Top Best Culinary Schools in Kansas

Top 14 Best Culinary Schools in Kansas: Cooking Schools

Your passion for food and cooking hasn’t gone unnoticed. You love to spend time in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and techniques, but you know there’s more to becoming a great chef than that.

You want to learn from the best culinary schools in Kansas and become an expert at your craft so you can work in one of the top restaurants or resorts around the state.

The best culinary schools in Kansas City are those that provide the most quality learning experience and certifications that can help you advance.

With this list we prepared at your fingertips, that dream can easily become a reality!

What are the Best Culinary Schools In Kansas?

Let us review some of the cooking schools in Kansas that offer top-notch culinary programs so that you can make a more informed decision;

  • The Art Institutes
  • Butler Community College
  • Johnson County Community College
  • The American Institute of Baking
  • Flint Hills Technical College
  • Taste Buds Kitchen
  • The Culinary Center of Kansas City
  • Young Chefs Academy
  • Culinary at Boston Park
  • North Central Kansas Technical College
  • Washburn Institute of Technology
  • Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy
  • Olathe Advanced Technical Center
  • Kansas State University

The Art Institutes Culinary Arts School

The Art Institutes is not just focused on artistic training, but rather a more holistic experience.

Students can major in one of many art and design-related fields while taking culinary classes and business courses.

As one of the best culinary schools in Kansas, classes can also be held through video conferencing systems that allow students to interact with instructors even when they’re far away.

With assistance from instructors who have real-world experience, students can learn how to start their own businesses or find jobs at established ones once they graduate.

Either way, they will be ready for success thanks to an education that combines creativity with practicality.


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Butler Community College Culinary Arts

While located in Kansas, students at Butler Community College enjoy access to all of the vibrant cultural and culinary aspects of Kansas City.

In fact, a number of famous chefs have graduated from these top culinary schools in Kansas.

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The college of culinary Arts is also home to an excellent degree completion program that allows students to complete their bachelor’s degree (with a culinary concentration) on-campus.


Johnson County Community College

Johnson County Community College is one of the best culinary schools in Kansas City and this college offers a culinary arts program with a curriculum that is geared toward students who want to work as chefs and bakers.

Although most of JCCC’s culinary arts classes are located at its Overland Park campus, there are some courses offered at other locations.

It takes two years to complete this degree; however, a student can apply for early admission and receive an associate’s degree within 15 months of completing 30 credit hours of coursework

This could save you both time and money in tuition costs, especially if you are a foreigner who wishes to study abroad in the USA.

One of the requirements for admission into this school’s culinary program is that the students have at least 60 credits.


American Institute of Baking

The American Institute of Baking is one of the top culinary schools in Kansas that offers an excellent career training program at a price that’s within reach.

Not only does AIB offer several different levels of education (Associate, Bachelor, and Professional), but it also provides degree completion programs for students who already have an associate’s degree.

You can earn an Associate or a Bachelor of Science in Baking & Pastry Arts at AIB’s Johnson County, KS campus.

You can also earn your professional degree at one of their other locations around the country.

As part of a student-focused community, you’ll get to know faculty members who will be there throughout your career as they continue to teach and mentor you.


Flint Hills Technical College

Flint Hills Technical College offers an A.A.S. degree that includes courses like food production and culinary arts.

The school has locations in:

  • Emporia
  • Newton and

When it comes to culinary arts education, they are one of a select few who are ACCU-accredited providers of specialized training in culinary and baking arts programs.


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Taste Buds Kitchen

The next on the list of the best cooking schools in Kansas City is the Taste Buds Kitchen.

With both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in just under two years, Taste Buds Kitchen offers hands-on training in one of America’s most vibrant food scenes: Kansas City.

Their curriculum emphasizes creative thinking and business skills, as well as exposure to some of Kansas City’s top chefs through internships at various restaurants around town.


The Culinary Center of Kansas City

The Culinary Center of Kansas City offers a full-time culinary arts program with morning, afternoon, and evening classes available.

This is one of the best cooking schools in Kansas City that gives students hands-on training in kitchens to enable them to build cooking confidence.

This school also assists in providing work-study jobs to students, so their skills can be put to practical use.

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Students can choose from a variety of courses focused on professional cooking or culinary management.


Young Chefs Academy

Young Chefs Academy is one of the best culinary schools in Kansas City, and they’re not only just focused on teaching kids great recipes.

As a student of this academy, you can get real-world skills.

This award-winning cooking academy offers afterschool programs and camps for kids of all ages, catering to their unique needs.

In order to be successful, young chefs need:

  • Practical knowledge
  • Technical skills and
  • Creative abilities

The best cooking schools know how to develop all three of these aspects, helping kids excel at a variety of different kinds of cuisine.

That’s why Young Chefs Academy’s programs focus on creating an environment where children can learn about food culture and healthy eating habits alongside more traditional cooking fundamentals.


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Culinary at Boston Park

The city of Boston Park offers both a private school and a public school, with instruction from industry leaders such as Michael Hebb, who has trained chefs for The French Laundry and Chez Panisse.

With that level of quality on its staff, it’s no wonder that Boston Park is one of the best cooking schools in Kansas and has one of the highest graduation rates for students interested in becoming chefs.

This program is perfect for anyone wanting to make cooking a full-time career.

It’s especially popular among those looking to enter pastry-chef positions.

Contact details:

Address: 6655 E Zimmerly St, Wichita, KS 67207, United States

Phone: +1 316-219-9777

North Central Kansas Technical College

NCK Technical College is an affordable option for students interested in culinary arts.

As one of the top culinary schools in Kansas, the school’s food-service program offers an associate degree for students interested in culinary arts programs.

This certificate is designed to help graduates with both industry knowledge and technical skills find profitable culinary career paths.

NCK students also get support from professional chef instructors as well as their classmates who work at some of KC’s top restaurants.


Washburn Institute of Technology

Washburn Institute is one of the culinary schools in Topeka Kansas.

It offers a two-year culinary arts associate degree program that allows students to study a wide variety of subjects, including food science, service management, and marketing.

Graduates are prepared for an array of career opportunities, including positions as:

  • Assistant chefs
  • Kitchen managers and
  • Head cooks.

Throughout their studies at Washburn Institute of Technology, students also gain valuable experience working alongside local restaurants and businesses.


Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy

Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy was established in 1927 and has since then opened its doors to students.

The campus quickly became a popular choice for those aspiring to be leaders in their careers.

In fact, each year Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy graduate more than 4,500 culinary professionals who are ready to take on any opportunities that they are presented with.

Today Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy are one of the leading culinary schools in Kansas City.

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Olathe Advanced Technical Center

The culinary arts program at Olathe Advanced Technical Center has been ranked as one of the best culinary schools in Olathe Kansas.

The program was created to meet current and projected industry demand for well-trained entry-level cooks and food service supervisors.

It is also designed to prepare students for success in post-secondary studies at community colleges or two-year technical schools.

Students gain practical work experience through an internship/externship with:

  • Local restaurants
  • Caterers
  • Hotels

And other food service industries that are looking for talented students who want to learn their trade on site.

Classroom time is spent developing skills such as:

  • Nutrition
  • Sanitation
  • Garnishing and plating techniques


Kansas State University

According to culinary experts, a good way to gain an edge is by enrolling in classes or even earning a degree at one of America’s top culinary schools.

There are many great cooking schools in Kansas.

One school that consistently ranks high on most lists is Kansas State University.

Not only does it offer associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in culinary arts and science, but it also offers online courses through its School of Extended Learning (SEL).


Best Colleges with Culinary Arts Programs In Kansas

  • Flint Hills Technical College
  • Johnson County Community College
  • Butler Community College
  • Kansas City Kansas Community College Technical Education Center
  • NCK Technical College
  • Washburn University
  • Central College Grand Island

Best culinary schools in Wichita

  • Wichita Technical Institue
  • Culinary at Boston Park
  • American Institute – Wine & Food
  • WSU Tech Old Town

Best culinary schools in overland park

  • Wylie Hospitality And Culinary Academy
  • The Culinary Center of Kansas City

Best Culinary School in Olathe

  • Olathe Advanced Technical Center

Best Culinary Schools In Topeka

  • Sweet Baking & Candy Making Supply
  • Washburn Institute of Technology
  • Hospitality Incubation Program

FAQs on the Best Cooking Schools in Kansas

What is the best school in Kansas to become a chef?

They are many top culinary schools in Kansas, but Johnson County Community College has gotten many positive reviews as the best.

Can a foreigner become a chef in Kansas?

Yes, you and anyone can become a chef anywhere provided you have culinary certificates and abide by the states’ rules and regulations.

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