Athletic schools in the United States compete in various sports programs and conferences.

This article will be about the Appalachian Athletic Conference, one of the top college athletic conferences that are also affiliated with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

What is the Appalachian Athletic Conference?

A college athletic conference is a collection of different sports teams which competes against each other in the league.

The Appalachian Athletic Conference (AAC) is, therefore, a collection of different athletic school sports teams in the Southeastern United States.

It is the largest conference in the NAIA, with members schools from:

  • Tennessee
  • Kentucky
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina, and
  • Virginia.


In 1940, the Appalachian Athletic Conference (AAC) became the successor to the Volunteer State Athletic Conference (VSAC) and was later transformed into the Tennessee-Virginia Athletic Conference (TVAC) which was operational during the 1980s and 1990s.

It was later in 2001, after the inclusion of member schools from Virginia, Kentucky, and North Carolina, that the Appalachian Athletic Conference was formed.

More schools have been after that time, some were added as full members while some are affiliates.

The AAC currently has a total of 16 full members and ten affiliated private schools in the states of Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

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What are the Appalachian Athletic Conference Full Member Schools?

The table below shows in no particular order the sixteen AAC full-member schools and other key details.

Best AAC Full Member Schools Teams Location Founded
Bluefield University Rams Bluefield, Virginia 1922
Brenau University Golden Tigers Gainesville, Georgia 1878
Bryan College Bryan Lions Dayton, Tennessee 1930
Kentucky Christian University Knights Grayson, Kentucky 1919
Columbia College Koalas Columbia, South Carolina 1852
Columbia International University Rams Columbia, South Carolina 1923
Tennessee Wesleyan University Tennessee Wesleyan Bulldogs Athens, TN. 1957
Milligan University Buffaloes Elizabethton, Tennessee 1866
Montreat College Cavaliers Montreat, North Carolina. 1916
Johnson University Johnson Royals Kimberlin Heights & Knoxville, TN. 1893
Point University Skyhawks West Point, Georgia 1937
Reinhardt University Eagles Waleska, Georgia 1883
St. Andrews University Knights Laurinburg, North Carolina 1958
Savannah College of Art and Design at Atlanta Bees Atlanta, Georgia 2005
Union College Bulldogs Barbourville, Kentucky 1879
Truett McConnell University  Bears Cleveland, Georgia 1946

What are the Appalachian Athletic Conference Affiliate Member Schools?

The table below shows in no particular order the ten AAC affiliate member schools and other key details.

Best AAC Affiliate Member Schools Teams Location Predominant Conference
Brewton-Parker College Barons Mount Vernon, Georgia Southern States (SSAC)
Kaiser University Seahawks West Palm Beach, Florida The Sun
Life university Running Eagles Marietta, Georgia Southern States (SSAC)
Savannah College of Art and Design at Savannah Bees Savannah, Georgia The Sun
Southeastern University Fire Lakeland, Florida The Sun
University of the Cumberlands Patriots Williamsburg, Kentucky Mid-South (MSC)
Warner University Royals Lake Wales, Florida The Sun
Webber International University Warriors Babson Park, Florida The Sun
West Virginia University Institue of Technology Golden Bears Beckley, West Virginia River States (RSC)
St. Thomas University Bobcats Miami Gardens, Florida The Sun
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Championship Sports Programs

The Appalachian Athletic Conference sponsors 22 championship sports for both men and women, they include;

  • Baseball (M)
  • Basketball (M & W)
  • Cross Country (M & W)
  • Golf (M & W)
  • Lacrosse (M & W)
  • Soccer (M & W)
  • Softball (W)
  • Tennis (M & W)
  • Track & Field Outdoor (M & W)
  • Track & Field Indoor(M & W)
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling

Baseball Teams

  • Bluefield Rams
  • Bryan Lions
  • Milligan Buffaloes
  • Montreat Cavaliers
  • Reinhardt Eagles
  • Tennessee Wesleyan Bulldogs
  • Union (KY) Bulldogs
  • Virginia Intermont Cobras

Basketball Teams

  • Bluefield
  • Brevard
  • Bryan
  • Covenant
  • King
  • Milligan
  • Montreat
  • Tennessee Wesleyan
  • Union (KY)
  • Virginia – Wise
  • Virginia Intermont

Volleyball Teams

  • Bluefield
  • Brenau
  • Bryan
  • Reinhart
  • Columbia International University
  • Point
  • St. Andrews
  • Truett McConnell
  • Johnson
  • Milligan
  • Montreat
  • Tennessee Wesleyan
  • Columbia (SC)

Soccer Teams

  • Bluefield
  • Union
  • Bryan
  • Reinhart
  • Columbia International University
  • Point
  • St. Andrews
  • Truett McConnell
  • Johnson
  • Milligan
  • Montreat
  • Kentucky Christian
  • Tennessee Wesleyan
  • Columbia (SC).

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The AAC is a great conference for student-athletes who want to compete at a high level while also getting a quality education.

The conference has a rich history, and it continues to be one of the most competitive and well-respected conferences in the country.

If you’re looking for an athletic conference that can provide you with an excellent education and plenty of competition, the AAC is definitely worth considering.

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