Choosing the right Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program is crucial to kick-starting your career in the healthcare industry.

Alberta, Canada, offers numerous reputable LPN programs that provide comprehensive education, practical experience, and strong job placement opportunities.

In this article, we will explore some of the best LPN programs in Alberta, highlighting their key features, and potential career prospects.

What do you need to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Alberta?

To become an LPN in Alberta you need to possess a two-year diploma program in any of the schools that will be listed in this article, this program should show that you have completed a minimum of 750 hours of theoretical instruction and 900 hours of clinical or lab experience.

After successfully completing your diploma program, you need to apply and pass the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam within your first year of work and become eligible to be licensed with the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta.

Top LPN Programs in Alberta for Aspiring Nurses

1. Bow Valley College – Practical Nurse Diploma Program

Bow Valley College is a public college situated in Calgary with branch campuses located at Airdrie, Cochrane, and Okotoks.

It is one of the best schools in Alberta offering a five-term Practical Nurse Diploma Program that provides students time to focus and soak in all the learning materials so as to become skilled, compassionate, and competent in the healthcare industry.

One of the many reasons most students prefer to pursue their nursing careers here is because of the school’s quality education and excellent student support.

With a focus on hands-on learning and simulation-based training, Bow Valley College prepares LPN graduates to excel in the rapidly evolving healthcare field.

There is also a program for international students who wish to study abroad in Canada at Bow Valley College, visit here to learn more if you are a foreign student.

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2. NorQuest College – Practical Nurse Diploma Program

Norquest College is a very notable public institution located in Edmonton offering one of the most highly regarded LPN programs in Alberta.

This comprehensive program can be completed in 5 terms when the student has gotten 680 hours of work experience from four practicums, and the program gives students a strong foundation in nursing theory and practical skills.

It includes a blend of classroom instruction, laboratory work, and clinical placements allowing you to work full-time during your practicum.

The program schedule is flexible allowing distant students to take online classes, however, some courses have mandatory in-person labs.

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3. Medicine Hat College – Practical Nursing Program

Founded in 1965, Medicine Hat College is one of the public colleges in southeastern Alberta, and southwestern Saskatchewan, its Practical Nursing Program is another top choice for aspiring LPNs in Alberta.

Located in the city of Medicine Hat, this program offers a combination of classroom instruction, laboratory practice, and clinical experiences to ensure students are well-prepared for their nursing careers.

The program emphasizes critical thinking, professionalism, and patient-centered care. Graduates of Medicine Hat College’s LPN program consistently achieve high pass rates on the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE).

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4. Red Deer College – Practical Nurse Diploma Program:

Red Deer Polytechnic which was formerly known as Red Deer College is one of Alberta’s public comprehensive polytechnic institutes situated in Red Deer.

The school boasts a 2-year comprehensive Practical Nurse Diploma Program that focuses on the development of critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills.

The program integrates theory, practical application, and clinical placements to prepare students for the diverse challenges of the nursing profession.

Red Deer College’s LPN program offers small class sizes, personalized attention, and strong ties to the local healthcare community.

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5. Prairie College – Practical Nurse Diploma Program

Founded in 1922 as Prairie Bible Institute, Prairie College is a religiously affiliated institution collaborating with Red Deer Polytechnic to offer one of the best LPN programs in Alberta.

This nursing program will groom students to become very competent in both the theoretical and practical aspects of nursing, the program also combines an accredited theological foundation.

It takes two years to complete the program here which leads to both a Diploma in Practical Nursing from Red Deer Polytechnic and a Diploma in Ministry from Prairie College.

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6. Northern Lakes College

Founded in 1999, Northern Lakes College is a public community college in northern Alberta offering a wide range of programs for students interested in exploring a rewarding career in health care as licensed practical nurses.

The program follows the guidelines defined by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta and is served both on and off campus, allowing busy or distant learners to plug in.

However, some courses require labs and as such, distant learners will be required to come in person to complete the assessment.

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7. Columbia College

Located in Calgary, Columbia College is a vocational institution offering a 2-year Practical Nurse Diploma Program that is completed in 80 weeks which is approximately 20 months.

The program is designed to assist students with theoretical and clinical experience in Practical Nursing. Students may be required to attend evening classes and even on weekends.

One beautiful thing about learning to be a practical nurse here is that the class size is relatively small, about 27 students and this allows the students to build a better relationship with their instructors.

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8. Lethbridge College

Opened in 1957, Lethbridge College was the first publicly funded community college in Canada. This renowned institution is home to over 4,000 students, it is also one of the schools offering some of the top LPN programs in Alberta.

The school welcomes students who are passionate about healthcare to their Practical Nurse program which offers top-notch innovative practicums to provide you with the skills and experience necessary to begin your career working.

The program here complies with the standard of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta, so you can easily get licensed after completing your study.

While attending the program, you will learn both theoretical and also receive hands-on clinical training and you’ll also get real-world experience during work-integrated learning placements.

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9. Northwestern Polytechnic

Formerly known as Grande Prairie Regional College, Northwestern Polytechnic is a community college in northwestern Alberta with its main campus located in Grande Prairie and a secondary campus in Fairview.

Northwestern Polytechnic is also one of the schools offering unique nursing diploma programs for students interested in becoming LPNs.

The Practical Nursing program helps students to develop critical thinking skills and other clinical skills needed to evaluate patient progress, network with fellow professionals, and administer nursing care to clients and their families in various settings.

Students who have successfully completed the Northwestern Polytechnic Practical Nursing program will be eligible to write the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam (CPNRE).

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10. Portage College

With seven campuses across northeastern Alberta, Portage College is an approved public community college offering a 2-year Practical Nurse Diploma helping students get equipped with the skills and knowledge required to work in a wide variety of healthcare settings.

This program is intended for both on-campus and distant learners who might prefer remote learning. However, students returning in their second year will be on campus so as to be involved in the labs.

Graduates of this program are eligible to write the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) national licensing examination.

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11. Keyano College

Opened in 1965, Keyano College is one of the post-secondary colleges located in Fort McMurray, Alberta offering a two-year Practical Nurse program that grooms students to become competent to work in different health care settings.

Students will gain the needed experience while learning because the program is designed to have practical job-related experiences that should prepare graduates for real-life situations.

The program is also designed to assist you with the necessary preparations to write and pass the National Practical Nurse Examination.

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Choosing the right LPN program is a crucial step toward building a successful nursing career and Alberta offers several reputable institutions that provide excellent LPN education, hands-on experience, and strong job placement opportunities.

Whether you prefer bustling city life or a more relaxed rural setting, you can find top-notch LPN programs in Alberta to suit your needs.

Consider factors such as program curriculum, clinical placements, faculty expertise, and graduate employment rates when making your decision.

By choosing one of these top LPN programs in Alberta, you’ll be well on your way to embarking on a rewarding and fulfilling nursing career.



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