quiet places to study and read in NYC

7 Top Quiet Places To Study And Read In NYC Without Disturbance

Worried about where to find quiet places to study and read in NYC?

We hope you are having a good time in New York City, one of the top places in the world to study, also known for culture, innovation, prestigious universities, exciting architectural structures, etc.

These things attract people all over the world to visit or even study abroad in New York City, sadly, they add up to what makes it difficult for people to study and students now search for quiet study spots in this fast-paced city.

There are a variety of amazing places to study and read in NYC and in this article, we’ll be talking about some of them.

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Top Quiet Places To Study And Read In NYC

When you feel the real need to focus on your studies, test, exams, project works, research, etc. and you want to get out of your apartment to find that serene environment or some quiet study spots, choosing the right location can lead to a very productive day.

It can also be part of your adventures in the city which will help you know your way around, check out these quiet spots located around you where people like you go to study.

  • Ace Hotel: Lobby
  • Brooklyn Art Library
  • Cafe Minerva
  • Central Park
  • General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • The NoMad Hotel Library
  • Ludlow Hotel

Ace Hotel: Lobby

The Ace Hotel New York is a 12-story historic boutique hotel and cultural hub in Midtown Manhattan, this place is one of the quiet places you can study and read in NYC, if you feel dizzy in your home or dormitory, check out the quiet study spots at this hotel.

The hotel has a venue where you can listen to cool and intimate music, free WIFI and you can even order food, so pack your study gadgets and head over to the Ace Hotel and experience a quiet and serene studying environment. You can even go with a reading partner and ask questions together to facilitate the learning process.

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The Lobby at Ace Hotel New York is a welcoming, cozy space featuring a rotating cast of craft beers and spirits and a selection of light snacks. You are encouraged to make your reservations.


Brooklyn Art Library

The Brooklyn Art Library is a 2,500-square-foot brick two-story building in Williamsburg, this library launched “The Sketchbook Project,” where artists come in, sit down, and create their work.

If you are interested in art and culture, this place is one of the quiet places you can study and read in NYC, stop by and check out more resources you can use for your work. You will be overwhelmed by the beauty of this place and the availability of resources that can help you.


 Cafe Minerva

New York City is a place with an inexhaustible location of coffee shops as there is always a spot at sight for you.

If you are looking for a café to study in New York City, this little study cafe in the West Village always has people doing work at its tables, people come here with their study materials to read because of how peaceful the environment is, you can even order a cappuccino, a croissant, or an egg entree, and get started on your work in a relaxed, warm atmosphere.

Cafe Minerva has been found from research as one of the quiet places you can study and read in NYC.


Central Park

The New York Central Park is a very visible park in Manhattan; it is that large that you can’t go around and not see it, occupying an area of 840 acres (340 hectares).

This Central park may not be one of the quiet places you can study and read in NYC, because it is crowded, but this place is known as one of the best study spots in NYC, you can come along with your headset, the Central Park is full of attractions; educational facilities, green meadows, sprawling waters, gardens and unique bridges, classical architecture and more.

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Enjoy the beauty of nature while reading at this study spot.


General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen

Sometimes we get so bored and tired at home and just want to escape the current vicinity or you probably have tough research work and need professional assistance, this study spot seems like that perfect quiet escape learning location for you.

It is one of the beautiful and quiet places you can study and read in NYC featuring tables, a collection of books, and grand columns for an academic vibe, check this out by clicking the link below.


 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City, colloquially “the Met”, is the largest art museum in the Western Hemisphere. Its permanent collection contains over two million works, divided among 17 curatorial departments. Wikipedia

This place features one of the quiet places you can study and read in NYC, it is a popular destination for art-lovers, with a cool and serene atmosphere, there are plenty of study spots, spaces to sit and read, to observe art.


The NoMad Hotel Library

This is one of the quiet places you can study and read in NYC, The NoMad Hotel has a fancy dark public cafe and library in the back where you will find a collection of books on different topics which can assist you in your studying.

This library is open to the public, a perfect spot to study in a quiet, comfortable space. Should you need to order something, the hotel offers light dishes and finger foods, as well as coffee, tea, wine, and cocktails making it one of the best study spots within the location.



Another quiet study spot to study is the newly-opened Ludlow Hotel which features a lobby, bar, and garden, and one thing I find fascinating is that it is still open to the public and has free WIFI, so people who wish to study can browse the internet and enjoy other services here.

At this study spot, you can have a good sight of the skyscrapers and bridges of New York City, this hotel is located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, another reason we consider this place as one of the quiet places you can study and read in NYC is that even when you feel bored or tired of home or dormitory or even the busy streets, you can visit the astonishing garden area with your study materials, select a study spot; garden or lobby to read, you can even order a cocktail if you feel the need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Study In New York?

New York City is an internationally recognized capital and has been highly associated with the pursuit of the American dream when you study here, you know that you have the ability to explore your potentials due to availability of the resources around you, that is when you begin to feel that you are the right path to professional and personal success.

Why is a quiet place good for studying?

Some of us prefer to quiet study spots near us because we want to disconnect from the outside distractions. Studying in a quiet place helps you focus on your task, this, in turn, boosts productivity because you will be able to focus entirely on the work at hand, and as a result give it your all.

What are some quiet places to study?

A quiet place to study is where you go to when you don’t want any form of distractions, perhaps you need to prepare for a test or exam, and your dormitory or house is always noisy and filled with distractions, a quiet study spot could be your escape plan. They include; book stores, bus, coffee shops, empty classrooms, friend’s home, and libraries etc.



New York City is an advanced metropolis, a beautiful setting, and a dream for most people to come, this article helps you find locations where you can study and read in a peaceful and calm environment, there are however many quiet places to study and read in NYC.

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