If you are in Edmonton, and you wish to become a cybersecurity expert, this article will help you find the best schools in the city that offers this cyber education.

Some of these cybersecurity schools in Edmonton offer a certificate and diploma and you can also pursue a master’s degree in cybersecurity here in Edmonton.

For your interest, we have also written a detailed article on the best post-secondary cybersecurity schools in Calgary to give you more options.

Why Study Cybersecurity in Edmonton?

Job Bank Canada affirms that the continuous increase in cyber attacks in Canada is leading many Canadian firms to recruit workers with specific skills related to cybersecurity in order to upgrade their IT infrastructure and remain digitally safe and competitive.

Apparently, this will cause a demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals to join the workforce in protecting the internet-connected system.

In 2020, Edmonton had roughly 34,500 total tech professionals, and for the very first time, the city was ranked the fastest-growing tech sector in North America and made CBRE’s top 50 list.

Studying cybersecurity in Edmonton will give you the advantage to leverage the technological developments in Alberta and Canada as a whole.

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Best IT & Cybersecurity Schools in Edmonton

Here is our list of the most recommended schools with top-notch cybersecurity programs in the city of Edmonton;

1. University of Alberta (UofA)

The first on our list is the University of Alberta is one of the cybersecurity schools in Edmonton, offering an online certificate program in Information Access and Protection of Privacy.

This program is based on the theories, concepts, principles, and best practices involved in the appropriate use of information and privacy legislation such as FOIP, PIPEDA, ATIA, and others.

Students learn how to balance information privacy and transparency in the public and private sectors.

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2. Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE)

The Concordia University of Edmonton is one of the schools that offer both a graduate diploma and a master’s in cybersecurity in Canada.

Students can opt into either the graduate diploma program for Information Assurance or that of Information Security and graduates can explore careers in cybersecurity.

For a diploma program in Information Assurance, it is a 6-course and 18-credit coursework, and when this is completed, the student can decide to further for a master’s program in Information Systems Assurance Management.

For a diploma program in Information Security, it is an 18-credit coursework, students can decide to further for a master’s program in Information Systems Security Management where they’ll also be prepared to write and pass the Certification Information Systems Security Professional exam.

Graduates of this program can pursue careers as information security officers, incident responders, database administrators, etc.

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3. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology is one of the schools that offer top-notch cybersecurity certificate programs in Edmonton, Alberta.

Students get to do a lot of their courses in the practical labs, where they’re also taught how to use sophisticated cybersecurity software. They can pick from any of the programs which include;

  • Core Security +
  • Enterprise Security, and
  • System Security

The Core Security + certificate program at NAIT is mainly for entry-level workers who wish to improve their skill set and take on more cybersecurity jobs. Here they will learn everything concerning IT security from an intermediate level and in a good environment.

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NAIT’s Core Security + certificate program will also prepare the student to take the CompTIA Security + certification exam.

Graduates of this program can go on to become security sales engineers and security architects who protect cybersecurity organizations against data corruption and loss.

NAIT’s Enterprise Security certificate program prepares students to pursue careers in the enterprise security market, most graduates go on to become cybersecurity sales engineers.

NAIT’s System Security certificate program is designed for network and system administrators responsible for implementing and controlling a range of security technologies.

Students will be brought to the concept of threat assessment, encryption, business continuity, disaster, recovery auditing, wireless security, network vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, incident response, and computer forensics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Edmonton A Tech City?

Many people wonder if they can explore tech careers here in Edmonton, the big news is that Edmonton is indeed a tech city, according to The Magazine, Edmonton ranks 9th out of 12 top tech cities in Canada.

Edmonton also has a range of cybersecurity companies that employ their cybersecurity talents.

Does Cybersecurity pay well in Canada?

Cybersecurity actually pays well in Canada, according to Glassdoor, the current national average salary for a Cyber Security Analyst is $76,283 in Canada.

The salary ranges based on different factors such as level of education, skills, and experience. It can go as high as $108,000 and as low as $54,000.

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Is there a demand for cybersecurity professionals in Canada?

There has been a high demand for Information systems analysts and consultants, over the period 2019-2028, and over 113,000 new jobs are expected to arise.

These tech jobs will arise from the expansion and replacement demand while over 98,700 job seekers arising from school leavers, immigration, and mobility are expected to be available to fill them.


There are a lot of recent tech developments going on in Edmonton, especially in the field of cybersecurity, you can leverage this opportunity by equipping yourself with the proper education.

The schools listed here are the most recommended cybersecurity schools in Edmonton that can help you climb the ladder in your career.

We also recommend you check out our cybersecurity guide for additional resources and our expertly reviewed cybersecurity laptops that can help you perform optimally.

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