8 Best Business Diploma Courses in Canada | Expert Top List

8 Best Business Diploma Courses in Canada | Expert Top List

Among the many programs available to both local and international students this year are business diploma courses in Canada. As the name signifies, business diploma courses are programs open to students or mid-career professionals who want to scale up their business knowledge. 

In Canada, there are tons of such programs offered by some of the leading universities in the country. These programs train your mind to think in the business way and make you ready to make business decisions, plan strategies, and build a multidimensional business. 

Here in this guide, we have specifically listed the best business diploma courses offered by Canadian institutions. We have explained in detail the basics of what you need to know. While you do that, you can explore other possible study options by exploring our Programs archive.

Are Business Diplomas Courses Applied For In Canada?

Yes, one of the courses in demand in Canada is business administration courses. They make up some of the best 6 Months Diploma Courses In Canada and as such receive tons of applications each year. 

Besides being one of the most applied, business courses in Canada are highly recognized and offer profound value in terms of career aspects across the globe. 

Do Business Diploma Courses In Canada Have Specialization?

Business Administration is vast. One way to explore some of its many specializations is by taking it one step at a time and majoring in an aspect. 

So yes, business diplomas have specializations. It doesn’t matter whether you wish to specialize in international business project management, business law, or even financial accounting; Canada has everything for you.

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What Are The Best Business Diploma Courses in Canada?

While there are several universities offering a diploma in business administration or a diploma in business management in Canada, we have come up with the top universities and diploma courses they offer.

1. Toronto School of Management

  • Program Offered: Business Management 

Toronto School of Management business management programs aim at letting you get hands-on experience around your specialization while you earn. While working with top companies, you get to discover more about real-world problems and end up coming up with solutions to overcome them. 

This co-op diploma program takes two semesters in one year to complete. Keep in mind that the Toronto School of Management business management program is available both in the daytime as well as in the evening.

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2. Beedie School of Business

  • Program Offered: Business Administration

The Beedie School of Business offers an online graduate program in business administration. The Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBA) focuses on laying a solid foundation for a regular MBA program.  

Being an online program means it is flexible and accessible when you want to. Also, students have access to all the resources they need to grow. Tuition is about $18,000 with additional costs for study materials.

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3. University of Victoria

  • Program Offered: Business Management

Another good option for business diploma courses in Canada is the business administration program offered by the University of Victoria. The University of Victoria’s business administration program focuses on developing students both professionally and personally. 

Unlike most business programs in Canada, the UVIC business program is open to non-business graduates who want to scale up their career ladder. This program is hybrid, you can choose to do it offline or online. While the tuition is not specific, it is affordable. 

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4. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology – SAIT

  • Program Offered: Business Administration 

If you want to understand global business then the college you should be looking to understand is that offered by Southern Alberta Institute of Technology – SAIT. 

SAIT prepares students to face the corporate world. This is achieved by putting the students in global business learning, the cognitive framework of theory, and real-life practical classes.

While the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology business administration program comes highly recommended, the tuition is slightly expensive averaging about CAD 37,000 for international students.

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5. Wilfrid Laurier University

  • Program Offered: Business Administration 

Wilfrid Laurier University is one of the schools offering one of the top business administration diploma courses in Canada. We recommend this course for mid-career professionals, part-time working professionals, and Canadian immigrants who want to scale up.

While Wilfrid Laurier University is recommended, it is only open to people who have three years of work experience. 

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6. Humber College

  • Program Offered: Business Management

The business management program offered at Humber College is advanced. You have to know business basics before taking this course. This program hones your understanding of business operations and improves your competence to handle any type of industrial operation.

Humber College will be a good option if you want to know more about operations management, financial accounting, human resource management, etc. Keep in mind that this course requires students to take part in an 84-hour work assignment, where you need to apply your classroom skills into practice. 

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7. Norquest College

  • Program Offered: Business Administration 

If you want to become an industry-ready graduate upon the completion of your program, then you should consider the Norquest College business administration program. 

Norquest College’s business program is open to people who want to become managers, run their own businesses, or even become financial consultants. The electives in the program include accounting, human resource management, finance, etc

For clarity the business administration program at Norquest College is handled in two sections: one focuses on an entrepreneur or a small business owner and the second from the point of business operations. 

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8. George Brown College

  • Program Offered: Business Administration 

The last on our list of best business diploma courses in Canada is the business administration diploma program from George Brown. This program prepares students to adapt to diverse kinds of work settings and develop strong decision-making skills. 

One thing you can be sure of graduating from the George Brown College business administration program is that you will be capable of analyzing business situations, working with a team, and be able to make critical decisions effortlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Business Diploma Courses in Canada 

How much do business diploma courses in Canada cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all tuition cost for all diploma courses in Canada. The tuition fee varies based on the universities you pick.

But on average, the cost of business diploma programs in Canada is about CAD 28,000 for international students plus an additional $50-$100 for the application and registration.

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Are there placement assistants for students taking business diploma courses?

There are no on-campus placements in Canadian universities. What you can get is assistance to help prepare for interviews to help you pass the recruitment process.

What jobs are available for business diploma holders?

A business management diploma or a bachelor of business administration (BBA) always unlocks a treasure trove of career opportunities for graduates. Your certificate exposes you to possible recruitment into highly prestigious organizations across the country and even outside it. Some of the job offers are;

  • Logistics manager
  • Operations Analyst
  • Public relations officer
  • Human resources manager
  • Finance supply chain manager.

Can I get a job after a diploma in business management in Canada?

Yes, if you have a diploma in business management in Canada you can work in a variety of fields, which includes;

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Operations management. 

What business opportunities are available in Canada?

With your diploma, you can start any business in Canada as long as you fulfill the business criteria.  Some of the top business opportunities in Canada are;

  • Catering. 
  • Real Estate.
  • Cleaning Business. 
  • Marketing Consulting.
  • Mobile Car Wash Services. 
  • Storage & Transportation.
  • Waste Management & Remediation. 

Is a diploma in business good in Canada?

A Diploma in Business Management in Canada is attractive because the country has a strong economy, a multicultural society, a safe environment, and the presence of multinational companies.

Which business course is in high demand in Canada?

The major business course in high demand in Canada is business management courses. 

Which diploma is best for business?

Business Administration Diploma – Management is the best-recommended business course because it focuses on the real-world applications of core business theories, so you have the tools you need to effectively manage people, finances, production, and promotion.


The business diploma courses in Canada are one of the most sought-after courses by international students. Through the colleges we have above, you can have a deeper understanding of business administration.

We also encourage you to visit the school website once to find out what the requirements are for your application to the school. Also, find out if the school offers online or offline programs to suit your plans and flexibility. 



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