If you are looking for the best Islamic schools in Indiana to enroll your ward, we have outlined a list of the few great Muslim schools in the state.

Indiana, one of the top states in the USA known for its warm hospitality and vibrant culture, is home to some incredible Islamic schools that are creating a real sense of community and educational excellence.

These schools are more than just places of learning; they are nurturing hubs where students can grow in their faith and receive an exceptional education.

From the bustling streets of Indianapolis to the charming corners of Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Islamic schools are fostering a friendly and inclusive environment where students thrive.

Here we uncover the unique values, commitment to academic achievement, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere that these schools offer to their students. We’ll dive into their exciting curricula, engaging extracurricular activities, and how they instill a strong sense of Islamic ethics and morality in their students.

Let’s show you the top Islamic schools in Indiana, shedding light on the institutions that are shaping the future of countless students in Hoosier State.

Keep in mind that if the Muslim schools in Indiana do not meet your expectations, we recommend you explore our archive of best Islamic schools for other options in the United States.

How Many Islamic Schools Are In Indiana?

Like most other locations in the United States, Indiana just has a handful of options when it comes to Muslim schools. For the 2023-24 school year, there are just 5 islamic schools serving 873 students in Indiana.

The schools are categorized into 5 high schools, 2 elementary, and 4 preschools. One of which may fall under more than one category. Keep in mind that all 5 schools are private schools, however, some are co-ed, while the others a gender gender-specific.

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Is It Difficult To Get Into Any Of Indiana’s Islamic Schools?

The average acceptance rate for islamic schools in Indiana is 10%. This is lower than the average acceptance rate for Indiana private schools which is 88%. What this means is that getting into any of the Muslim schools in Indiana is difficult. We recommend you have all you need to enroll in the correct order. This will give you a better chance than many other applicants.

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How Much Is The Tuition For Indiana Muslim Schools?

Tuition costs differ from school. However, on average, majority of the islamic schools offer tuition between $4,000 to $10,000. The cost of tuition may be influenced by the specific school, its location, facilities, and the grade level of the student.

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What Are The Best Islamic Schools In Indiana?

Our job here at Ziiky is to help you find the perfect school for you. As such we have done our research and come up with the best Muslim institutions in Indiana.

Our choice of schools was made based on the overall quality of the school, the universal rankings of the school, and the structure of the school to ensure the students are equipped in character and learning.

Here are some of the best Muslim schools in Indiana, based on factors such as academic excellence, extracurricular offerings, and parent satisfaction:

1. Avicenna Academy

  • Grade: PK-8
  • Number of students: 68
  • Contact: (219) 736-7100
  • Location: 9803 Colorado St, Crown Point, IN 46307

Avicenna Academy is located in Lake County Indiana. The school’s mission is to educate students on how to groom themselves to become a positive self-image as American Muslims. The school achieves this feat by instilling the fundamental principles of faith, and character and offering scholarships to students who have financial constraints.

Students who graduate from Avicenna Academy serve as models for what it is to be a young American Muslim and are proud of their identity as an American Muslim. You can be sure that the students end up possessing a complement of academic skills linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, physical, and social.


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2. School Of Knowledge

  • Grade: PK-12
  • Contact: (317) 923-0328
  • Number of students: 308
  • Location: 2850 Cold Spring Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46222
Madrasa Tul Ilm is a private school whose history can be traced back more than fifteen years. The school was originally a home-schooling program established by Sr. Muslimah Mustafa, Sr. Jamila Al-Khattab, Sr. Mumina Blackman, and Sr. Saeeda Amatullah.

Today, however, Madrasa Tul Ilm has grown to become one of the Muslim schools in Indiana with the highest number of students. With a total of 30 teachers, the student-to-teacher ratio at Madrasa Tul Ilm is 11:1.

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3. Eman Schools

  • Grade: PK-12
  • Number of students: 396
  • Contact: (317) 845-9466
  • Location: 11965 Allisonville Road, Fishers, IN 46038
Eman Schools is the best Islamic school in Indiana located in Hamilton County. The school promotes the morals and ethical values that are part of Islamic teachings in an Islamic environment. This fosters a conducive atmosphere for the academic, social, spiritual, and physical growth of students.

Eman schools ensure to provide students with a solid foundation in general academics as well as Islamic education. Physical education is another exposure students are part of. While offering one of the best educational and religious training, Eman Schools tuition is $6,500 per year and the acceptance rate is 10%.


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4. Universal School Of Plainfield

  • Grade: PK-7
  • Number of students: 61
  • Contact: (317) 203-5769
  • Location: 2183 Stanley Rd, Plainfield, IN 46168

Universal School Of Plainfield in Hendricks County is one of the best Islamic schools in Indiana serving just 61 students in grades Prekindergarten-7.

Currently, Universal School Of Plainfield ranks among the top 20% of private schools in Indiana for the highest percentage of students of color. The student-to-teacher at the college is 6:1 and the school’s religious affiliation is Islamic.

5. Muhammad’s School

  • Grade: K-7
  • Number of students: 40
  • Contact: (317) 542-7720
  • Location: 2248 E 38th St Indianapolis, IN 46218

Muhammad’s School is situated in Marion County. The school currently serves 40 students in grades Kindergarten through 7. Currently. Muhammad’s School ranks among the top 20% of private schools in Indiana for the highest percentage of students of color

While the tuition of this college is not disclosed, reviews show that Muhammad’s School offers a balanced academic and Islamic study in a fine balance.


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In conclusion, the Islamic schools in Indiana stand as shining examples of educational excellence, cultural diversity, and spiritual growth. These institutions are more than just places of learning; they are vibrant hubs of academic achievement and character development.

These schools have cultivated an environment where young minds flourish intellectually, morally, and spiritually. Their commitment to academic rigor, compassion, and faith serves as a testament to the enduring impact of Islamic education in the Hoosier State.

FAQs On The Best Islamic Schools In Indiana

What distinguishes Islamic schools in Indiana from traditional public schools?

Muslim schools in Indiana differentiate themselves by providing an education grounded in Islamic values and teachings. They offer a faith-based curriculum, incorporating Islamic studies, prayer, and character development alongside standard academic subjects. This holistic approach helps students grow both academically and spiritually.

Are non-Muslim students welcome in these schools?

Absolutely! Most schools sited as Islamic schools have an inclusive atmosphere, welcoming students of all backgrounds and faiths. They aim to promote diversity, understanding, and cultural exchange. Non-Muslim students often appreciate the quality of education and the opportunity to learn about different cultures and religions.

What extracurricular activities do these schools offer?

Islamic schools in Indiana such as Eman Schools typically provide a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, and community service. Students can participate in clubs, leadership programs, and events that enrich their overall educational experience and help them develop valuable life skills.

How do Islamic schools prepare students for higher education?

Muslim colleges in Indiana are committed to academic excellence and offer AP courses and other college preparatory programs. They equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in higher education, ensuring that they are well-prepared for college and beyond.

What role do these schools play in fostering a sense of community and faith among students?

Islamic schools play a pivotal role in creating a strong sense of community and faith. They often host religious events, mentorship programs, and opportunities for students to engage in acts of charity and service, helping to strengthen their connection to their faith and their peers.



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