Are you searching for some of the best places to study and read in NYC?

Or maybe you want to study and read in a serene environment in the fast-paced metropolis in New York City either as a citizen or a foreign nationality.

New York City, often referred to as the Capital of the World has something for everybody; from the Centre Park to the globally recognized Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building and even the Rockefeller Center, etc.

In this article, we talked about some of the top places to have good reading and studying experience in New York City, read through and consider them when you make plans to study as these places are known to give that peaceful learning sensation.

But before we go down to business, let us know why someone will choose to study in New York City.

Why Study In NYC (New York City)

People often ask if New York is a good place to study, of course, it is, in fact, NYC is known for its great culture, innovation, creativity, and even an internationally recognized financial hub.

New York City is a booming metropolis with beautiful architectural structures, prestigious universities, hustle and bustle, and a myriad of opportunities that lead to the “American dream”.

These things and more makes New York one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for almost everyone and here are 10 reasons why we think New York is the best place to study.

What are the Top Best Places to study and Read in NYC?

Check out the list below and all you have to do is pack up your books and laptop and enjoy the serenity.

1. The ABC Beer Co., Alphabet City

This is one the best places to study and read in NYC after a long day while sipping a drink; this serene environment will make you at home from the setting to even the leather chairs and low lighting.

If you wish to read and study with a companion, ABC Beer Co is a good study spot where you can order a beer and talk things over with your friend to see if you’ve understood what you’ve read.

The ABC Beer bar is also a good place to meet up with a friend to talk about problems or topics you’re having trouble with while also enjoying a beer and a cheese dish.

 2. The American Museum of Natural History

I have a friend who complains to me that he doesn’t understand a thing when he reads in the dormitory and is just surrounded by familiar faces, after a while he picked up on the weird adventure of going to the American Museum of Natural History, and he had the peace and relaxation he needed and as well get connected to new persons.

If all you do is stay in a secluded place like the dormitory, you might want to get a different view and see some random people, visit the American Museum of Natural History to enjoy some freedom and chills which can enable you to read and understand better, this to me, makes this place one of the best places to study and read in NYC.

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Since life is unpredictable, sometimes the adventures you take are what make it interesting. If you are however bothered by the chatter, just bring the headphones and play some music.

 3. The Bank of America Tower

One of the many beautiful attributes of New York City is that it always sweeps you off your feet with surprises.

When you hear of the Bank of America Tower, you would picture in your mind to see some maven, uptight central headquarters, only to be amazed by its decoration and architecture, The Bank of America Tower is one of the strangest study spots in NYC.

And as one of the best places to study and read in NYC, the building also has an Urban Garden Room ideal for relaxing and reading. The Bank of America Tower won’t be crowded with other students, so you’ll be able to enjoy your space while reading or studying.

4. The Black Cat Cafe

For those searching for the Best Study Cafes in NYC, the Black Cat Café is your answer.

New York City and Coffee shops, a match made in the skies. If what pleases you is coffee, tea, beer, or even kombucha, this is the study cafe place you’re probably searching for. And even though this place might not be one of the quiet places to study in NYC, it can go in as the coziest.

Imagine a cup of coffee in your hands, and a piece of material to study by your side, sipping as you read, you can as well spend the whole day reading and studying while sipping the drink.

When you are done for the day and you want to relax, there is no need to head home just yet! this place also hosts shows, comedy evenings, academic lectures, movie nights, etc. You are always welcome.

 5. The Brooklyn Public Library

If you want to study in a place where you can see other students, then it is just nice to consider The Brooklyn Public Library, during the semester the library might not be a  good place to study because of the crowd, but this structure has private rooms you can book in the case you need intensive focus.

The Brooklyn Public Library caters mostly to the needs of students, a place that is open almost every day a week for people who wants to read or study for important tests or exams because it is known as one of the best places to study and read in NYC. On top of that, you get free WI-FI, and there is a spot to get Café too so you can study and get caffeinated in Brooklyn Public Library.

6. The Café Minerva, West Village

The Café Minerva is one of the best places to study and read in NYC, here you will find exciting features like free Wi-Fi, the study café has modern lighting structures that aid in reading and the food and drinks on offer are delicious.

Great food, strong latte, and classical music playing in the background which allows you to focus while reading.

7. The Domino Park Brooklyn

Domino Park in Brooklyn gives the reader a great view of the East River and Williamsburg Bridge. It is one of the best places to study and read in NYC while also being outdoors.

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As a student looking for where to read or study outside your dormitory, this Domino Park is a good option. Most students spend time sitting in their rooms for a long period of time under a fluorescent light which can make them sick or tired, but you can chill at the park while studying.

Enjoy Domino Park While Reading a Good Book, you won’t regret it!

8. The KGB Bar

If you are looking for one of the best places to study and read in NYC, KGB Bar is the solution! Even if you are an international student coming into the metropolis, you can easily find this study spot.

The crowd loves it. Admission is free, drinks are cheap and strong, and the level of excellence is such that KGB has been named the best literary venue in New York, In fact, walk through the KGB bar and you might be inspired to secure a spot to study.

 9. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Upper East Side

Taking a walk through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I found out how great a venue the place is.

Students who are doing research or homework can bring their gadgets to the study spot and look anything up, you can sit at one of the study cafés as the cafeteria provides tasty delicacies.

Since it is peaceful, the museum became one of the best places to study and read in NYC when I want to focus.

10. The New York Central Park

New York Central Park could probably be the first thing that pops into your mind if you think about New York City. International students coming to this place would probably spend a lot of time here; walking around and exploring the metropolis.

New York Central Park is quite a large area but filled with many study locations, so if you are searching for the best places to study and read in NYC, these study spots at the central park might as well be a convenient location for you.

For example, the middle park section in between the Lake and Conservatory Water is always peaceful and serene, the pond is also another place where you can study in a calm temperature, and you are hungry, there is a place called Le Pain Quotidien where you can grab something nice, also, it has a free WI-FI feature if you stay close by.

But one reason people often complain is that it can get cold during the winter, and you have to seek other places to study and read.

11. The New York Public Library

This place is recommended as one of the best places to study and read in NYC, located in Manhattan, the NY Public Library can be a remote place to go, so you have to be defined and focus to study before embarking on it.

Personally, the best library to study in NYC is by far The New York Public Library, as it is one of the biggest libraries in the metropolis, so big that no matter how many people are there, there is always a free study spot to take.

You might have to leave your place and relocate when you need a mid-study caffeine fix, it’s an excellent location if you’re working on a large project and another thing that makes me love this place is the fact that they open on Sundays.

12. The Ost Café, Alphabet City

One thing I enjoy about this place is the pastry, a very delicious meal. The Ost café is also one of the best places to study and read in NYC, you will enjoy reading or studying at this study Café.

In this place, some are reading, some are conversing with friends, and everyone is enjoying the glow of sunshine. The setting is bright and airy, giving you a perfect ambiance to study and still hold conversations with a friend with a cup of coffee by your side.

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13. The Tompkins Square Park, East Village

Tompkins Square Park is a great study area, It’s surrounded by cafés and restaurants, and as one of the best places to study for a test or project work, you can order a bagel from Tompkins Square Bagels and a cup of coffee too.

If you are looking for a cool and serene environment to study with a reading partner, why not check out this place?

Even though it’s a small park, you’ll almost always be able to locate a free spot on a sunny day.

14. The Winter Garden in La Lanterna DI Vittorio

This place can be your sweet escape spot, whenever you are bored in the dorm and want to check out a few places to study, check out the Winter Garden in La Lanterna DI Vittorio, one of the best places to study and read in NYC.

My friends and I decided to tour around a little and grab some coffee after having a very long working session, we were just looking for somewhere cool to chill, and that was when we saw the eye-catching “winter garden” sign and went to see it, personally, I was astonished to what I have just seen, a very warm and cozy atmosphere you can only experience physically, this place has the romantic setting of an Italian restaurant with plenty of lanterns.

We ended up spending so much time there, drinking and having fun; I could see some students come over to study in some of the quiet spots there too.

The space is not too crowded during the weekdays, but you can bump into a few students since NYU Law School is nearby. Besides being one of the best places to study and read in NYC, it can also be the perfect date night location.

15. The Whynot Coffee, Lower East Side

If you have a project or research work to finish up and you are not comfortable as a student in the dorm, or even in your house due to some personal house issues, check out the Whynot Coffee.

Many people come there to finish up their research projects because of how focused the people there are, you’ll be motivated to finish your to-do list. You’ll also have access to fast Wi-Fi.


Reasons Why New York City Is the Best Place to Study.

  • America’s Land of Opportunity
  • Art and history
  • A hub for students
  • A wonderland for book lovers
  • Getting around is easy
  • Unparalleled diversity
  • Unlimited entertainment
  • The best place to be a foodie
  • The bustling metropolis
  • There’s peace for all the madness


That’s it for now, Good luck with your reading, studying, and writing. And just remember, you don’t have to spend all of your days in the dorm room. Pack up your stuff, and go out. There are a lot of places around NYC where you can study, just waiting to be discovered!

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