a certification examination through the Ontario Dental Assistants Association

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5. Advanced Diploma in Dental Hygiene

  • Duration of Program: 3 Years
  • Offered by: Canadore College
  • Average Annual Tuition Cost: CAD 25,000 to 29,000

The sole aim of the Canadore College Advanced Diploma in Dental Hygiene program is to prepare students to develop the knowledge, technical and interpersonal skills, and judgment needed to become self-regulated health professionals. 

While there are classroom theory classes, a large part of the program curriculum is a series of hands-on clinical practice that allows students to work with clients from the community on-site in Canadore’s Dental Hygiene Clinic.

On graduation, graduates from the program can work in community health services, hospitals, research and living centers, etc. Keep in mind that Canadore College’s dental hygiene program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada.

6. Dental Hygiene (DHYG)

  • Duration of Program: 3 Years
  • Offered by: Cambrian College
  • Average Annual Tuition Cost: CAD 20,000 to 24,000

The last on our list of the best dental diploma courses in Canada is the Dental Hygiene (DHYG) program offered by Cambrian College. This program trains students to become a member of oral healthcare teams.

Students take on hands-on practices working on manikins, their classmates, and clients from Sudbury in the College’s on-campus Dental Clinic. Students are also scheduled for community placements where they can provide dental hygiene services to paying clients such as oral health assessments, scaling, stain removal, whitening, oral health education, dental X-rays, fluoride treatments, pit and fissure sealants, and athletic mouth guards.

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Keep in mind the Cambrian’s Dental Hygiene program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC).

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How Much Does It Cost To Attend Any Of The Best Dental Diploma Courses in Canada?

On average, a dental diploma course in Canada costs between CAD 10,000 and CAD 40,000. However, the specificity of tuition depends on the school and program you’re enrolling in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Dental Diploma Courses in Canada 

What are the career opportunities for dental diploma graduates in Canada?

After getting  a diploma  in any dental course, international students will be able to get placement to work and earn as; 

  • Dental Assistants CAD 40,000 – CAD 45,000
  • Periodontist CAD 220,000 – CAD 223,000
  • Dental Hygienist CAD 60,000 – CAD 70,000
  • Dental Technician CAD 30,000 – CAD 100,000
  • Treatment Coordinator CAD 50,000 – CAD 60,000
  • Dental Office Manager CAD 90,000 – CAD 110,000
  • Dental Public Health Officer CAD 95,000 – CAD 110,000
  • Oral and maxillofacial Surgeon CAD 190,000 CAD – CAD 195,000 

How much do graduates with dental diplomas earn?

The dental profession has the highest pay in Canada with an average annual salary of 64300 CAD for diploma graduates. Bachelor’s graduates earn about 98,700 annually. 

Are there placements available after completing the Dental Diploma Course?

Some universities offer job placements to deserving students from outside the university. However, this is not guaranteed. 


A dental career is a thriving career in Canada as it is the highest-paid profession in the country. Above is a list that contains the top list of schools if you’re considering a diploma program of less than three years.

Once you make a choice, visit the school’s website to find out what the requirements are for your application and registration and the current tuition cost at your time of application. 



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