If you are scouting for the best Islamic schools in North Carolina, this guide will lead you to the top Muslim schools in NC and what makes them stand out from a list of conventional schools in the state.

North Carolina is one of the states in the US that boasts a vibrant community of Islamic schools that serve as bastions of knowledge, cultural enrichment, and spiritual growth.

These schools in the Tar Heel State are more than just centers of learning; they are sanctuaries of faith, knowledge, and community. Because they are knee-deep in the Islamic tradition, they provide a nurturing environment where students can grow academically, morally, and spiritually.

While that is core, these schools also tutor students using innovative curricula to nurture them to be academically sound in a rapidly evolving world.

These options we have curated are great options in NC when it comes to Muslim schools. If, for some reason, these schools do not meet your expectations, you can explore our archive of the best Islamic schools for other options in the United States.

Why choose Islamic schools?

There are many reasons why Islamic schools are a good option for parents who are conscious of their children’s spirituality. Here are some:

  • Islamic schools provide a holistic approach to education, combining academic excellence with moral and spiritual development. Students learn not only academic subjects but also Islamic values, ethics, and character.
  • Muslim schools often foster a strong sense of cultural identity and pride, helping students connect with their heritage and Islamic traditions.
  • These schools create an environment where students are taught to apply Islamic principles to everyday life, instilling values such as compassion, social responsibility, and ethical decision-making.
  • Many Islamic schools are open to students of all backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and intercultural understanding. They often encourage diversity and respect for different beliefs and traditions.
  • Also, Islamic schools tend to have close-knit communities and supportive networks. This fosters a sense of belonging for students.
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How many Islamic schools are in North Carolina?

While North Carolina has a vibrant Muslim community, the state has only a few schools dedicated to incorporating the teachings of Islam into its offerings.

As of 2023, North Carolina has just five Islamic schools that are accredited and recognized. These schools, in total, serve a total of 699 students. The top-ranked Islamic private school in North Carolina is Al-Iman School.

The schools are categorized into 1 high school, 5 elementary schools, and 4 preschools, one of which may fall under more than one category. Keep in mind that some of these schools are co-ed, while others are gender-specific.

What Is the Acceptance Rate of Islamic Schools in North Carolina?

Entrance into any of the Muslim schools in NC is not tough. The average acceptance rate for these schools is 95%, which means for every 100 applicants, 95 get in.

When compared to the North Carolina private school average acceptance rate, which is 87%, we can deduce that its easy to get into any of the top-rated Muslim schools in North Carolina.

What Are the Best Islamic Schools in North Carolina?

While there are not many schools integrating Islam and academics in North Carolina, we still want to help you make the most of the available ones.  Our job here at Ziiky is to help you find the perfect school for you. As such, we have done our research and come up with the best Muslim institutions in NC.

Our choice of schools was made based on the overall quality of the school, the universal rankings of the school, and the structure of the school to ensure the students are equipped with character and learning.

Here are some of the best Muslim schools in NC, based on factors such as academic excellence, extracurricular offerings, and parent satisfaction:

1. Greensboro Islamic Academy

  • Grade: NS-5
  • Contact: (336) 285-7766
  • Number of students: 37
  • Location: 2023 16th St, Greensboro, NC 27405

Greensboro Islamic Academy (GIA) is a small school in Guilford County. GIA is the first full-time school to provide Islamic education to the community of Muslims beyond and in the Triad Area: Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem.

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As a school with a small population, teachers can afford to spend more time with students one-on-one and really get to know the children as individuals. The school is well-staffed with teachers who tutor in the core courses in the school and also part-time Quran and Arabic teachers.


2. An-noor School

  • Grades: 3-8
  • Contact: (919) 931-6709
  • Number of students: 79
  • Location: 808 Atwater St, Raleigh, NC 27607

An-noor School is located in Wake County and has a student population of 79 students who are in grades 3–8. An-Noor is not just an Islamic school; it is a special education school.

Special education schools such as An-Noor serve specific student groups, such as those that may be hard of hearing, deaf, speech impaired, orthopedically impaired, have cognitive delays or impairments, or are seriously emotionally disturbed, multi-handicapped, visually handicapped, or deaf and blind.

The student-to-teacher ratio at An-Noor School is 6:1, which means each child gets special attention. An-Noor School ranks among the top 20% of private schools in North Carolina for the highest percentage of students of color in North Carolina.


3. Al-Iman School

  • Grades: PK-8
  • Contact: (919) 821-1699
  • Number of students: 279
  • Location: 3020 Ligon St., Raleigh, NC 27607

Al-Iman School is in Wake County and one of the full-time Islamic schools in NC. The school’s mission is to provide an Islamic environment that offers quality education and leadership skills to develop global awareness and 21st-century skills. This is what we have achieved since 1992.

Currently, Al-Iman ranks among the top 20% of private schools in North Carolina for the highest percentage of students of color and the largest student body.

Unlike most Muslim schools, Al-Iman has an application deadline of December 1. The school’s acceptance rate is 95%, and the average class size is 16.


4. Intellicor International Academy

  • Grades: PK-12
  • Contact: (704) 290-2000
  • Number of students: 223
  • Location: 4301 Shamrock Dr, Charlotte, NC 28215

Intellicor International Academy is one of the schools in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, with the largest student body open to students in grades Pre-K through 12.

Intellicor is a member of the Islamic School League of America (ISLA), Cognia, and the Council of Islamic Schools in North America (CISNA). They show how grounded and committed the school is to grooming students academically and in religion.

Keep in mind that Intellicor is co-ed, and the annual tuition is $5,800.


5. Al Huda Academy

  • Grade: PK-5
  • Contact: (919) 572-9500
  • Number of students: 81
  • Location: 5104 Revere Rd., Durham, NC 27713
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Al Huda Academy in Durham County is one of the best Islamic schools in North Carolina, serving 81 students from prekindergarten through 5. The student-to-teacher ratio at Al Huda Academy is 6:1. This fosters one-on-one learning and interaction with students.

The school’s vision is to inspire students to excel in their academic achievements and become ambassadors of Islam. Also, all students are encouraged to engage in community service through different initiatives.

At the moment, Al Huda Academy ranks among the top 20% of private schools in North Carolina for the highest percentage of students of color.


FAQs On The Best Islamic Schools In New Jersey

What makes Islamic schools in North Carolina different?

Islamic schools in North Carolina are known for their unique blend of academic excellence and a strong foundation in Islamic values.

They offer an environment where students can thrive intellectually, morally, and spiritually, setting them apart in the education sector.

How much does it cost to attend Islamic schools in North Carolina?

The cost of attending Islamic schools in North Carolina varies, but tuition generally falls within a range of a few thousand dollars to over $10,000 per year.

However, many schools offer financial assistance and scholarship programs to make education more accessible for families with limited resources. The availability and eligibility criteria for financial aid may differ among schools.

Are there extracurricular activities and sports programs in Muslim schools?

Islamic schools in North Carolina offer a wide array of extracurricular activities, including sports programs, arts clubs, debate teams, and community service opportunities.

These activities contribute to students’ holistic development by encouraging teamwork, social skills, and personal growth.

How do Islamic schools in North Carolina prepare students for the future while upholding Islamic values?

These schools emphasize critical thinking, respect for diversity, and the application of Islamic values in contemporary contexts. They aim to equip students with the skills and values necessary to excel in a diverse and globally interconnected world, all while adhering to the principles of their faith.



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