Motivation Letter For Funding: Someone once told me that it’s all about the money, and in the startup world this couldn’t be any more true.

Your startup idea may be groundbreaking and could change the world, but if you don’t have any funding, you can forget about seeing your vision come to fruition anytime soon.

That being said, getting funding is difficult and nearly impossible without a little bit of experience, but having a good letter of support for a grant proposal can help you secure the funds you need to light up your dreams.

In this article, we have carefully explained what a motivational letter for funding is and how to craft the perfect copy, we have also included samples to guide you on your way.

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With that said, let us get straight to business;

What is a Motivation letter for Funding?

A Funding Motivation Letter is simply a letter written to request funding from an organization or individual.

While writing this type of letter, it is important to tailor it to the grant proposal that you are submitting.

What makes a good Funding Motivation Letter?

What makes a motivational letter for funding stand out is its ability to convince the grantor that they should give you funding.

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Letters of grant proposals, or any letter requesting funding is usually written to one person who can make a decision.

This person is typically someone in charge of allocating funds for the company or organization you are applying to. The type of letter you write will depend on who this person is and what they’re looking for.

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Tips for writing a great cover letter for funding:

While writing your grant cover letter, always remember that you are writing to humans and for humans, always be intentional, here are some of the things you should consider;

  • Write in plain English
  • Be specific about what you plan to do with the funds
  • Research what can make the funder release the funds and make that your focus
  • Make your budget to be very specific
  • Be careful not to apply to more than one funder for the same costs at the same time.

How to write a great proposal for a funding request

Write A Perfect Motivation Letter For Funding

To write a killer motivation letter for funding, it is important to know that this letter is structured just like other job application letters, after inserting your contact details, you give an introduction followed by the body and the conclusion of the letter.

The funding motivation letter can be as long as 200-500 words, here is how to start writing the letter;

1. Add contact details at the beginning

It is important to start your letter by formally including your contact details and date, also include the recipient’s contact information in the header.

It is from here that the recipient can easily contact you, and reference the date of your proposal.

2. Add the introduction of the letter

In the introduction section, you are to introduce your organization, this lets the reviewers have a background understanding of who you are and what you represent.

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In this section, you should include certain things like;

  • The title of your organization
  • What your organization represents
  • How long has your organization has existed

As we explained in the tips on writing the letter, you should be specific about what you plan to do with the funds.

3. Extensively explain the purpose of your project in the body of the letter

After the introduction section, the interviewers now have a good understanding of what your organization is about, this is the next stage where you need to explain your reasons for seeking funding.

In this section, try and explain how you plan to use the funding, the specific amount you need, and why they should give your organization the funding, you might also explain why your organization specifically sought funding from them.

Still in the body of this grant cover letter proposal, highlight what the funding can possibly do for your organization, and how it contributes to the growth of your company and others.

4. The Conclusion

After exhaustively describing your need and future plans for the funds, you can then summarize all you have said with a formal closing statement.

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Sample of a Motivational letter for funding

You can use this example below as a guide or template for writing your own grant proposal letter.













My name is [Full name], a [Position Title] at [Organization’s name]. We are into [Information about organization] and have been around for [number] years, during this period, we have been providing [Information about the company’s operations].

After our research on the problems of [Problem name] we developed our newest product which helps to [Information about the product], we kindly seek funding for expansion into the markets.

The funding of the product will be very necessary because [information about why your organization requires funding]. We, therefore, request [dollar amount] in funding as it can help us procure the necessary machinery for the projected expansion.

When we receive the funding, the product will [information about potential positive effects of funding]. We are certain that the local community will be the first beneficiaries of the product and there other are top individuals who might benefit from your funding including [information about affected groups].

All of us at [Your organization name] are excited about addressing this problem because [summarize purpose].

On behalf of the company, I would like to thank you for your consideration and for providing organizations like ours with opportunities to [summary about your organization’s mission].

[Your name]


We hope this article helps you in a way, we would like to remind you that you can’t be the only one who wants this funding.

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There are many people out there with great ideas, who will be very grateful for receiving the funding they need to get their business idea off the ground.

So when crafting your grant proposal letter, put yourself in the reviewer’s mind and let your emotions about the growth of your company let you find the right words you need to win this.

To your success, we hope you get your funding, cheers!

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