Are you interested in enrolling in any of the top cybersecurity schools in Calgary? If so, then this article is for you.

Calgary is known as one of the smart tech cities in Alberta and Canada as a whole, with over 4,300 open tech career opportunities, people looking to explore tech opportunities find a demand here.

The city is also home to some of the schools that offer the best cybersecurity programs in Alberta, and Canada as a whole, and with the current increase in technological advancement and cybercrime, getting your cybersecurity education in Calgary gives you a commanding edge in the market.

The dire need for cybersecurity experts in Calgary, Alberta.

There is currently so much demand for cybersecurity professionals in Calgary as the city’s business owners reported to lack experts who can protect them against ‘nefarious criminals’.

According to CBC Canada, the Calgary police reported to have noticed an increase in cybercrime up to as high as 174% between 2017 and 2021 and they have investigated 100 ransomware attacks since 2016 — though those are just the reported crimes.

This rising challenge has brought a dire need for workers with cybersecurity skills to protect infrastructures and companies’ sensitive data.

If you are in Calgary, and you wish to become a cybersecurity expert, we recommend you start by enrolling in a program in any of the schools we shall list here.

What are the best cybersecurity schools in Calgary?

1. Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College is a public college in Alberta established in 1965 and has branches in Airdrie, Banff, Cochrane, Okotoks, and Strathmore. It is also one of the top cybersecurity schools in Calgary offering a certificate program.

This program is designed to help students understand computer operating system concepts. They will be introduced to computer forensics and network protocols.

Cybersecurity students at Bow Valley College will learn how to design and implement various computer solutions, and graduates will be competent to pursue careers in becoming penetration testers, security architects, and even security engineers.

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2. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

Established in 1916, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is a polytechnic institute in Calgary, Alberta offering over 110 career programs in technology, trades, and business.

SAIT is also one of the best cybersecurity schools in Calgary where you can obtain a diploma program focused on Control Systems, and it is designed to equip the students with the skills needed to protect industrial control systems from cyber-attacks.

SAIT also offers a cybersecurity diploma program in Information Security Analysis where students are groomed with the skills needed to help businesses identify information security threats and risks.

Graduates of the Information Security Analysis program can go on to become chief information security officers.

SAIT also offers another cybersecurity certificate program focused on IT Security where the students will learn how to protect cybersecurity organizations from internal and external attacks.

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3. University of Calgary

Established in 1944, the University of Calgary is a public research university located in the downtown core of Calgary, Alberta offering over 250 high-quality program combinations for you to choose from.

Students at the undergraduate level can enroll in the B.Sc of computer science program with a concentration in security where they will learn related subjects that include;

  • Cryptography
  • Computer viruses
  • Spam
  • Network security, and
  • Other solid foundations in computer sciences and mathematics

The University of Calgary also offers another cybersecurity certificate program in Network Security for students and working professionals at the graduate level.

This network security program will strengthen your IT security skills with the building blocks for network communication through applied cryptography and ethical hacking.

Graduate-level students and working professionals can also opt in for the Software Security Certificate program also offered at the University of Calgary.

This program is designed to equip the students with the required tools and techniques required to perform at a very high level.

Students will also learn the skills needed to develop sophisticated cybersecurity software and other secured products like mobile apps and the Internet of Things.

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Getting your cyber-education in Calgary can really help you take advantage of the tech opportunities in the city.

With the increasing demand for cybersecurity experts in the city, these schools can help you position yourself for a great career.


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