6 Months Diploma Courses In Canada | Expert Top List

6 Months Diploma Courses In Canada | Expert Top List

Are you trying to find short courses or 6 months diploma courses in Canada? Do you want to know if there are courses you don’t have to take forever to complete in Canada?

While education is necessary and requires long study for proper understanding, that can only be necessary for certain courses. Mid-career professionals seeking to scale up or add to their list of professional certifications do not have two years to put into study. Thankfully, there are short courses that can help you scale up in just six months.

Unlike in the United States or in the United States where it takes at least two years to complete a program, Canada is a hub for short diploma courses which takes just 6 months to complete.

Here in this guide, we show you a list of 6 months diploma courses in Canada that can help you scale up and grow academically and professionally. To find more programs to consider, explore our archive of Programs and for other opportunities in Canada, see our archive Study In Canada.

Is Canada A Good Choice For Education?

While the UK and USA have taken drop spots when it to comes to international study locations, Canada comes off as another good option. Currently, Canada is a famous educational hub for both national and international students for reasons such as;

  • Affordability.
  • Availability of short courses.
  • Access to a diverse student community. 
  • Canada has an uncomplicated visa process.

Are There Short Courses In Canada?

There are numerous 6 months of short courses in Canada offered by many universities in the country. 

These courses offer a career-oriented curriculum and focus on practical training to make students industry-ready upon completion. 

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Why Enroll In Canada 6 Months Diploma Courses?

Short courses are unique because of the little time range required to complete them. In Canada however, it comes with an extra perk.

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Migrating to Canada through short course programs is easy as the immigration policies are cordial, enhancing the attractiveness quotient of these short courses. Also, enrolling in these programs will mean you gain unique skills and hands-on experience in a short period. 

You can also choose to do either a certificate or diploma short course option. The certificate courses are post-secondary certificates/diplomas, while diplomas are for postgraduate certificates/diplomas.

What Are The 6 Months Diploma Courses In Canada?

Helping you find the perfect school for you is our core goal at Zikky. Here we have mentioned the top most shorts courses in Canada.

1. French Language

If you have ever wanted to learn French, here is an opportunity to study that for 6 months and gain a diploma upon completion. The good thing about studying French at Athabasca University is that you study under native speakers and this helps to learn the language super fast. The course covers French Language composition, French pronunciation, and French Language curriculum for the First and Second University Years. 

Upon completion, you can get jobs in different companies depending on what you’re looking for. The diploma is valid and it is internationally recognized. This is an opportunity for you o study French and experience Canadian love.

The only requirement for this short course is that applicants must be 15 years of age and tuition is 15,560 CAD.

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2. Software Engineering 

Here is an opportunity to become a tech sis or tech bro in just 6 months of consistent and focused learning. Currently, the University of British Columbia is offering one of the best less than 6 months diploma courses in Canada attracting many students every other year. 

The software engineering program is a 42 days course that covers software engineering basics such as functions of the software system, refactoring and building a quality system, testing and designing of the software system, and building a non-trivial software system.

While this is an entirely free course as no tuition is required, to enroll and be accepted into the online University of British Columbia software engineering program requires that applicants have basic knowledge of computers.

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3. Communication Course 

Another short course you can consider is the communication Course offered by MacEwan University of Continuing Studies. This could be beneficial for people who want to learn public speaking, writers, or public figures who intend to grow their communication skills and confidence. 

The Communication course at MacEwan University of Continuing Studies does not require applicants to have any prior educational qualifications. In 6 months, the students gain vital knowledge about interrelations and interpersonal communication.

Classes cover business planning, evaluation of solutions, life cycle management, project Management, and Business Analysis. Tuition is slightly affordable and is about 16,285 CAD.

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4. Global Logistics Management 

The Global Logistics Management program is longer than 6 months diploma courses in Canada but it’s still less than one year and as such one of the short courses in the country. 

This program is a sleek opportunity for people who want to learn more about the procedure of logistics all around the world. Classes cover infrastructure of logistics, international logistics, supply chain management, inventory control, risk management, and international trade. 

To enroll in the MacEwan University of Continuing Studies global logistics management program, applicants must have a post-secondary diploma or degree with one year of work experience in the industry. Tuition costs about 16,285 CAD.

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5. Business Administration 

York University School of Continuing Studies currently is rubbing one of Canada’s most applied short courses: the business administration certification program. Unlike the others, this program takes 8 months to complete. 

The goal of this program is to help individuals become leaders in today’s business world. Classes cover functions of business, marketing, accounting and analysis, business communication, business introduction, and project management. 

To enroll, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree as this is a postgraduate certificate course. Tuition for the York University School of Continuing Studies business administration program is 13,800 CAD.

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6. Digital Marketing and Social Media 

In 6 months, students who enroll in Trebas Institute’s digital marketing and social media program will be ready to become experts in this field. 

This program is offered on campus and classes cover online advertising, analytics, SEO, social media strategy, and more. Upon completion, students become a specialist in developing and executing digital marketing strategies. 

To enroll and be accepted into Trebas Institute digital marketing and social media, applicants must have passed 12th grade or its equivalent. Tuition also is one of the cheapest tuition for short courses in Canada. Tuition is about 9235 CAD.

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7. Human Resource Management Certificate 

One of the 6 months diploma courses in Canada that has received tons of applications over the years is the Human Resource Management Certificate offered by York University. 

This course is a PG certificate as such candidates must have a bachelor’s degree before they apply. The program aims to equip students with the skills to manage the resources of an organization or company efficiently.

The program covers labor relations, recruitment, finance, organizational behavior, and human resources management and tuition is 17,247 CAD.

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How Much Does The 6 Months Diploma Courses In Canada Cost?

The cost of short courses in Canada is school, program, and province dependent. Province-wise, the cost of tuition for Canadian short courses is 17,900 CAD for Ontario Colleges, 12530 CAD to 34,500 CAD for Alberta Colleges, and 15,340 CAD to 24,900 CAD for Quebec Colleges. 

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On average, 6 months of short courses in Canada is 2000 – 34,500 CAD.

What Are The Admission Requirements for Short Courses In Canada?

To get into any short course program in Canada, you will need;

  • Transcripts
  • Birth Certificate
  • Current Passport
  • A temporary visa/travel document
  • Study Permit & Immigration Documents
  • Acceptance letter from the respective institute or college
  • Language Proficiency e.g. For English (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc) and for French (TCF, DALF, Bright, TEF, etc.)

Additional requirements may include; parental consent via a form if you’re applying to a 6-month short course in Canada and are below 18 years of age.

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Frequently Asked Questions About 6 Months Diploma Courses In Canada 

Which short courses can get me a high-paying job in Canada?

To get a high-paying job by taking short courses, you should take Digital Marketing, Business Administration, Full Stack Development, and Artificial Intelligence courses. These skills have a vast pool of job opportunities and pay high as well.

Are short courses in Canada free?

The only free short course in Canada is the software engineering program offered by the University of British Columbia. It is free and online. 

What are the most applied Canadian short courses?

Short courses in demand in Canada are Global Logistics Management, Project Management, Software Engineering, and International Business Management.

What are the advantages of being a permanent resident of Canada?

Having a Canadian PR means you have access to social benefits that are available to Canadian citizens. This includes access to Canadian health care, the freedom to live, work, and study anywhere in Canada, the ability to eventually apply for citizenship, and protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Which intake is best for Canada in 2023?

Fall or September intake is the best time to study in Canada in 2023. 

Can I get PR after 6 months of study in Canada?

Although short diploma courses can get you to Canada, spending 6 months in the country is not a guarantee to get a PR. There are many processes involved and such a 6 months educational program might not get that for you.


If you’re a mid-career professional, here is an opportunity for you to scale up or learn something new through the six months diploma courses in Canada. 

We recommend you visit the school website during the application season and send in your application. Good luck!!! 



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