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20 Best Art Schools in Ontario Canada: Don’t miss out

Best Art Schools In Ontario Canada: With the demand for art education at an all-time high, it can be hard to know where to look to get the best art school education possible.

This comprehensive list will help you learn about the great training opportunities available in the province and make sure you don’t miss out on any important details when applying.

No matter what artistic field you’re interested in pursuing, there’s an art school in Ontario with the perfect program waiting for you!

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List of the Best Art Schools in Ontario Canada.

Below is the list of the art high schools in Ontario, you can also click here to check out other Art Schools across the globe.

Dundas Valley School of Art

Dundas Valley School of Art is one of the fine art schools in Ontario, this school major in visual arts and design for fine art and graphic design students.

Dundas Valley School of Art is an exciting option for those interested in studying fine art.

Classes are held at a beautiful studio complex where students have access to state-of-the-art technology and various support services.

To know more about this school, visit the school’s official website below:


Woodbridge Art School & Gallery

Woodbridge Art School & Gallery is one of the recognized art schools in Ontario,

At this school, you’ll experience a top-notch art education that will leave you with a world of possibilities.

In addition to our high-quality art instruction and facilities, we also have a dedicated gallery that provides local artists with an opportunity to exhibit their work.


Haute Couture Academy of Fashion, Fine Arts & Design

Haute Couture Academy of Fashion, Fine Arts & Design is a highly competitive and prestigious art school located in Downtown Toronto.

With a history of more than 20 years and 150 instructors; Haute Couture Academy is considered to be one of the most famous Art schools in Toronto.

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It has an alumnus of international caliber with A-list celebrities and successful entrepreneurs.


Etobicoke School of the Arts

Although not as well-known as some of its counterparts, Etobicoke School of Arts (ESA) is definitely one of the best fine arts schools in Ontario.

The school offers exceptional fine arts programs for young adults to explore their creativity and develop their artistic abilities.

In fact, ESA has been ranked as one of Canada’s best art schools since 2004—and for good reason.


Ottawa School of Art

There are really many art schools in Ottawa, but the Ottawa School of art stands out as one of the best.

When it comes to Ottawa art schools, you’ll find a variety of offerings including some that are just for continuing education.

There are many arts and design programs here that will suit you and if you’re looking for online courses there are also plenty of them.


Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art, and Design

At Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art, and Design, students are motivated to do their best in an encouraging environment with quality individual instruction from instructors who are professionals in their fields.

We believe in giving our students a comprehensive education and the freedom to develop their artistic skills.

Whether you’re looking for a rewarding career as a traditional 2D or 3D animator for film and TV, or a concept artist for the video game industry, we have options for you.


Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts

Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts is one of the best art schools in London Ontario.

This international high school is designed to help prepare students for academic and career goals through rigorous programs in arts and academics.

The school has various facilities for artistic expression that include:

  • A pottery studio
  • Printshop
  • Dance studios
  • Theatre spaces and more

Offering both French and English classes, it’s open to students from Grades 9-to 12.


Richmond Hill Art School

Richmond Hill Art School is one of the best fine art schools in Ontario that offers a range of diploma programs as well as a BFA program in Fine Arts with specialization options such as:

  • Ceramics and
  • Sculptures

Students also have access to advanced facilities and equipment used for learning purposes.


Vaughan Art School

This is one of the diverse art schools in Vaughan that offers a wide range of courses.

You can explore eight diploma and advanced diploma programs where you can specialize in:

  • Painting and drawing
  • Printmaking
  • Animation & digital media arts and more.

Even if your goal is to work for yourself as an artist or graphic designer, it’s important to get an education – which is why these schools are at the top of our list!


Art School Nadia Segal

Art School N. Segal is one of the famous art schools in Ontario; this school was founded in 1992 by Nadia Segal, a well-experienced art teacher.

Many of the students of this school have participated and won in various competitions, both international and local.

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Built on the same standard as the best Russian art schools, students are taught a variety of techniques and media, from sculpture to watercolor.

Our course includes:

  • Graphic art
  • Watercolors
  • Gouache
  • Oil paints
  • Acrylics
  • Inks and many more.

Subjects offered: life drawings, sculpture, ceramics, batik, and mixed media.


Toronto School of Art

The Toronto School of Art is a non-profit post-secondary art institution that offers bachelors and associate degrees, it is also one of the best art schools in Toronto.

The school, which has been offering programs since 1887 and features exhibition opportunities, also offers part-time courses for adults and children.

Programs include:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
  • Studio Practice or Crafts Studies
  • BA Studio Practice or Crafts Studies
  • Diploma Workshops in Creative Arts Therapy
  • Visual Arts Education


Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts

The Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts is a public arts school, dedicated to students with a passion for art and design.

Located on Queen Street East at Sherbourne; many of its classes are held within St. James Cathedral.

But students also have access to professional artists working across all mediums:

  • Drawing and painting
  • Photography
  • Film making and more


The Art School of Peterborough

Art schools are a great place to expand your horizons, meet other people with a passion for art and connect with like-minded creative individuals.

Peterborough is one of many art schools in Toronto and offers diplomas through:

  • Associate of Fine Arts (AFA)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and
  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

The faculty at ASOP includes award-winning professors who have won awards from OCA, AICA, and NSCAD.


Ontario’s Professional School of Music & Arts

This prestigious school offers a variety of programs that are sure to accommodate any art lover.

They have an excellent reputation as professional music and art school.

They also teach a number of other arts, including:

  • Dance
  • Theatre and
  • Visual arts

If you’re hoping to pursue your passion for music or art while honing your craft and learning from some of the most experienced teachers in Ontario, be sure to look into OPM.


OCAD University

OCAD University is one of the very recognized liberal art schools in Ontario.

This educational institute was founded in 1876 by a group of Toronto artists, educators, and advocates for arts education as an integral part of a liberal arts education.

Today, OCAD is one of Canada’s largest art schools with over 20 000 students enrolled across two campuses.


Fleming College- Haliburton Campus

If you’re interested in more hands-on art courses, Fleming College offers two art programs.

The Illustration and Design program prepares students for careers as professional illustrators and graphic designers.

And their three-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is split into five parts so you can specialize in a particular area:

  • Drawing and Painting
  • Digital Art & Animation
  • Contemporary Crafts
  • Printmaking & Photography
  • 3D Design & Industrial Design.


Fanshawe College- School of Digital and Performing Arts

Fanshawe’s School of Digital and Performing Arts is ranked as one of the top art schools in London Ontario.

Here, students can pursue a diploma or bachelor’s degree in fields such as:

  • Television
  • Broadcasting and production
  • Interactive media design and animation
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Their hands-on approach to teaching prepares students for successful careers immediately after graduation.


Claude Watson School for the Arts

The Claude Watson School for the Arts is one of the art schools in London Ontario.

If you want to pursue your passion for design or visual arts, then you should definitely consider enrolling in some art classes at The Claude Watson School for Arts.


Burlington Royal Arts Academy

If you’re interested in traditional art forms such as painting and sculpture but don’t want to get bogged down with extensive theory, then Burlington Royal Arts Academy is a good choice.

At BRAA students can choose from a wide range of specialties including fashion design, painting, and more.


Avenue Road Arts School

Avenue Road Arts School is one of the best fine art schools in Ontario teaching quality art classes since 1993.

Avenue Road Arts School has been educating kids and adults through dynamic and interactive lessons.

In 2020, the school transitioned to a virtual platform and became one of the first art schools to offer live and responsive classes in an online capacity.

If you’re seeking a close-knit, nurturing environment for your art education, look no further.

Whether you’re an avid practitioner, novice, or on the cusp of mastery, we’ve got you covered.

Programs are offered year-round, including summer and March break, and we offer parties and specialty workshops taught by experienced and passionate artists/educators.


Other Art Schools in Ontario

5 Best Art Schools in Ottawa Ontario

  • Ottawa School of Art
  • Canterbury High School
  • Ottawa Art Academy
  • Ottawa School of Art Orleans Campus
  • 4Cats Arts Studio

5 Best Art schools in London Ontario

  • Lester B. Pearson School of Arts
  • Fanshawe College- School of Digital and Performing Arts
  • BOTTEGA Art Studio
  • Art Venture Art Studio
  • Department of Visual Arts, Western University

5 Best Art schools in Hamilton Ontario

  • Dundas Valley School of Art
  • AIDA | Academy of Imagination & Dramatic Arts
  • Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts
  • Hamilton Academy of Performing Arts
  • School of the Arts Career

5 Best Art schools in Oakville Ontario

  • Oakville School of Music and Performing Arts
  • Ontario’s Professional School of Music & Art
  • Joori Art Classes
  • Stagecoach Performing Arts Oakville
  • Innovative Arts

5 Best Art schools in Vaughan Ontario

  • Woodbridge Art School & Gallery
  • Vaughan Art Lessons
  • ACE Art Studio
  • VAUGHAN ART SCHOOL – art classes
  • Haute Couture Academy Of Fashion, Fine Arts & Design

5 Best culinary art schools in Ontario

  • The Culinary Arts School of Ontario
  • Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute
  • Stratford Chefs School – Kitchens & Dining Room
  • Liaison College
  • Everton Academy of Culinary Arts

5 Best Fine art schools in Ontario

  • Newmarket School of Fine Art
  • Ontario Academy Of Fine Arts Ltd
  • York Academy of Fine Arts
  • School of fine art and music
  • Academy of Fine Artists

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