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How To Become an Activity Specialist in 3 Steps (With FAQs)

You are reading this blog post because you are interested in knowing more about becoming an activity specialist.

Being an Activity Specialist is a rewarding and fulfilling career, as you will have the opportunity to help others reach their full potential by engaging them in meaningful activities.

This blog post provides a step-by-step guide to follow, and we shall go over the educational requirements, job duties, and other important considerations you need to keep in mind.

By the end of this post, you will have all the information you need to get started on your journey to becoming an Activity Specialist.

Who is an activity specialist?

An activity specialist is a professional or social worker who is responsible for creating and delivering engaging and meaningful activities to groups of all ages.

You can find activity specialists at an event or volunteering center performing roles such as providing coaching programs or socialization activities like swimming lessons, dance classes, tennis, etc.

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What are the daily roles and duties of an activity specialist?

On a typical day, the role of an activity specialist will include;

  • Organizing events
  • Scheduling activity outline which shows the requirement and goals
  • Partnering with suppliers and vendors for resources
  • Creating budget plans and cost analysis.
  • Educating the customers, clients, employees, etc.

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What are the steps to becoming an activity specialist?

1. Finding the Right Program

Before you can become an activity specialist, you must first find the right program for you.

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To do this, it is important to research various activity specialist programs to determine which one best suits your needs and interests. Consider factors such as;

  • Program cost
  • Length of the program
  • Location
  • Accreditation
  • Program requirements, and
  • Faculty qualifications.

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential programs, reach out to an accredited school for more information about their program and any additional requirements for admission.

2. Gaining Relevant Experience

Once you have completed the required education, it’s time to gain experience in the field.

Many activity specialists start by working as a volunteer or interns at a recreation center, camp, or other organization that offers activities.

This will give you the opportunity to observe experienced professionals and learn how they organize and manage their programs. It will also help you gain the confidence and skills needed to run activities on your own.

If you want to become an activity specialist for a specific area, like sports, aquatics, or outdoor recreation, gaining relevant experience in that field is essential.

Consider working as a coach, referee, or lifeguard to gain experience leading and managing groups of participants.

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3. Certification and Licensure

The final step in becoming an activity specialist is to obtain certification and licensure.

Depending on the state and the type of position, a license may be required. Licensing is typically regulated by the state, so you should check with your local governing body to determine the specific requirements.

In addition, many activity specialists will choose to pursue certification in their field. Professional organizations like the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) offer board certification to eligible professionals.

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This certification requires completion of an approved educational program, at least 400 hours of supervised experience, and successful completion of a written examination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important skills of an activity specialist?

As an activity specialist, you will spend most of your time interacting with people, therefore, here are some of the important skills you will need to be proficient in;

  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Knowledge of event planning practices and techniques.
  • Public speaking experience.
  • Brand marketing and promotional practices.
  • Physically able to perform duties such as standing for long periods, squatting, bending, and lifting heavy objects.

What is the average salary for an activity specialist?

The average salary for an activity specialist in the United States is $34,203 while those in Canada can make about C$47,323 annually.


Becoming an activity specialist is not a difficult task, you just have to get the basic required education, either a high school diploma or its equivalent, and you need to have some experience as we discussed, then get certified and licensed to work.

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