7 Cloud Computing Diploma Courses In Canada | Expert List

7 Cloud Computing Diploma Courses In Canada | Expert Top List

It’s no longer news that the world is going digital and taking any of the cloud computing diploma courses in Canada is one way to transition into tech effortlessly. Taking a cloud computing course is one way to gain knowledge, learn a skill, and get a high-paying job.

Canada is a good place for such as the country has promising and lucrative job prospects, skyrocketing career growth, and technological advancement in cloud computing recently. 

Here in this guide, we show you a seamless way to get started on the journey of cloud computing by curating a list of schools in Canada that offer cloud computing as a diploma course. A diploma is a good idea because of the short duration of focused study it gives students.

While we prepare you for that, we encourage you to check out our archive of Programs to see a list of other related programs and also our Study in Canada archive for other opportunities in Canada.

Is Cloud Computing A Good Career Path?

While it’s easy to say that because the world is going digital, cloud computing is a good career path to thread, statistics, and research affirm that. 

The profession is one of the booming fields in the IT industry.  Gartner in one of Google Cloud articles forecasts that the job outlook of the cloud computing and services market will grow by 23.1% in 2023 in the global market reaching US$332.3 billion. Also, he further estimates through analytics research that the public cloud end-user of cloud services will spend nearly $600 billion in 2023. 

Seeing the pace of innovation in the cloud and the availability of new tools and services continues to explode it’s ideal to say that cloud computing career path in 2023.

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Is Canada A Good Place To Study Cloud Computing Diploma Courses?

Canada is increasingly becoming one of the top study-abroad locations. The country like many others has witnessed a steady rise in openings for technology-linked jobs, and cloud computing is positioned at the forefront to drive the next level of progress in this industry.

Judging from the job prospects in the country, studying cloud computing in Canada is a good decision as you not only study but you can take advantage of the available jobs in the country.

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What Do Cloud Computing Diploma Courses In Canada Have To Offer?

The majority of the cloud computing diploma programs in Canada focus on educating students on developing, fixing, and maintaining the procedures that enable computers to communicate via servers and networks.

The programs ensure students learn to use the various methodologies of cloud computing and apply its principles in multiple applications. 

While this is just a brief, cloud computing courses extend deeper depending on the program you enroll for. Some extend to the application of unique storage, and accessibility, while others focus on sharing related information, and other resources and covering business problems related to cloud architecture.

How much you get from cloud computing diploma courses in Canada is how much you’re willing to get and study. 

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What Are The Available Cloud Computing Diploma Courses In Canada?

Here at Zikky, we ensure you get the required and verified information you need to get into the school and program of your choice. Here we have curated a list of the best Canadian universities and the cloud computing diploma programs they offer.

1. Cloud Computing 

  • Offered by: Humber College 

The Ontario Graduate Certificate Program Offered by Humber College is one of Canada’s best cloud computing programs suitable for prospective students who want to earn a graduate degree.  

This program takes two semesters to complete and as such is listed among the 6 Months Diploma Courses In Canada. Keep in mind that this is a graduate program.

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2. Virtualization and Cloud Computing

  • Offered by: Conestoga College

Another program to consider is the Virtualization and Cloud Computing program offered by Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

This program is a postgraduate program and students who complete the program earn a Certificate in Virtualization and Cloud Computing. Keep in mind that this program is a full-time program.

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3. Cloud Computing 

  • Offered by: Cambrian at Hanson

If you’re interested in cloud computing at the graduate level, another diploma course you can consider in Canada is the cloud computing diploma program offered at Cambrian at Hanson.

While Cambrian has other campuses in Toronto, Vancouver, and Brampton Campuses, the cloud computing program is offered at its Hanson campus.

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4. Cloud Computing for Big Data

  • Offered by: Lambton College, Sarnia, Ontario

Just like the name signifies, the Lambton College cloud computing program is for the big dogs who want to handle data in quantity. 

The program is a more advanced cloud computing program. It’s best if you have basic knowledge before enrolling in this program. Also, keep in mind that the Cloud Computing for Big Data program is a graduate program but graduates earn a certificate upon completion. 

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5. Diploma in Cyber Defence and Cloud Administration

  • Offered by: Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

At Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, you can earn a cloud computing diploma degree by enrolling in the school’s diploma program in Cyber Defence and Cloud Administration.

While this is data-driven, it is more of a cyber administration course suitable for those who do not want to do anything technical. 

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6. Diploma in Computer Systems Technician and Network and Cloud Technologies

  • Offered by: Niagara College, Niagara, Ontario

Next on our list of cloud computing diploma courses in Canada is that offered by Niagara College. Niagara College offers two cloud computing diploma programs in Canada: a Diploma in Computer Systems Technician and a Diploma in Network and Cloud Technologies.

Here, classes are focused on the development, fixation, and maintenance of procedures that enable computers to communicate via servers and networks

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7. Cloud Engineer Diploma

  • Offered by: Biztech College

The cloud computing program at BizTech College offers prospective students a unique opportunity to gain one of the most globally in-demand skill sets. 

The program is project-based and comes with an industry certification preparation giving students the confidence to enter the workforce confidently.

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What Specializations Exist In Cloud Computing In Canada?

Cloud Computing is a vast career offering many depths and extensions. One way to take a plunge and master any part of the program is to specialize. 

There are many specializations of cloud computing courses, some of which include;

  • Big data
  • Cyber Defense
  • Technology skills
  • Business Analytics
  • Technology analysis
  • Cloud administration
  • System specifications
  • Information technology.
  • Management information systems

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Where Can I Work With A Diploma Certificate In Cloud Computing In Canada?

With the wave of growth in the cloud computing sector, graduates can find work in various kinds of cloud-based environments such as private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Some can work in industrial sectors like government, cloud service providers, banking, enterprise, commerce, SMEs, and telecommunications. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud Computing Diploma Courses In Canada 

What job positions can cloud computing personnel hold in organizations?

Cloud Computing graduates can work as a 

  • Data Engineer
  • Cloud engineer
  • Software engineer.
  • Software architect
  • Cloud system engineer
  • Cloud security architect.
  • Cloud solution architect
  • Cloud solution consultant
  • Cloud system administrator
  • Development operations engineer.
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What are the top leading companies employing graduates of cloud computing?

Cloud computing courses expose you to expertise such as cloud frameworks and systems like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, etc. Such skills are required by top companies.

Currently, companies such as AWS, Google, and Microsoft hire cloud computing graduates in large numbers every year. Besides these, companies that are shifting towards cloud-based computing, setting up networking, databases, storage, analytics, and software infrastructure also employ graduates of cloud computing. 

Also, cloud computing graduates can consider government agencies, commerce, banking, and telecommunication industries to kick off their careers.

What skills are essential for a cloud computing student to have?

While each of the cloud computing diploma courses in Canada focuses on an aspect of cloud computing, gaining the skills listed below sets you up as an excellent asset in the industry;

  • Deployment and design of cloud-computing systems and architecture.
  • Implementation of applications for backing databases, web services, security procedures, and automation
  • Development of testing methods for the analysis of enterprise cloud solutions, and their effectiveness.

What level of education is best for cloud computing aspirants?

The more you learn, the more experienced and knowledgeable you become. There are many levels of education for one seeking to go into cloud computing. This includes certificate, diploma, undergraduate, and graduate-level programs.

What is the tuition cost of cloud computing diploma courses in Canada?

The average tuition for cloud computing programs in Canada is around $20,567-26,370. However, this depends on the course and university you enroll for.

How much do cloud computing personnel earn in Canada?

The average salary for senior professionals in cloud computing is about CAD 134,000 annually. Positions such as cloud solution architect, cloud security architect, data engineer, cloud engineer, software architect, disaster recovery specialist, and development operations engineer are about CAD 74,750-123,704 annually. 


What schools in Canada offer a master’s program in cloud computing?

Here us a list of universities for Masters in cloud computing in Canada

  • University of Toronto
  • University of Waterloo
  • McGill University
  • University of British Columbia
  • Simon Fraser University
  • University of Alberta
  • Western University
  • University of Calgary
  • Ryerson University
  •  Carleton University


It’s not too late to join the digital workforce as a cloud computing personnel. All you have to do is find the course that resonates with your expectations, apply, and get started. 

Ensure to visit the school website once you’ve made a choice of institution to find out what the requirements are for your application and registration process. 



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