Dancing is a very essential activity in the Nigerian system, it has even become a means of identification between the Nigerian tribes.

If you’re in Lagos and looking to improve your dance skills and become a real-deal dancer, it’s important to choose the right dance schools in Lagos that will help you reach your goals.

There are plenty of options available that can get you from beginner level all the way up to mastering your moves!

For example, those in Abuja can just quickly check out the best dancing schools in Abuja and upgrade their skills.

So if really want to understand dancing or you wish to bring more life to your dancing, don’t miss these top best dance schools in Lagos!

Why should I learn to dance in Lagos?

Dance is a fun, creative, and rewarding way to express yourself.

Learning to dance will improve your balance, agility, coordination, and even confidence.

Lagos, one of Nigeria’s biggest cities, has some of the best dance schools in Nigeria, as well as in Africa as a whole.

Studying in a dance school in Lagos can be an amazing experience, the most important thing is to choose your dance academy wisely.

And that is what we have done with this article that you are reading now, we compiled the best for you to make a more informed decision.

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Why should one consider attending a dance school?

Dance schools in Lagos have formed an important part of the city’s ecosystem.

They also help to create the next generation of dancers and choreographers who will drive future artistry and innovation in dance.

Other reasons why you should consider dancing are;

  • It can also help you burn calories
  • Dancing can improve muscle tone and boost your mood.

Everyone can dance—it’s just a matter of finding a style you like.

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Many people enjoy dancing as a form of exercise to stay in shape, relieve stress, or simply have fun.

List of the Best Dance Schools in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Here are ten dance schools that you should definitely check out if you’re trying to better your dancing skills!

  • Apex Dance Company
  • QDance Center
  • Ayanjo Dance Company
  • Corporate Dance World
  • Dance Afrique Studios
  • OR Art Academy
  • SPAN Dance Academy
  • Ultrabest Dance School
  • Vivace 3D Dance Academy
  • Tripple Heritage Dance Company

Apex Dance Company

Apex Dance Company is one of the best dance academies in Lagos that strives to establish a high standard in dance while discovering, developing, and maximizing its talents and gifts.

Over the years, the academy has served thousands of students, children, and adults, and provided quality lessons for each one.

Its students are talented and have participated in many showcases and festivals within and outside of Nigeria.

Contact details:

Address: 41 Adebola Street, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Phone: 0805 066 6269

Website: https://apexdance91.wordpress.com/

QDance Center

Prospects interested in dancing can visit QDance Center in Lagos, they are an agency committed to developing young and talented dancers who have got a passion for dancing.

QDance specializes in music and movement therapy, offering a combination of lessons for people of all ages.

Contact details:

Address: No 13 Manuwa Street, Ikoyi, Lagos State Nigeria.

Phone: 0812 023 5336

Website: https://www.qdancecenter.com

Ayanjo Dance Company

Ayanjo Dance Company is one of Nigeria’s best dance schools located in Lagos, always producing high-quality performances.

Instructors are very professional, with many years of experience teaching dancing.

The classes are offered for all age ranges and levels of dancers, from beginners to more advanced levels.

The Ayanjo Dance Company incorporates dance theatre and folksong in an effort to entertain, educate, and empower children and youths in the community.

Contact details:

Address: 13, Osemeka Street, Aguda Surulere, Lagos.

Phone: 0803 251 7517

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Corporate Dance World

Corporate Dance World is one of the top dance academies in Lagos, it is a dancing agency promoting dance art by creating a platform for dancers and choreographers.

This agency helps dancers and choreographers create dance events.

They have worked with corporations like Access Bank Plc., Nestle Nigeria Limited, Guaranty Trust Bank PLC, and many others.

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Address: Behind Conoil Filling Station, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Phone: 0803 465 2105, 0803 351 1964

Website: http://corporatedanceworld.com/

Dance Afrique Studios

Dance Afrique Studios is one of the top places to learn dancing in Lagos.

They offer dance and fitness training for adults and children to raise a better community.

Whether you are a beginner or you have an advanced level in dancing, the dance classes here can help you keep up your skills, building strength and flexibility.

Contact details:

Address: 16 Olufunmilayo Street, Dideolu Estate, Ogba, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Phone: 0810 857 4372

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OR Art Academy

OR Art Academy is one of the notable dance academies in Lagos, its vision is to create an environment that makes art and culture accessible to everyone.

They do so by providing high-quality art education and creating platforms for artists to showcase their work.

They offer dance classes such as;

  • Salsa
  • Zumba
  • Contemporary
  • Hip-hop
  • Ballet
  • Naija dance, etc.

Their mission beyond training dancers is to help creatives reach their utmost potential.

Contact details:

Address: N0 18 Glorious Hope Avenue, Oriokuta Estate, Agric-Isawo rd, Ikorodu, Lagos Nigeria.

Phone: 0807 457 6462, 0806 258 8261, 0903 811 8667

SPAN Dance Academy

The SPAN Dance Academy is among the top dance academies in Lagos, it is a part of the Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria (SPAN).

This organization is set up to provide dance education and opportunities to the youth.

The 2-year program at the SPAN Dance Academy is designed to help students cover basic dance skills in their first year while the second focuses on performance artistry and choreography.

Contact details:

Address: 13 Davies Street off Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos.

Phone: 08091900700, 08093561000, 08093571000

Ultrabest Dance School

Ultrabest Dance School is one of the best dance schools in Lagos that can provide its students with a variety of dance classes, from hip-hop to jazz to ballet.

They have classes for children and adults of all skill levels, and also offer private and group dance classes and more.

With a staff comprised of experienced choreographers and professional dancers, it’s no wonder Ultrabest Dance School has some serious cred in their industry.

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Contact details:

Address: Duban Hotel (Gymnasium), County bus/stop, Ogba Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

Phone: 0805 787 9990, 0703 921 1265

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Vivace 3D Dance Academy

If you’re searching for the best dance schools in Lagos, Nigeria, which has everything you need to elevate your dance skills, Vivace 3D Dance Academy should be at the top of your list.

This incredible academy offers numerous classes in all types of dance styles, plus warm-up and cool-down sessions.

What’s more? You’ll also find a buffet of courses that focus on modern jazz or hip hop.

Contact details:

Address: 23 Bawala Street, Pedro, Phase ll, Gbagada, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Phone: 0808 486 3654, 0802 299 8793

Tripple Heritage Dance Company

The Tripple Heritage Dance Company is an NGO private entertainment production company in Lagos, Nigeria.

This company also grooms dancers and other creatives to bring out their potential.

Tripple Heritage Dance Company offers ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and Afro-fusion dance.

Contact details:

Address: 3, Eletu Way, Off fujah street, Obele Odan Surulere, Lagos.

Phone: 0803 345 4042, 0703 516 7047, 0708 747 8375


In 2014, Nigeria ranked 17th in terms of ticket sales for dance music.

With its growing population and passion for dance music, it is no surprise that there are so many dance schools and programs to choose from.

If you want to get into any of these dance schools, remember to do your research first.

Ask yourself if you have what it takes to be a part of that particular program; for example, if you apply for a degree program, do you have a high school diploma?

Also ask about tuition costs, faculty credentials and admission requirements.

Researching these things ahead of time can help minimize any regrets later on down the road when you’re finished with school but still don’t know what career path to take!

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