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The 14 Best Music Schools In Nigeria With Details

​Do you find passion in violin, piano, guitar or saxophone, etc, taking lessons from professionals and connecting with like minds can really boost your performance and productivity.

Music schools in Nigeria are those educational institutions in Nigeria where students who have passion and are interested in music come to get trained to become better musicians.

Maybe you have found your talent in singing or you just love when words come together to form melody and you need professional training to harness this idea, it is necessary that you attend any of the music production schools in Nigeria and leverage the experience of your instructors.

And in this article you are reading now, we have carefully detailed some of the best music schools in Nigeria where you can bring forth your music talent and grow your network.

List of the best music schools in Nigeria

  • ABBA Music School
  • Apostolic Music School
  • Classique’ School Of Music
  • Eagles Music Academy
  • Harryfield Music Institute
  • Lani Stephen Music Institute
  • Lee Ellie Music School
  • Masha Music Academy
  • MUSON School Of Music
  • Strauss School of Music and Dance
  • Tenstrings Music School
  • Tonality Music International
  • VGC Study Center
  • West African Musical Academy

ABBA Music School

The first on our list of music schools in Nigeria is the ABBA Music school, located at 24, Chukwuemeka Ezeife Close, Off Mobolaji Johnson Street, Zone D Second Gate, Legislators Quarters, Apo-Gudu, Abuja.

This educational institute was established in 2012 with the goal of giving musical talents in Nigeria the training needed to bring their dreams to life, the programs too are designed for any kind of personality, age, level, and background.

As one of the best music schools in Nigeria, this school has various musical styles and a designed detailed curriculum to aid your journey; these are some of the things you’ll gain here;

  • Piano lessons
  • Guitar lessons
  • Violin lessons
  • Drum lessons
  • Voice training, etc.

All of these and more are taught in separate buildings to enable the students to focus and enhance productivity.

Kindly visit the official link below to get started and know more about the school.


Apostolic Music School

The Apostolic Music School is one of the leading music schools in Nigeria owned by the apostolic Assembly in Nigeria, this institute has a wide range of music lessons and equipment to bring out the best in you.

This school has been in existence since 1963 and has been providing musical training for students who find the music interesting.

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Some of the things you will learn here include;

  • Basic and Advanced tenets of music
  • Traditional genres of cathedrals and
  • Vocal training

The school has built a reputation for itself as one of the best music schools in Nigeria, graduates from this school can benefit from this connection and will receive a certificate or diploma after completing the program here.

Contact Details:

Mushin zone is in 33 Alafia street off Isolo road mushin, 08027195407, 08034440544

Classique’ School Of Music

This is one of the best music production schools in Nigeria located at No. 21, Oyebade street Magada Onimale Ibafo, Ogun State.

This top music school in Nigeria has all it takes to dish out quality music training to its students, and you can take advantage of their European music classical offers from industry experts like Beethoven, Handel, Mozart Amadeus, etc.

Some of the things you’ll learn here include;

  • Quality training in music
  • Voice training
  • Musical arrangement etc.

Graduates from this school have gone forward to becoming musical icons, and after completing your program here, you will be issued an internationally recognized diploma in music.


Eagles Music Academy

If you are searching for music schools in Abuja, check out this school; the Eagles Music Academy.

The Eagles Music Academy is an institution with the goal of bringing quality and professional music training to almost anyone of any personality, age, and status.

This educational institution is located at 675 Esther John Drive, off 62nd, 6th Avenue, After Charly Boy, Gwarinpa.

This school continually seeks to improve the quality of music production in Nigeria; they support students and interested persons with the education and opportunities to appreciate music.

Some of the reasons people choose this school are because they organize;

  • Music competitions
  • Private lessons
  • Artistes’ residencies
  • Musical exchange programs with great related institutes
  • Music festivals
  • Concerts

They also issue music certifications to graduates who have completed programs here and a host of other activities.


Harryfield Music Institute

Harryfield music institute also referred to as Harryfield Music Academy is one of the music schools in Lagos known for its excellence when it comes to music propagation.

Some of the reasons people choose this school is because;

  • They have good music facilities and studios
  • Great and experienced music instructors
  • Programs for every type of personality and age
  • Wide range of music training

As one of the music production schools in Nigeria, they teach all kinds of musical instruments such as; guitar, drum, trumpet, violin, etc.

The Harryfield Music Institute is located at no1, Mabinuori Street, Charly boy bus stop. Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria.


Lani Stephen Music Institute (LSMI)

The LSMI is one of the music schools in Nigeria where you can get music training, founded in 1992 and is located in Jos, Nigeria with the goal of bringing together some of the best musical talents in the country and providing a holistic approach to music training to them.

Some of the programs offered here include;

  • Diploma in sound engineering
  • Diploma in musical arts
  • Diploma in church music and worship
  • Keyboard Instruments
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To complete a program here, you could stay a period of 1-2 years and the school is open to any Nigerian from any tribe and age.


Lee Ellie Music School

The Lee Ellie Music School is one of the top music schools in Lagos Nigeria where anybody of any personality and within any age range can come and get quality music training when you can visit their center located at Agard Street, Sabo Yaba, Lagos.

Even if you are a business person, celebrity, kids from 3 years and above, expert, immigrant or even professional, you can get trained here as the program is designed to suit your personality.

Some of the things you’ll learn here include;

  • Artiste grooming
  • Music theory
  • Piano/ keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Recorder
  • Saxophone, etc.

And all these can also be gotten from the comfort of your home.


MUSON School Of Music

The Musical Society Of Music (MUSON) established in 1989 is one of the most famous music schools in Nigeria, recognized by the federal government in 2002 and it is located at Onikan, Lagos Island.

The school has quality and experienced music instructors and offers diploma courses, the school also partners with big brands to offer financial aid to its students like scholarships and grants.

Requirements for the Muson School Of Music;

  • Aspiring students should possess 5 credits in their SSCE exam

You can learn basic music training here as a kid or even as an adult and learn to play and sing with any musical instruments.


Strauss School of Music and Dance

Strauss music school is one of the music schools in Abuja located at 6 Mekong Close, Maitama 900271.

If you are in Abuja or wish to study there and you have an interest in music, dance, or drama, send your applications to this school of performing arts.

In this school, you will find two main departments which are;

  • Music and
  • Musical Theatre


Tenstrings Music School

The Tenstrings Music School is one of the best music production schools in Lagos providing exceptional and enviable high standards of learning, you can bet that graduates of this institution go on to become professionals in their careers.

Some of the things you will learn here include;

  • Audio engineering
  • Dance lessons
  • How to use musical instruments
  • Vocals

Tenstrings Music School boasts to have produced over 2000 graduates in the last five years and with 4 centers around the country.


Tonality Music International

Tonality Music International is on the list of music schools in Nigeria because as a music company with a base in Lagos, it incorporates many divisions and one of them is music schools.

This Music production company is located at 17, Akinremi Street, Anifowoshe, Off Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

Divisions of the Tonality Music International;

  • Music School
  • Music Consulting
  • Music Production
  • Seminars on Worship and music

The Tonality Music School division is responsible for producing quality music training for its students from both national and international aspects to achieve their dreams.


VGC Study Center

The VGC study center is one of the adult music schools in Nigeria that offers professional musical training to both aspiring students and those who wish to improve themselves.

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Some of the reasons people choose this institution include;

  • Good musical facilities to enhance learning
  • Qualified and experienced instructors

The VGC Study Center is located in Lagos and has produced over 1500 graduates from the academy who have become professionals, this institute has become one of the leading music schools in Lagos.

West African Musical Academy

If you have an interest in African music and culture, you can learn more about this from the West African Musical Academy.

Get more information about this school from the website link below


Other Music Related Institutions In Nigeria

Best Music Production Schools In Lagos

If you are looking for music production schools in Nigeria where you can start your music career, you can as well choose from this list.

  • A1 Music sound engineering Center
  • Greatmind Music School & Studio
  • BRAMS Music Academy
  • Reflex Studio and Music School
  • Kukbeat Production
  • Tenstrings Music School
  • Music and Video Production Schools Lagos
  • Countrysyde Studios
  • Dee-chords Musical Concepts
  • Kobatunm Music & Sound Engineering School
  • MX Film & Multimedia Academy
  • Zadeking Music schools
  • Helen Paul Theatre & Film Academy
  • Masha Music Academy
  • Mikado Academy

Best University To Study Music In Nigeria

If you are searching for which university is good for music in Nigeria or you wish to attend a University in Nigeria which offers music classes, then check out any of the list below;

  • Bowen University
  • Babcock University
  • University of Ibadan
  • Lagos State University
  • Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University
  • University of Nigeria
  • University of Port-Harcourt
  • University of Uyo


FAQS on Music Schools In Nigeria

How do I become a music producer in Nigeria?

To achieve this dream, you need to get a formal education in music from any of the music schools in Nigeria, then register with the copyrights organization, get a recording studio and let your zeal to win take you from there.

How much is Lee music school fees?

With a budget of N25,000, you should be able to secure tuition fee.

What are the music production schools in Nigeria

The music production schools in Nigeria are those educational institutions where you can learn how to produce music and in this article, we mentioned a few.


We are happy that you read up until this point, this brings us to the end of this article on the music schools in Nigeria, you can start your music career by applying to anyone that suits your personality and is convenient to you.

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