In the state of Alabama, you’re not legally allowed to drive until you have passed your driving test and obtained your license.

There are several different driving schools in Birmingham Alabama that you can choose from when taking this life-changing exam, but only some of them are worth your time and money.

The following are the best driving schools in Alabama located in Birmingham, based on price, teaching quality, and pass rates.

Be sure to check with the school before enrolling to find out more details about what’s covered in each package.

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Why Should You Consider Going to a Driving School in Birmingham Alabama?

You cannot overestimate the importance of learning how to drive these days, and even if driving is a complex skill, it requires proper training to become efficient.

If you are in Birmingham, AL, and looking to start driving, you need to enroll at any of the professional driving schools in the city.

Some of the reasons that make learning driving in Birmingham Alabama interesting is that the schools are licensed by the Alabama State Department of Post-secondary Education.

Other reasons include their commitment to excellence and their kind instructors.

How much do driving lessons cost Birmingham?

The prices of driving lessons in Birmingham, Al range depending on the school, your previous experience, the location, and whether you choose to learn with a manual or an automatic car.

Some schools charge beginners with no driving experience from £44 to £142 for 2 hours of driving.

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What are the best driving schools in Birmingham Alabama?

  • Porsche Track Experience
  • Red Driving School
  • 160 Driving Academy of Birmingham
  • Roadmaster Driver School

Porsche Track Experience

If you are looking for a classy experience, the Porsche Experience is one of the best driving schools in Alabama located in Birmingham.

They have an excellent team of instructors, and the driving experience is generally 90 minutes long, and upon arrival, you will have to meet with the drive coach for a little chat.

The drive program is not very inexpensive, they have very fast and smooth cars that are worth paying for and the training experience is great.

The training is divided into three sections:

  • Introductory
  • Intermediate and
  • Advanced

Address: 6075B Barber Motorsports, Leeds, AL 35094, United States.

Phone: +1 770-290-7000

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Red Driving School

Red Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Birmingham Alabama that offers professional driving lessons.

They are DVSA registered and the instructors here are kind and committed to helping you understand all it takes to move from a complete novice to a professional driver.

Some of the reasons people choose the Red Driving School include;

  • The school has won the National driving school of the year
  • They have over 1500 DVSA-certified instructors nationwide
  • No quibble refund policy

The instructors will make the driving journey as fun as possible whilst ensuring you are safe and confident on the open road.

Phone: +44 0330 332 2680

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160 Driving Academy of Birmingham

160 Driving Academy of Birmingham is one of the best trucking schools in Birmingham Alabama.

The training here, both inside and outside the classroom will easily help you earn your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Some of the reasons people choose the 160 Driving Academy include;

  • High demand after graduation
  • Dedicated instructors
  • Tuition can be covered or completed by government-sponsored training assistants.

Get in touch today!

Address: 2503 5th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233, United States.

Phone: +1 205-304-5765

Roadmaster Driver School

Roadmaster Driver School is one of the best trucking schools in Birmingham Alabama, you will get hands-on training from the best instructors in the business.

The CDL training program here will give students the training they require to obtain their Class A CDL license, there are other programs that assist graduates in getting jobs.

Some of the reasons most students choose the Roadmaster Driving Academy include;

  • High-quality hands-on truck driving training.
  • Students will drive state-of-the-art automatic shifting trucks.
  • Students learn emergency actions for special situations.

Address: 2570 Five Star Parkway, Bessemer, AL 35022.

Phone: (205) 760-7292


Driving Schools in Birmingham Alabama vary greatly.

To ensure you’re learning from a quality driving school that has your best interests in mind, it’s important to research programs carefully and choose one based on your needs.

We hope our list of the best driving schools in Birmingham Alabama will help you do just that!

If you can’t find your favorite driving school here and you wish to list it, or you have a suggestion for us, kindly contact us.

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Good luck with your driving, stay safe!

Some frequently asked questions;

How much does a driver's license cost in Alabama?

A driver's license cost about $36.25 to get in Alabama.

How hard is the driving test in Alabama?

The driving test in Alabam is not difficult to pass, if you've ever ridden in a car before the short written test will be very simple.

What is the minimum age to get a driver's license in Alabama?

The minimum driving age in Alabama is 16. However, there can be certain exceptions for fifteen-year-olds.

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