Best Art Schools in Ottawa

12 Best Art Schools in Ottawa To Get Into

Your artistic soul may be calling to you, and if you’re looking for an art school in Ottawa to start answering that call, there are plenty of options to consider.

Whether you want to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or just get some on-the-job training, there are tons of art schools in Ottawa with programs designed just for students like you!

According to student reviews, Ottawa School of Art is the best art school in Ottawa offering a 3-year Fine Arts Diploma, 1-year Portfolio Certificate, and short summer courses taught by professional artists and teachers. 

There are also top-notch Ottawa art schools and to help you find the best one, we’ve compiled this list according to student reviews.

Is Ottawa Good for the Arts?

People often wonder if studying arts is worth it in Ottawa, frankly speaking, Ottawa is home to some of the best art schools in the country.

Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or an adult looking to pursue a new career, there are plenty of great options to choose from in this city.

The best art schools in Ottawa will brush up your skills in fine art, and digital art, or even if you are just looking to take a few art classes for fun, you’ll be able to find a school that’s right for you.

And with so many great schools to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your budget and your schedule.

What to consider while choosing an art school?

Choosing an art school really depends on what you hope to get out of your education.

Some things you may want to consider are the size of the school, the location, the curriculum, the faculty, and the cost.

Art studios in Ottawa can be found in a variety of locations, you may want to choose a school that is close to where you live or work or one that is centrally located so that you can easily get to and from classes.

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How much does it cost to study arts in Ottawa?

Art schools in Ottawa can be expensive, but there are many options for students who want to study art.

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The cost of studying art in Ottawa varies depending on the school and the program, but it is typically around $300 – $500 per course, you should contact each school’s admin to get updated fees.

The table below summarizes the average fees of art schools in Ottawa.

Application Fee $50 – $150
Academic or Activity Fees $500 – $1000 per semester
Art Supplies $350 – $2000 per semester
Tuition $300 – $500 per course
Apprenticeship Study $300 – $500 per term

What are the best art schools in Ottawa?

Best Art Schools in OttawaHere is a list of the schools in Ottawa with the best art classes for you to make a more informed decision;

  1. Ottawa School of Art
  2. Algonquin College School of Media and Design
  3. Kate Green Design
  4. SPAO: Photographic Arts Centre
  5. Art Haven
  6. Monart Art School of Ottawa
  7. Good morning Creative Arts and Preschool
  8. VireMime Art
  9. 4cats the Glebe Art Studio
  10. Canterbury High School
  11. ACE Arte Studio

1. Ottawa School of Art

As one of the most comprehensive art institutions in Ottawa, the Ottawa School of Art offers a diverse range of programs and courses to fit the needs of any artist.

With programs ranging from studio art to art history, it takes three years to complete the program leading to a Diploma in Fine Arts.

Why most students choose the Ottawa School of Art as the best is that the intensive hands-on art classes offered here help them unlock their talent in drawing, painting with acrylics and watercolor, sculpture, and photography.

The Ottawa School of Art also offers short and summer camp award-winning programs that lead a 1-year Portfolio Certificate.

Contact details:

Address: 35 George St, Ottawa, ON K1N 1K2, Canada.

Phone: +1 613-241-7471.

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2. Algonquin College School of Media and Design

Algonquin College School of Media and Design offers a wide variety of art courses and programs from photography and web design to animation and advertising, there’s something for everyone.

What makes the School of Media and Design at Algonquin College one of the best art schools in Ottawa is that they are innovative and offer updated art courses.

Another reason is that they have experienced instructors and state-of-the-art facilities, so you’ll be sure to get a top-notch education.

International students are very much welcome, and it takes two years to complete the Arts and Design program at Algonquin College which leads to a diploma.

Contact details:

Address: 1385 Woodroffe Ave, Nepean, ON K2G 1V8, Canada.

Phone: +1 613-727-4723.

3. Kate Green Design

Kate Green is a well-known Canadian artist and art instructor, living, painting, and teaching in beautiful rural Ottawa near Kemptville, Ontario.

Students consider her studio as one of the best art institutions in Ottawa where she offers classes that help them clearly understand the foundations of art with the goal of having them paint and draw on their own.

The art classes are in acrylics, oil and watercolors are available for adults from beginner, intermediate and even advanced levels.

Contact details:

Address: 2946 Donnelly Dr, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0, Canada.

Phone: +1 613-899-6947

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4. SPAO: Photographic Arts Centre

The Photographic Arts Centre is one of the best art schools in the city, it is an independent, not-for-profit photographic visual arts school in Ottawa.

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The school offers a variety of courses and classes in photography, from beginner to advanced levels and students can pursue a 2-year photographic arts diploma here after completing the programs.

As one of the best art institutions in Ottawa, SPAO is registered and has a mandate to provide an intensive and collaborative learning experience and enrich the photographic and visual arts culture of Ottawa and beyond.

And if you’re looking for a more hands-on experience, the school also offers workshops and intensives.

Contact details:

Address: 77 Pamilla St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3K7, Canada.

Phone: +1 613-562-3824

5. Art Haven

Art Haven has one of the best art studios in Ottawa where students interested in ceramics and canvas painting get a hands-on learning experience.

As one of the top Ottawa art schools, students will be required to perform various tasks in groups, and they will be greeted with a large selection of blank pottery pieces to boost their confidence.

There is much equipment that is being provided to the students such as stamps, stencils, and access to advice from their creative staff so they can get the inspiration and resources to become highly productive.

Contact details:

Address: 200 Kennevale Dr #102, Ottawa, ON K2J 6B6, Canada.

Phone: +1 613 823-6822.

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6. Monart Art School of Ottawa

Monart is an internationally recognized art school and the only one of its kind in Ottawa, they offer a variety of courses and programs for all levels of experience, from beginner to professional.

They have one of the best art studios in Ottawa that is licensed and where anyone can learn how to draw and discover new ways to express his or her creative fire.

Monart Art School of Ottawa offers summer art camps for kids, portfolio creation courses, and march break camp programs.

Contact details:

Address: 2446 Bank St Suite 206, Ottawa, ON K1V 1A4, Canada.

Phone: +1 613-260-0483.

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7. Good morning Creative Arts and Preschool

Good Morning Creative Arts and Preschool (GMCAPS) is a parent-run cooperative organization with a volunteer board staffed by parents.

They are one of the non-profit art institutions in Ottawa that offer some of the best art programs in the city helping children discover their artistic flair.

Many parents prefer to enroll their children in this preschool because they focus strongly on the student’s growth and learning.

They also offer virtual art classes and other educational programs for children ranging from ages 18 months to Grade 6.

Contact details:

Address: 174 First Ave, Ottawa, ON K1S 2G4, Canada.

Phone: +1 613-276-7974.

8. ViReMime Arts

ViReMiMe is the next on our list, they offer top-notch art programs in Ottawa for various age groups.

Some of the reasons most students love this art school is that they also organize seasonal workshops, and hold exhibitions to motivate the students.

Students in the ViReMiMe Art school are guided to use their power and imaginative abilities to produce amazing paintings, they get hands-on learning experience through various drawing mediums like:

  • Crayons
  • Shading Pencils
  • Color Pencils
  • Oil Pastel
  • Water
  • Acrylic and Oil Paint colors and different techniques.
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The school also offers online or virtual classes and some of their programs are on Weekdays and Saturdays.

Contact details:

Address: 114 Discovery Cres, Ottawa, ON K2S 0Z9, Canada.

Phone: +1 613-801-4205

9. 4cats the Glebe Art Studio

If you’re looking for an art school in Ottawa, Canada that has both a great location and excellent course offerings, 4cats the Glebe Art Studio is a great choice.

Situated in the heart of the Glebe, this studio offers a variety of courses for all levels of artists, even in the community, they have made an impact through their creative workshops.

As one of the best art studios in Ottawa, students get hands-on learning in clay and sculpture workshops, macrame making, and storytelling.

Contact details:

Address: 846 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3W1, Canada.

Phone: +1 613-422-6030.

10. Canterbury High School

Founded in 1969, Canterbury High School is a very reputable high school in the Urbandale neighborhood of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

It is an arts magnet school that draws in students from the Ottawa area to its specialized arts program.

The Academy of the Arts at Canterbury School serves over 1300 students providing a student-driven intensive arts program within an exceptional academic environment.

Contact details:

Address: 900 Canterbury Ave, Ottawa, ON K1G 3A7, Canada.

Phone: +1 613-731-1191.

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11. ACE Arte Studio

ACE Arte Studio is one of the art studios in Ottawa with amazing art classes for both kids and adults.

Students get hands-on learning experience through drawing, painting, and other crat=fts in the workshop.

Contact details:

Address: 2095 St Joseph Blvd Unit 1, Orléans, ON K1C 1C5, Canada.

Phone: +1 613-590-1010.

Art Schools Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do artists make in Canada?

According to, the average salary for artists in Canada is $47,298 per year or $24.26 per hour.

Why choose the Ottawa School of Art?

Ottawa School of Art is easily the best art school in Ottawa, it is also the largest, and credit courses offered at the OSA provide pre-professional fine arts training in strong, well-designed programs.

What are the academic requirements for the art schools in Ottawa?

Students should show proof of high school graduation, academic transcripts are also required, although it is not a deciding factor for admission.

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