Are you looking to enroll your child in any of the best Islamic schools in Massachusetts? This guide gives you the top list when it comes to Muslim schools.

In the diverse educational landscape of Massachusetts, Islamic schools stand as beacons of academic achievement, cultural enrichment, and spiritual growth.

These educational institutions are more than just places of learning; they are nurturing environments that celebrate both faith and knowledge as they provide students with an opportunity to embrace their Islamic heritage while excelling academically.

From curriculum innovation to the cultivation of a strong sense of community, the best Islamic schools in Massachusetts are dedicated to fostering well-rounded individuals who are equipped to thrive in a globalized world.

We will explore their academic programs, extracurricular activities, and the unique blend of values that make them institutions of choice for families seeking an exceptional education rooted in Islamic principles.

Just in case you don’t find the Muslim schools in Massachusetts good for your child, we recommend you explore our archive of best Islamic schools for other options in the United States.

How Many Islamic Schools Are In Massachusetts?

Massachusetts compared to other states in the US such as Florida has a small number of Muslim schools. Currently, there are just 7 islamic schools serving 743 students in Massachusetts.

The schools are categorized into 1 high school, 6 elementary, and 6 preschools, one of which may fall under more than one category. Keep in mind that all 7 schools are private schools.

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Is It Tough Getting Into Any Of Massachusetts Islamic Schools?

The average acceptance rate for Muslim schools in Massachusetts is 100%. This is higher than the Massachusetts private school average acceptance rate of 70% which means getting into any of these schools is not difficult compared to other schools in the state.

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How Much Does It Cost To Attend Muslim Schools In Massachusetts?

The cost of attending Muslim schools in Massachusetts can vary significantly depending on several factors keeping in mind that these institutions are often privately funded, and their tuition fees can reflect the quality of education, facilities, and services provided.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over $10,000 per year in tuition. However, elementary and middle school tuition tends to be lower than high school tuition.

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What Are The Best Islamic Schools In Massachusetts?

Our mission at Ziiky is to assist you in finding the ideal school that suits your needs. To achieve this, we have conducted thorough research and have compiled a list of the top-rated Muslim institutions in Massachusetts.

Our selection of schools was based on various factors including the school’s overall quality, its universal rankings, and its ability to provide students with a well-rounded education.

Below are some of the best Muslim schools in Massachusetts, chosen for their academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and high levels of parent satisfaction:

1. Malik Academy

  • Grade: 1-8
  • Number of students: 53
  • Contact: (617) 427-0500
  • Location: 100 Malcolm X Blvd, Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120

Malik Academy is in Suffolk County and currently has a student population of 53 students in grades 1-8. The school offers a fine blend of academics and religious grooming for each child in an Islamic environment,

Malik Academy is a member of the Islamic School League of America (ISLA). The student-to-teacher ratio at Malik is 8:1, this fosters one-on-one interaction with teachers which is good for the students. Keep in mind that Malik Academy is a co-ed institution so both boys and girls are welcome.


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2. The Islamic Academy For Peace

  • Grade: PK-8
  • Contact: (978) 975-7335
  • Number of students: 123
  • Location: 125 Oakland Ave, Methuen, MA 01844

The Islamic Academy for Peace is a full-time Islamic school in Essex County offering classes from Pre-K through 8th Grade. The main aim of the school is to groom students to achieve academic excellence in elementary education, in an ideal Islamic atmosphere.

Currently, Islamic Academy For Peace ranks among the top 20% of private schools in Massachusetts for the highest percentage of students of color, advanced degrees, and the highest percentage of faculty with advanced degrees.

Annual tuition is $6,500 per student and the acceptance rate is 100%


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3. Noble Academy

  • Grade: PK-5
  • Contact: (617) 472-0519
  • Number of students: 29
  • Location: 470 South St Quincy, MA 02169
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Noble Academy is one of the Islamic schools in Massachusetts found in Norfolk County and has been in existence since 1999. At the moment, the school has a small population of just 29 students in grades Prekindergarten through 5.

The small population leaves the class sizes at a  student-to-teacher ratio of 4:1. Noble Academy ranks among the top 20% of private schools in Massachusetts for affordability as it is one of the schools with the least expensive tuition currently at $4,500 annually.


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4. Al-Hamra Academy

  • Grade: PK-8
  • Contact: (508) 845-7000
  • Number of students: 166
  • Location: 435 South St, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Al-Hamra Academy is the first full-time accredited Islamic school in New England located in Worcester County Massachusetts. The academy focuses on raising students with strong intellectual and moral backgrounds in an Islamic environment that encourages cognitive, spiritual, moral, emotional, and physical growth.

Al-Hamra Academy has a well-defined, effective, and evolving curriculum that aligns with the Massachusetts State Frameworks. The school values are love, compassion, peace, tolerance, equality, and justice.

You can be sure that every student becomes a responsible and productive member of society as that is one of the responsibilities of the Academy.


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5. Islamic Academy Of New England

  • Grade: PK-5
  • Contact: (781) 784-0400
  • Number of students: 118
  • Location: 86 Chase Dr. Sharon, MA 02067

Islamic Academy Of New England is one of the best Islamic schools in Massachusetts located in Norfolk County. The school aims to provide an education that is rooted in Islamic faith and ideals and inculcate these values in our students.

The schools combine the knowledge and practice of Islam with the best training in the sciences, humanities, and business in their curriculum. Students grow to be conscientious Muslims, following the sira’at-aI-mustaqeem5; while also aspiring to the highest goals in the vocations they choose.


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6. Malik Academy/ Al Bustan Preschool

  • Grade: PK-K
  • Contact: (617) 868-2322
  • Number of students: 51
  • Location: 808 Memorial Dr, Cambridge, MA 02139

Malik Academy is an early childhood/daycare institution in Middlesex County Massachusetts. The academy focuses on teaching students to love and understand Islam as a tool to prepare them for future success.

Malik Academy stresses the comprehensive nature of Islam and integrates it into all areas of academic development, social interaction, and personal growth and behavior in a balanced way.

This school promotes excellence in achievement and in manners that will help enable children to represent Islam honorably in American society. Keep in mind that Malik Academy is a member of the Islamic School League of America (ISLA).


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7. Al-Noor Academy

  • Grade: PK-12
  • Contact: (508) 409-9560
  • Number of students: 203
  • Location: 20 Church St, Mansfield, MA 02048

Al-Noor Academy is the largest Islamic school in Massachusetts with a student enrollment of 203. The school is open to middle and high school students who are taught with an excellent curriculum in all public school subjects in addition to Islamic religion and Arabic language.

The Academy is committed to maintaining academic standards well above that of other schools in the area by providing the community with well-learned youth with a Muslim character.

Al-Noor Academy provides an environment for maximum social, emotional, physical, and academic development of each child according to the values of Islam leading to decent contemporary lives, enriching their families, serving their community, tolerating differences, thinking critically, promoting collaboration, and respecting others.


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FAQs On The Best Islamic Schools In Massachusetts

What does a student gain by attending any Islamic school in Massachusetts?

Islamic schools offer a unique blend of academic excellence and a strong foundation in Islamic values. They provide a supportive environment that fosters both spiritual and intellectual growth, helping students develop a deep sense of identity and purpose.

Does Muslim schools accommodate non-Muslim students who enroll?

Many Islamic schools in Massachusetts are open to students from diverse backgrounds. They often welcome non-Muslim students and families, promoting cultural exchange and interfaith understanding. While the Islamic faith is at the core of the school’s values, respect for different beliefs is usually encouraged.

Do these schools offer extracurricular activities and sports programs?

Yes, schools such as Al-Noor provide a well-rounded education, including extracurricular activities and sports programs. These activities help students develop social skills, teamwork, and physical fitness while maintaining a balanced education.

What sets the best Islamic schools in Massachusetts apart from other private or public schools?

The Islamic schools are distinguished by their commitment to academic rigor, character development, and a nurturing Islamic environment. They often have smaller class sizes, dedicated teachers, and a strong sense of community that sets them apart from other educational institutions.

Are financial assistance options available for families who may have difficulty affording tuition?

Some Islamic schools in Massachusetts offer financial aid and scholarships to assist families with limited financial resources. The availability and amount of aid can vary from school to school, so it’s advisable to inquire about specific financial assistance options during the application process.



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