How many times have you found yourself in Scotland, and wished you could learn to dance?

If you’re visiting the city, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself spending some time in and around the downtown area, with its world-class restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, and theaters.

Students will find plenty of options when it comes to the dance schools in Glasgow but finding the right one can be more challenging than it seems.

In order to ensure that your chosen school fits your skill level, take a look at this list of schools that offer dance classes in Glasgow so as to make a more informed decision.

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Is Glasgow a good place to learn how to dance?

Now that you’ve decided you want to learn how to dance, let’s find out if it makes sense for you to do so in Glasgow.

If we look at some important factors like population and average salary (which indicates those who are already dancing).

We can make a good estimation about how many people will be doing what you want to do.

According to Scottish Theatre, at least 100,000 people get involved in the dance schools in Scotland, this shows the growing interest in dance within the country.

And the Entertainers World Wide Jobs listed that the starting salary of dancing jobs in Glasgow is from £1,300- £2,100 per month.

Therefore, Glasgow is really a good place to learn how to dance because you can join a community of dancers and get dancing jobs faster.

What are the Best Dance Schools In Glasgow?

  • SHHH Dance Studios
  • Dance HQ
  • Cowan School Dance
  • House of Dance
  • Dance2Inspire
  • Dance With Attitude
  • The Dance Factory
  • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
  • Distinctive Dance Academy
  • Dance Glasgow
  • The Dance School of Scotland

SHHH Dance Studios

SHHH Dance Studios is one of the most recommended dance schools in Glasgow.

This institution focuses on technique, developing and enhancing students, and also maintaining a professional, family-oriented atmosphere.

Here at the academy, both girls and boys are taught various dance styles, allowing their class members to create new friendships, enhance their self-confidence, and find new sources of self-worth.

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As one of the best dance academies in Glasgow, they major in:

  • Combo Dance Class; Jazz, Tap & Ballet
  • Contemporary and Street-dance
  • Gymnastics/Acro and Commercial Dance
  • Private and Adult Dance Classes
  • Parties
  • Christmas Shows
  • Exams & Theatrical Productions

They will also have the opportunity to train for various life skills that they can use later on.


Dance HQ

Dance HQ is a vibrant and bustling studio that offers dance classes in Glasgow, UK., and thousands of students from all over the world take their weekly lessons.

The studio has hosted some big names like the cast of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, STV, MTV EMA auditions, Qdos pantomimes, and Flora’s Swing into Action campaign.

The teachers at Dance HQ are highly respected in their field and can make even the most nervous first-timer feel welcome and relaxed.

Dance HQ also offers group classes in a range of styles for adults and kids.

The Dance HQ has sprung flooring, portable and fixed ballet barres, full-length mirrors, and a state-of-the-art sound system.

This dance studio provides a warm and welcoming environment that can bestow confidence upon any dancer who comes to it.


Cowan School Dance

Cowan School Dance is one of the dance schools in Scotland that offers instruction to children at a range of skill levels.

Kids can take ballet and tap, or choose to study hip-hop, contemporary, jazz and pointe.

Instructors use positive reinforcement to build confidence in their students; families praise Cowan School Dance for its patient approach.

Reviewers also appreciate that teachers introduce kids to new material carefully, building up their skills steadily instead of jumping too quickly into advanced steps.

At various times throughout each term, parents can look forward to guest performances that show off what students have learned during class time.


House of Dance

House of Dance is one of the well-known dance schools in Glasgow, Scotland. It was opened in 2013 by Martin McLaughlin.

It boasts an extensive curriculum with different disciplines which can quickly boost the confidence of students.

The classes range from jazz right through to hip-hop to Latin dance and Ballet.

There are classes for ages 3 and up, so there’s no need to worry about getting your child started too early!

This establishment also has a Parent & Me class specifically for younger dancers looking to learn as well as do fun activities with their parents.



Dance2inspire is one of the top dance academies in Glasgow that offers everything from social classes, competitive dance tuition, workshops to wedding dancing plus so much more.

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Dance2inspire’s goal is to create an atmosphere where all people have the opportunity to dance, whether they’re part of a competitive team or not.

This institution offers:

  • Social dance classes
  • First dance lessons for weddings
  • Private tuition
  • Competition dancing (dancesport) for adults and children
  • Workshops, shows, and events.


Dance With Attitude

It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have, there are dance classes in Glasgow that can accommodate you.

Whether you’re a complete beginner looking to learn some new moves, or an advanced dancer who wants to brush up on your skills, you can find excellent dance schools in Glasgow that will cater to your specific needs.

Quite a few of these classes are taught by well-known experts who have toured many different countries and spent many years practicing their craft.

This institution majoes in;

  • Salsaango
  • FlamencoStreet jazz
  • Belly dance
  • Break dance


The Dance Factory

Dance Factory Dance Studios Welcome to more than  With classes for children, adults and professionals
To know more about it visit them in their dance school in glasgow – Glenburn St, Charing Cross and watch their videos on You Tube

Dance Factory Dance Studios is one of the top places to get dancing classes in Glasgow.

With more than thirty five years of excellence, this institution is commited to utilizing its experience to providing top-notch training.

The school is open to students of different age range and level, even if you are a professional and seeking for more knowledge, you can find an option here.


Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is a dance, drama, music, production, and film conservatoire located in Glasgow, Scotland.

It is a member of the Federation of Drama Schools and is one of the worldwide destinations for performing arts education.


Distinctive Dance Academy

Distinctive Dance Academy is one of the top dance academies in Glasgow, Scotland. It is a community-oriented organization.

It is a cutting-edge dance school that offers various different kinds of dance.

The school also promotes health and wellbeing through the performing arts.


Dance Glasgow

The Dance Glasgow dance studio provides high-quality dance lessons in Glasgow, UK.

The dance studio strives to maintain an inviting and friendly environment for all levels of dancers.

All of Dance Glasgow’s teachers have loads of experience, and they teach all types of dance styles.

The school also offers plenty of introductory-level classes in technique-based dance styles as well as a bunch of others that are more playful.

The studio offers Masterclasses and Workshops with Dance Glasgow’s expert teachers.

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The Dance School of Scotland

The Dance School of Scotland is one of the very recognized institutions where you can get dance classes in Scotland.

This school offers both vocational training and a full academic curriculum to students of grades S1-S6.

Students interested in learning how to dance can apply for classes.


FAQs on Dance Schools

What are the differences between group classes/private lessons?

There are so many different types of dance classes and each offers something unique to its participants.

What you choose depends on your goals, fitness level, and ability.

If you’re a beginner who just wants to get out there and learn some moves for a fun night out with friends, then group classes are probably best for you.

However, if you want to pursue competitive dancing or even become a professional dancer someday, private lessons are highly recommended.

How can dance educate you?

Dancing is a fun way to keep fit and improve your coordination, self-esteem, agility, and balance.

There are plenty of dance styles out there and many dance schools offer non-academic lessons on weekends as well as during school hours.

Whether you know your way around already, enrolling in dance classes can really pay off.

Why is dance important?

Dancing is one o the popular forms of physical activity in modern culture and it can be extremely fulfilling.

It is a type of exercise that gets your heart pumping and helps strengthen your bones and muscles all while being a ton of fun!

If you’re looking to kick off a new hobby or supplement your existing fitness routine with something new, you can opt-in for any of the dance classes in Glasgow and start a new journey.

What do I need to become a better dancer?

You can become a better dancer by investing in a good dance teacher, taking part in classes, and dancing often.

Many professional dancers at Choreography School Scotland have commented on how much more confident they feel about their dancing after enrolling in dance training courses.


Even if you’re a seasoned dancer, there’s always room to learn new moves.

As with any kind of dance, you must master the proper technique before moving on to more advanced steps and routines.

The best way to get started is by enrolling in one of these dance schools in Glasgow.

They are run by professional instructors who have experience with beginners and individuals of all skill levels.

So don’t wait another day—get out there and take up dance!

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