Best Boat Building Schools In Maine

The 5 Best Boat Building Schools In Maine: Quick Review

Boat building schools in Maine are where people who have shown interest in boat construction come to learn from experienced boat builders.

As a student, you can take workshops on small vessel crafting or even get a degree by enrolling in an apprenticeship in a Maine boat building school.

Maine has been recognized globally as a center of fine boat building for centuries, one of the reasons is because there are many rivers in the state, this is one of the states in America known for its captivating landscapes and plenty of river tributaries.

We guarantee that you can quickly learn how to build boats here, and in this article, our team has covered the best boat building schools in Maine to ease your search.

What is Boat Building?

We define this as the design and construction of boats and their components, and assembling these components in a systematic manner to form a boat.

Building a boat requires some level of training and personal interest, you will need to understand the mechanicals about it, starting from the boat design, understanding the type and strength of the material you wish to use, the capacity, and all.

However technical this might sound, you can enroll in a boat-building school even without experience, just have the passion, humility, and creativity and you’re good.

Job Opportunities for Boat Builders in Maine

As a certified boat builder, you can provide your services in the related jobs below.

  • Assistant Marine Surveyor
  • Boat Builder (Wood and Composite)
  • Composites Technician
  • Fiberglass Boat Repairer
  • Wooden Boat Repairer
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Recommended List of Boat Building Schools in Maine

If you are searching for “Boat schools near me”, check out these Boat schools we have below;

  • The Apprenticeshop
  • The Boat School
  • The Carpenter’s Boat Shop
  • The Landing school of Boat Building
  • The Wooden Boat School

The Apprenticeshop

The first on our list of the best boat building schools in Maine is the Apprenticeshop established in 1972 by Mr. Lance Lee and located in Rockland.

This Maine boat building school has the vision of empowering and encouraging personal growth through a skill-building community, craftsmanship, and training of students to understand the traditions of the sea.

The wooden boat building school in Maine has currently trained hundreds of apprentices to become skilled craftsmen who have created many wooden boats and use this skill to enrich themselves and society.

The programs are designed to match apprentices with experienced boat builders.

Some of the skills you’ll get here;

  • Learn the art of both building
  • Understanding sailing
  • Building traditional wooden boats.

Program length: Two years.

Studying here, you will in no time become start producing beautiful boats, you can get more details about the school by opening the links below on different tabs.


The Boat School

As the name implies, the Boat School is one of the affordable boat building schools in Maine located in a reserved facility on the Moose Island water at 16 Deep Cove Road Eastport.

This Maine boat building school was established in 1969 and has its own docks and harbor, and the classes here are conducted in highly equipped workshops to enhance learning.

Some of the programs offered in this school include;

  • Fiberglass and other composite construction methods
  • Marine systems
  • Modern wood and epoxy construction
  • Traditional wood construction

Program length: Two years.

As general knowledge, training in any of the boat building schools in Maine puts you in high demand for boat building operations on the entire East Coast of the United States.

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A career in Boatbuilding, system maintenance, or restoration can be really lucrative, and highly respected.

Many boat building firms annually recruit students graduating from any of the boat building schools in Maine.


The Carpenter’s Boat Shop

While the Carpenter’s Boat shop is not a school, they have a curriculum and help people get boat-building skills by working together as a community.

This is one of the workshops where you can get boat building classes in Maine for free, the institution has its core value on community living, by living together and mutual understanding everyone will bring out their best while working hard in building boats and maintaining the facilities.

Applications are open for students of all backgrounds who are at least 18 years of age, and you don’t even need any previous experience in woodworking or sailing experience to be accepted as an apprentice.

This is because the institution supports diversity and like that, welcomes people of every race, gender, and religion.

Some of the things you’ll learn here include;

  • Building traditional wooden boats
  • Working as a team
  • Traditions of the sea
  • Paddling, sailing, and rowing on their waterways.

Program Length: 4 months

When the boats built by the apprentices are sold or gifts are received from donors, commissions are sent to the apprentices to support them.


The Landing School of Boat Building

The Landing School is one of the best boat building schools in Maine and was established in 1978 and is located in Arundel.

They have been providing quality boat building training to interested students who pursue marine industry careers such as;

  • Boat designers
  • Boatbuilders
  • System maintenance technicians
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You too can take advantage of the boat-building opportunities within your reach when you complete the program offered by this Maine boat building school and get a degree for it.

Some of the programs offered in this school include;

  • Wooden Boatbuilding
  • Composite boat building
  • Yacht Design
  • Marine systems

As a student, you can also enroll in some of the short courses and boot camps we organize.


Wooden Boat School

As the name implies, this is a wooden boat building school in Maine established in 2015 by the Hudson River Maritime Museum to preserve the maritime craft traditions of the Hudson Valley, located at 41 Wooden Boat Lane, Brooklyn.

This educational institution was established in 1981 and gives interested students all they need to become professional boat builders.

They offer a variety of short summer boatbuilding courses and the students can creatively spend weeks building small-sized boats and growing their experience.

Some of the programs offered here include;

  • Boatbuilding
  • Boat design
  • Kayaking
  • Metalworking
  • Woodworking
  • Sailing
  • System Maintenance

Some of the reasons people attend this wooden boat building school in Maine include;

  • The friendly and talented staff
  • Outstanding workshop and faculty
  • Delicious fresh foods
  • Quiet and comfortable accommodations.



Thanks for reading up until this point, this brings us to the end of this article on the boat building schools in Maine, we have other programs that might interest you on our portal, click here to find out.

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