tum scholarships for international students

12 TUM Scholarships for International Students: Apply Now

TUM Scholarships for international students: The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of the most prestigious public research universities in Munich Germany.

The school has additional campuses in Garching, Freising, Heilbronn, Straubing, and Singapore.

Students all over the globe are welcome to apply for scholarship awards for international students, in this article we shall give you the details about the school, its program, and how you can apply for the scholarship.

For your interest we have written about other scholarship opportunities for international students, check them out in your spare time.

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Is the Technical University of Munich good for international students?

According to US News, the Technical University of Munich is ranked #74 among the best global universities and is very good for international students.

Students from foreign nationalities have added up a large portion of the school’s enrollment size, as of 2019, the Technical University of Munich recorded over 42,700 students with 13,858 as international students in both its graduate and undergraduate programs. [Data source: studyabroad.shiksha.com]

How to apply for the Technical University of Munich Scholarships for International Students

tum scholarships for international students

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) offers a range of scholarships and funding programs to international students to study for a degree program at TUM.

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The scholarships are of two types, undergraduates and graduate students, to apply for each of these awards, the students should be first of all eligible.

Undergraduate TUM Scholarships:

Free Tuition For all students:

The eligibility requirements for the TUM scholarships for an undergraduate student is that the student should be currently enrolled with non-German university entrance certificates.

This is a free tuition scholarship for students looking to pursue their studies abroad, the students are only required to pay the student fees.

The award price can range from EUR 92 to EUR 145 each semester, depending on the university campus they will be attending.

International students are not eligible for students loan or any financial support so through this program beneficiaries can fix some of their expenses.


TUM Scholarship Deutschlandstipendium

This is another TUM scholarship for international students, beneficiaries can win up to $360 monthly, to be eligible, you need to be either an undergraduate or graduate in Germany irrespective of your host country.

The school looks out for students with high academic brilliance and students who show leadership qualities and social engagement.

Beneficiaries will receive the awards for up to twelve months.


Graduate TUM Scholarships:

Linde Master Scholarship

Linde Master Scholarship is one of the graduates of TUM scholarships for international students in Germany, the program strongly focuses on applicants of master’s programs in Data Engineering and Analytics, and Mathematics in Data Science.

Beneficiaries of the Linde Master Scholarship can receive up to $1,200 monthly stipends for twelve months.

To select a winner, preference is for students with exceptional academic abilities and high performers in their chosen field.

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Loschge Scholarship

Beneficiaries of the Loschge Scholarship Endowment will receive up to $650 monthly for twelve months.

It is open to international students in the field of Mechanical Engineering Thermal Engineering courses.

Preference is shown to students with academic excellence and leadership abilities.


Oskar Karl Forster Scholarship for books and learning materials

Oskar Karl Forster Scholarship for books and learning materials is one of the TUM scholarships for international students to apply to.

To be eligible for this award, students either at undergraduate or graduate levels need should have completed at least two semesters at TUM.

Applicants should show high academic performance, the award is also aimed at students from low-income families who have not yet received financial support from the Oskar Karl Forster Scholarship Fund.

Beneficiaries can win grants for books and learning materials from € 100 to € 500.


TUM General Scholarship

The TUM General scholarship is eligible for all german students who are enrolled at TUM, students can win a one-time financial aid of € 150 to € 1000 per semester.

Applicants are required to have a good academic record (merit), and proven need (low income).


Students at Risk – Hilde-Domin-Programm

The Students at Risk program is for students and doctoral candidates who feel at risk and have been denied the right to education.

Other TUM Scholarships for international students

  • Scholarship for students who are affected by the war in Ukraine
  • Leonhard Lorenz Foundation
  • Loschge Scholarship
  • TUM DAAD scholarship
  • Scholarship options for stays abroad
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To know more about TUM scholarships, click here.

I hope that this article on Technical University of Munich scholarships for international students was helpful.

If you’re interested in studying in Germany, make sure to check out the Available Programs in Germany for International Students!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can one study at the Technical University of Munich for free?

The TUM offers most of its programs free of tuition fees, there are some exceptions like the MBA programs. There are also TUM scholarships for international students to apply for, so beneficiaries of this award can actually study for free at the Technical University of Munich.

What is the TUM acceptance rate for international students?

Sincerely, getting into the TUM is not an easy task, out of 12 applications only 1 was accepted, international students should know that the school has a very low acceptance rate of 8%.

What is the TUM Scholarship Application Deadline?

The deadline to apply for the TUM scholarship is the 15th of July, and the application enrollment deadline for the summer enrolment is the 15th of January.

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