If you find yourself asking whether the correct spelling of the word is journies or journeys, you’re not alone!

The English language is quite vast and most times what works for a particular word may not work for another.

Both spellings are acceptable and widely used, though the preference seems to be shifting towards journies in American English and journeys in British English.

Which is correct, Journeys or Journies?

Journies or Journeys - Correct Spelling And Usage

Many people ask “what is the plural of Journey”? and get confused if it’s “Journeys” or “Journies”.

According to Grammer monster, “Journeys” is the only way to make the noun journey plural, and this is because when a noun ends with [vowel] + y, you only need to add an “s” to form the plural.

“Journeys” is more often used as an adjective, while journies is more commonly used as a noun, verb, or adverb.

What is “Journeys”?

“Journeys” is the plural form of the noun “Journey”, it originated from the french word “journee”, meaning a day.

How to use the word “Journeys”?

The word “Journeys” can be used to describe a process of transition, for example;

  • Sarah and I have had some journeys together in the past.
  • Sincerely, my daughter loves journeys and I find it funny in a way.

A Final Note on Journeys Versus Journies

As we have earlier mentioned, it is incorrect to use the word “Journies” and that is because when a word ends with a vowel and consonant, in order to create the plural form, we simply add “s”, so it becomes “Journeys”.

We have seen cases like this in words like;

  • Toy which becomes toys
  • Boy which becomes boys, etc.
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