AIA Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Award: Every year, the Automotive Industries Association (AIA) of Canada issues scholarship awards to the most deserving applicants to assist the student financially.

If you are searching for an easy scholarship in Canada to apply for, this Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Awards program might be exactly what you might have been searching for.

In this article, we shall tell you what the organization represents, the eligibility requirements, and how to apply for the award.

With that said, let us get started!

Scholarship Description:

Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Award In Canada.

The Arthur Paulin Automotive Scholarship Award is one of the easy Canadian scholarships open to students who are interested in pursuing a career in the automotive field.

The scholarship is named after long-time AIA volunteer and teacher Arthur Paulin who served as President of H. Paulin and Company Limited for over 35 years.

To be a beneficiary of this award, you need to pass the eligibility requirements and also apply before the deadline.

Program Objectives:

Before applying, it is important to know that the intention of this award is to:

  • Promote professionalism within the automotive aftermarket
  • Create awareness of the aftermarket industry and attract new people to the industry, and
  • Advance the state of knowledge within the industry.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the AIA Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Award, intending beneficiaries must be enrolled at a Canadian college or university and should be offering an automotive aftermarket industry-related program or curriculum.

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Students can further their expertise in the field by going for an automotive apprenticeship, the scholarship organization is interested in students involved in any of the following automotive sectors:

  • Auto body
  • Hard parts
  • Heavy-duty, or motive power (machinists).

The Automotive Industries Association of Canada through this scholarship is assisting future members of the automotive industry.

Criteria for Selection

To increase the chances for selection, applications should provide the following documents attached to the official scholarship application form;

  • A motivation letter for the scholarship showing his/her long-term automotive goals.
  • A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s primary automotive instructor.
  • A copy showing the most recent academic record of the applicant.
  • A document showing the applicant’s leadership experience and civic abilities.
  • A document that demonstrates why the applicant needs the funding, should show the applicant’s degree of need, you can also state previous awards or scholarships won.

Awarded Scholarships

Every year, at least five AIA Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarships will be awarded in each of the following regions: Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, and Western Canada.

A student pursuing his/her studies at the Canadian Automotive Institute of Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario will also receive the award.

Value of Award

The value of the AIA Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Award is $700 CAD yearly for at least five students.

According to Auto Service World, six students recently received their $700 CAD each to pursue their studies in an automotive aftermarket industry-related program.


The deadline for the AIA Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Award is November 30 of every year, endeavor to apply before then.

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How to Apply

To apply for this award, Download and complete the application form then submit it together with the supporting documents above at the criteria for selection.

You can also visit their official website to apply.


We hope you get the scholarship and we wish you well in your career, one of the ways to win a Canadian scholarship is to prepare on time and apply before the deadline.

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