Cybersecurity Schools in New Brunswick

6 Best IT & Cybersecurity Schools in New Brunswick & Programs

This article will help you find the best cybersecurity schools in New Brunswick along with information about the various cybersecurity programs they offer.

We’ll also discuss the tech opportunities in the province with various certifications which can give you a competitive advantage.

So if you’re looking for a top-notch education in cybersecurity, we are confident that the programs on this list will do you so much good.

Why should you study cybersecurity in New Brunswick?

According to Opportunities New Brunswick, this province is quickly becoming a tech hub as most of the world’s most successful ICT companies have discovered it as a central point between Europe and the Americas.

Tech Impact also reported that the Government of New Brunswick released $1.2 million dollars for businesses to improve digitally and combat cybercrime.

These technological developments in the province have created a demand for skilled IT workers especially cybersecurity professionals to leverage.

Studying cybersecurity in New Brunswick gives you the required training and certifications to adapt to the current uptrend in technology.

Best Cybersecurity Schools in New Brunswick

The following are some of the top cybersecurity schools in the province that offer courses, certificates, and training.

1. University of New Brunswick

The University of New Brunswick is a public university with two primary campuses in Fredericton and Saint John and is known as one of the best schools in Canada for engineering and computer science programs.

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The school offers a variety of programs that lead to both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in cybersecurity.

For undergraduate students interested in pursuing a B.Sc in cybersecurity, the program comprises theoretical and practical techniques in cybersecurity that are focused on;

Technical issues related to information and network security
Broader societal issues relating to privacy, ethics, and legal questions

While graduate students seeking a master’s degree in cybersecurity will spend one year grooming their cybersecurity skills, the class will cover various aspects including;

  • Advanced data communications and networking
  • Cryptanalysis and database security
  • Fundamentals of information assurance
  • Foundations of Privacy
  • Network security
  • Software security
  • Digital forensics elective + capstone project, and
  • Condensed training, R&D project*

Graduates can pursue careers as information security analysts, software security engineers, cybersecurity engineers, and more.

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2. Eastern College

Eastern College is a registered private Diploma-Granting College focused on providing you with the training to launch a rewarding career.

It is one of the schools in New Brunswick offering a diploma in Advanced Systems Management And Cybersecurity.

The program is very flexible as students can take classes online or on campus. It is also competitive because the students are given practical training on how to effectively secure data access as well as how to respond to cybersecurity breaches and threats.

The Advanced Systems Management and Cybersecurity diploma program come with 10 free certification examination vouchers (including Microsoft and CompTIA) as well as a 16-week field placement for students to gain direct hands-on experience.

Graduates can explore career options as database administrators, incident responders, malware analysts, etc.

3. Oulton College

Oulton College located in Moncton is a private college and one of the cybersecurity schools in New Brunswick.

The school offers a cybersecurity diploma program with a concentration on Systems Management, it takes just 10 months to complete this program and is best for students looking for an accelerated diploma program.

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Students will receive necessary hands-on practical experience and training sessions that make them competent to work with Windows Server 2022, Linux, and Cisco Routers.

At the end of the program, you will be ready to test your newly learned skills with real-life applications, therefore, you will undergo a 4-week practicum placement in your area of study.

Most cybersecurity graduates from Oulton College especially security architects and penetration testers get hired by the company where they did their practicum placement.

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4. Université de Moncton

The Université de Moncton is a very reputable Canadian francophone university and also one of the best cybersecurity schools in New Brunswick.

Students at the Université de Moncton can apply for the cybersecurity certificate program in Enterprise Information Security Management.

It is a 24-credit part-time program that is offered fully online, students get the fundamental training needed for information security, data management, electronic communications networks, and risk management.

After completion of the program, graduates can decide to further their education or explore various high-paying cybersecurity career options.

5. Collège Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick

Founded in 1970, Collège Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick is a French-language institution of post-secondary education that serves all the Francophone and Acadian communities in New Brunswick.

Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick also offers programs that lead to a diploma in Networking and Computer Security. It takes 80 weeks of training and an internship for students to complete this program.

Graduates of this program become competent to perform various computing and networking tasks and can pursue a career as a cybersecurity administrator, etc.

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6. New Brunswick Community College (NBCC)

New Brunswick Community College is a public community college located throughout various locations in New Brunswick, the school offers an IT-based cybersecurity post-graduate diploma on St. John’s campus.

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This program can be completed in one year for students enrolling for full-time study.

Students will get theoretical and practical hands-on training in identifying, analyzing, and mitigating threats to internal IT systems and/or networks.

Students will explore various cybersecurity software programs and tools, and also concepts used to minimize the risk to a cybersecurity organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a cyber security analyst earn in New Brunswick?

Cybersecurity professionals are highly paid in Canada, according to the salary report from the Economic Research Institute (ERI), the average pay for a Cybersecurity Specialist is $113,144 a year and $54 an hour in New Brunswick, Canada.

The pay fluctuates depending on your level of education and experience, it can go as low as $78,296 and as high as $137,923.

Which Canadian province has an international cybersecurity hub?

New Brunswick is arguably the leading province in Canada that has made significant success in the research and development of cybersecurity.

Since 2007 the University of New Brunswick through its Information Security Centre of Excellence (ISCX) has played an important role in cybersecurity research and innovation making it Canada’s cybersecurity research hub.


New Brunswick is home to some of the best cybersecurity schools in the region, offering a variety of courses, certificates, and training programs.

From the University of New Brunswick to Eastern College and Oulton College, there is a range of options for those looking to pursue a career in Cybersecurity.

Additionally, both Université de Moncton and Collège Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick offer specialized cybersecurity courses, certificates, and training.

No matter which school you choose, you’ll be sure to find the right program to suit your needs and goals and with the current tech growth, New Brunswick is the perfect place to start your Cybersecurity journey.

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