Best Driving Schools in Alberta

21 Best Driving Schools In Alberta in 2024

The road to becoming a good driver starts with enrolling in one of the best driving schools in Alberta.

For this reason, it’s important to be selective with schools before you get behind the wheel.

The school you select will teach you the best practices and foster safe driving instructions in you even after your program with them.

The good news is that there are plenty of good schools available, so you won’t have to worry about being stuck in an ineffective program.

Use this list of the best driving schools in Alberta to find the right fit for your needs and abilities, and learn to drive safely on Alberta’s roads!

So without spending much of your time, let us go down to business.

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What makes a great driver in Alberta?

There are a few things that make a great driver in Alberta, here are some of the things you should understand to become a great driver in Alberta.

  • You need to be able to handle the winter driving conditions.
  • You need to understand technical and safety skills for emergency situations
  • You should be familiar with the rules of the road in Alberta.
  • You must possess great patience and good character.

An effective driving school will teach you not only how to drive well, but also how to practice safe driving habits so that you can be a great driver throughout your life.

What are the advantages of attending a driving school in Alberta?

One of the advantages of attending any of the driving schools in Alberta is that you will be able to learn from some of the best driving instructors in the province.

Not only will you be able to learn from experienced professionals, but you will also be able to take advantage of the latest technology and resources that these schools have to offer.

Another advantage of attending a driving school in Alberta is that you will be able to get your driver’s license more quickly and easily.

What are the Best Driving Schools in Alberta?

Let us review some of the schools in Alberta that offer the best driving programs, this list is in no particular ranking.

  • Leap Driving School
  • Roadrunner Driving School
  • Safetrack Driving School
  • Driving 101
  • Astro Driving School
  • My Way Academy
  • Direct Driving School
  • ONS Driving School
  • United Driving School LTD
  • A1 Advance Driving School
  • Noble Driving School
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Leap Driving School

Leap Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Alberta, as evidenced by its excellent customer reviews. With a rating of 5.0/5.0 on Google and over 200 reviews on Yably, Leap Driving School has established itself as a leading driving school in Edmonton.

Leap Driving School differentiates itself from other driving schools by offering comprehensive instruction, integrating cutting-edge technology, and ensuring its instructors stay abreast of Provincial traffic law updates and City traffic bylaws through close collaboration with Alberta Transportation.

The school’s instructors are patient, professional, detail-oriented, and very calm, according to some of the testimonials on their website. They provide quality driver training in Edmonton for teens, adults, and seniors and aim to transform learners into skilled drivers through their unique teaching methods.

Join Leap Driving School to elevate your driving experience, benefitting from their commitment to fostering confident and responsible drivers.

Contact details:

Address: 3420 83 Street NW, Edmonton, AB

Phone: +1 780-490-7100

Roadrunner Driving School

The first on our list is the Roadrunner Driving School, this is one of the top driving schools in Alberta located in Calgary.

The purpose of our Road Runner Driving School is to train every student to become a safe and responsible driver by giving them instruction and developing proper driving habits.

Currently operational in Calgary and all of the areas surrounding it.

Contact details:

Address: 154 Mahogany Grove SE, Calgary, AB T3M 1W9, Canada.

Phone: +1 403-973-3538.

Safetrack Driving School

Safetrack is one of the best driving schools in Edmonton, Alberta. The driving instructions are certified and have been approved by the Government of Alberta.

The in-car driving lessons are designed to help you learn quickly and safely how to drive under varying conditions.

The classroom classes will teach you more about understanding traffic laws and teach you how to be aware of your surroundings.

Combining these programs will prepare you to drive safely.

Contact details:

1281 91 St SW, Edmonton, AB (Close to the intersection of 91 St and Ellerslie Rd)

Phone: +1 780-236-0022

Driving 101

Driving 101 is one of the best driving schools in Alberta that is dedicated to delivering convenient and effective lessons for people who are eager to understand the do’s and don’ts of driving.

They offer different courses and lessons, at affordable prices, and prove that you will get your money’s worth.

As one of the best driving instructors in Alberta, the school promises to teach you not only how to drive but also how to prepare for your road test.

Contact details:

Address: 1301 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 0L4, Canada.

Phone: +1 403-460-9039.

Astro Driving School

Astro is one of the best driving schools in Calgary, Alberta, it was incorporated in 2015 and has been delivering top-botch driving instructions to students.

One of the reasons you might want to enroll in this driving school is that doing so can be an easy way to reduce your insurance rates.

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It will also allow you to master the fundamentals of driving, so that you are prepared for any driving situation that you encounter on the road.

The Astro Driving School offers both in-class and on-the-road training to get both your theoretical knowledge and practical skills up to snuff so that you can safely be on the road no matter what.

Contact details:

Address: 33 Saddlemead Way NE T3J 4J5 Calgary Alberta – Canada

Phone: +1 587 700 1333

My Way Academy

As one of the best driving schools in Calgary, My Way Academy is a registered and licensed driving school, focused on teaching its clients the best driving courses.

The classroom instructions help to improve the student’s skills and understanding of driving laws and surroundings.

The in-car driving instructions offers private one-on-one driving lessons to give a learner the necessary self-confidence once they get on the road.

Instructors from My Way Academy are all certified to give you a safe space and instruct you how to drive properly.

Contact details:

Address: 5810 2 St SW #201, Calgary, AB T2H 0H2, Canada.

Phone: +1 587-353-0044.

Direct Driving School

The Direct Driving School in Calgary prides itself on being the leader in driving education in Alberta, Canada.

With individualized driving lessons, driving courses, and Intensives, students can grow from beginner to seasoned drivers.

The Direct Driving School is dedicated to helping you accomplish your driving goals in a safe and enjoyable way.

Contact details:

Phone: +1 403-909-4242

ONS Driving School

The ONS Driving School is one of the most popular driving schools in Edmonton, Alberta.

One of the school’s primary goals is to provide driver training to students who want to develop confident and safe driving skills.

Every one of their driving instructors is caring, patient, and professional, they specialize in safe and defensive driver’s education programs for teens and adults.

ONS Driving School offers both behind-the-wheel instruction as well as quality off-street instruction and provides one of the most dependable driving schools around.

Contact details:

Address: 10212 127 Ave NW #202, Edmonton, AB T5E 0B8, Canada.

Phone: +1 780-238-2245.

United Driving School LTD

Another institution offering good quality driving instructors is United Driving School LTD.

They provide drivers education and in-car training for drivers, for specific examples Class 5 GDL and Non GDL, specifically focusing on teen drivers.

They’re among the most respected driving schools in Edmonton because they strive to offer an exceptional education and hands-on advice on the finer points of safe driving.

Contact details:

Address: Tobacconist Havana, 250 Manning Crossing NW, Edmonton, AB T5A 5A1, Canada.

Phone: +1 780-719-4467

A1 Advance Driving School

A1 Advance Driving School of Calgary offers certified driving lessons that are approved by the Government of Alberta.

The school has over 20 years of experience teaching driving skills of all levels throughout Calgary.

When you enroll in the school, a male or female instructor will drive with you as you learn the skills you need to become an adept, safe, and confident driver.

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Contact details:

Address: 6 Skyview Shores Cres, Calgary, AB T3N 0C4, Canada.

Phone: +1 403-708-7070.

Nobel Driving School

Noble Driving School is one of the most successful driving schools in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

Noble Driving School specializes in driving lessons and intensive driving courses using their own revolutionary training system.

They are all very friendly, good moral characters, and have a professional attitude.

As one of the best driving instructors in Alberta, Noble Driving School is approved by the government of Alberta.

Contact details:

Address: 3308 Parsons Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1B5, Canada.

Phone: +1 780-450-4981.

What are the Best Driving Schools in Edmonton?

  • Safe Track Driving School
  • Naveen Driving School Ltd
  • United Drivin School Ltd
  • ONS Driving School
  • 5 Start Driving School
  • Nobel Driving School
  • PJ Driving School
  • Unique Driving Academy
  • Archer’s Blue Car Driving School
  • Leap Driving School Edmonton
  • Tesla Driving School Ltd

What are the Best Driving Schools in Caglary?

  • Roadrunner Driving School
  • A Proactive Driving School
  • Driving 101
  • My Way Academy
  • Derek’s Brown Academy
  • Jonas Truck Driving School

Driving Schools in Alberta FAQs

How much does drivers training cost in Alberta?

The cost of driving school in Alberta can range anywhere from $300 to $1,000. However, the average cost is usually around $500. If you want to take a driving course from a professional driving school, it is important to do your research to find the best one for you.

Is driving school mandatory in Alberta?

You are not required to attend a driving school to get your license in Alberta. However, many people choose to do so in order to receive professional instruction and increase their chances of passing the driver's license exam on the first try.

How do I pass my drivers test in Alberta?

The first step is to find and enroll in any of the best driving schools in Alberta. The next step is to take and pass the written exam. This will test your knowledge of the rules of the road. After you've passed the written exam, you'll be able to take the road test. This will test your ability to actually drive.


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There are many great driving schools in Alberta that can help you get your license.

Each school has its own unique advantages, so it’s important to do your research to find the one that’s right for you.

Good luck! and if you have a suggestion, don’t fail to contact us.

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