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17 Best Massage Therapy Schools in Arizona | Recommended

The massage therapy industry is booming recently and students have a lot of options to choose from when they’re ready to attend any of these institutions, and sometimes, it can be difficult to determine which school is the best one can apply to.

To help, we’ve put together a detailed list of the best massage therapy schools in Arizona that are popular among students and have helped many people succeed in their careers as massage therapists.

These schools offer hands-on training and teach the massage techniques you need to succeed as well as give you the opportunity to network with practicing professionals.

How long does it take to become a massage therapist in Arizona?

To become a massage therapist in Arizona, you will need to attend any of the massage therapy schools in any of the regions here, some of the massage therapy programs here take about 700 hours to complete.

Students who have completed their program can further their massage therapy license.

Best Massage Therapy Schools In Arizona

  • Arizona College – Glendale
  • ASIS Massage Education – Flagstaff
  • ASIS Massage Education – Mesa
  • Aveda Institute Phoenix
  • Carrington College
  • Charles-Italy Massage Therapy
  • Charles Of Italy Beauty College
  • GateWay Community College
  • G Skin & Beauty Institute
  • Institute of Muscle Therapies
  • Phoenix College
  • Pima Medical Institute – Mesa
  • School of Japanese Healing Arts
  • Sedona School of Massage
  • Southwest Ashiatsu Massage & Bodywork Academy
  • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
  • Tucson Massage CE Institute

Arizona College – Glendale

The demand for qualified massage therapists is at an all-time high, meaning students who get licensed after graduating from a top massage therapy school in Arizona can expect to land an excellent job almost immediately.

Arizona College – Glendale is one of the best massage therapy schools in Arizona with a 15-month program that covers 500 hours of;

  • Clinical instruction
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Business practices and
  • Physical assessment techniques

Students graduate with knowledge of Swedish massage techniques, prenatal and geriatric massage techniques, deep tissue techniques, and other modalities of therapeutic touch.

Graduates have access to a job placement service that helps them find employment as soon as they’re ready to begin working.

This school also offers online programs for those who need to complete their education from another location. Tuition for this program is $13,500 plus fees.

To know more about this school, visit the official webpage below;



ASIS Massage Education – Flagstaff

When it comes to massage therapy schools, ASIS is known to be a great massage therapist school in Arizona. It’s not terrible, but it does have some drawbacks that prospective students should be aware of.

However, despite being overlooked by many people considering a career as a massage therapist, ASIS is still one of the best massage therapy schools in Arizona.


ASIS Massage Education – Mesa

The Graduate Degree program for massage therapy is a four-year course of study leading to a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and is designed for those students interested in academic teaching, research, or related professional activities.

The course work can be combined with studies in another field or degree area at ASIS University’s Phoenix Campus.

Students who are not able to attend full-time may choose evening or weekend classes; however, it is strongly recommended that applicants wishing to complete ASIS massage education programs do so on a full-time basis.

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However, if you live outside of metropolitan Phoenix, then taking all your courses online through ASIS will still provide you with a quality massage therapy education while only attending class on occasion.


Aveda Institute Phoenix

The Aveda Institute of Phoenix is one of the massage therapy schools in Arizona and to be accepted to any Aveda school, prospective students need certain requirements such as;

  • A high school diploma or equivalent and must pass an English proficiency test
  • Means of identification
  • Clear crime record

The institute offers both a 300-hour certificate program and a 600-hour certification program that combines classes and hands-on training.

Tuition for either program costs $16,250 and includes fees for required textbooks and supplies as well as on-campus housing, meals, Internet access, transportation to class, and career counseling.

Each day begins with 90 minutes of yoga to help students relieve stress before heading into another day’s worth of theory and skills training.



Carrington College

Carrington College is one of the best massage therapy schools in Arizona and is located just outside of Phoenix, AZ and has been students to become expert massage therapists since 1975.

Carrington College is a for-profit school that offers several degree programs as well as other additional career opportunities for intending massage therapists.

These include associate’s degrees as well as bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Students are able to choose from many different major concentrations including:

  • Business management
  • Healthcare and
  • Engineering

Graduates of Carrington College programs have gone on to work at some of the most successful companies in America including Johnson & Johnson, Pima Medical Institute, and US Airways.



Charles-Italy Massage Therapy

The best way to learn massage therapy is through a hands-on program. Charles-Italy Massage School in Phoenix teaches massage students from all over Arizona how to pursue their dream of becoming licensed massage therapists (LMT).

Some of the basic requirements for enrolling in this school include;

  • A high school diploma or GED and
  • Be at least 18 years of age or show permission from your parents.

Once accepted into our LMT program, you’ll take seven months of classroom instruction on anatomy, physiology, and ethics.

You’ll spend one-month training on client skills like tableside etiquette and communication with clients.

Each student gets an internship that puts their classroom learning into practice. Throughout your studies, we ensure you maintain professional standards so that you are qualified for certification at graduation and prepared for employment as an LMT after graduation.

Contact details:

Address: 1987 McCulloch Blvd N # 106, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States

Phone: +1 928-453-6666

Charles Of Italy Beauty College

This is one of the accredited massage therapy schools in Mesa Arizona that offers one- and two-year associate’s degree programs as well as postgraduate certificate programs.

The school also hosts short courses and workshops on topics such as;

  • Reflexology
  • Prenatal massage and
  • Aromatherapy

And as one of the best massage therapy schools in Arizona, the school’s campus includes a simulated spa, which allows students to perform hands-on training with real clients.

Students at Charles Of Italy Beauty College are taught by experienced instructors who are themselves graduates of prominent massage therapy schools.

Some classes at Charles Of Italy Beauty College utilize simulation software to teach students how to perform Swedish massages. Students can opt for either evening or day sessions throughout most semesters.



Gateway Community College

If you’re looking for massage therapy schools in Phoenix, GateWay Community College is a great place to start.

It has an excellent massage therapy program—the perfect place to learn more about becoming a massage therapist and taking your career (and your life) to new heights.

Courses include topics such as;

  • Stress management and relaxation
  • Ergonomics
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology and much more

There are also some general education courses you can take while you’re there that will help round out your curriculum (and may be required by some employers).



G Skin & Beauty Institute

Phoenix, Arizona, is home to G Skin & Beauty Institute, one of the massage therapy schools in Arizona that offers three different programs.

Some of the entrance requirements for this school include;

  • Intending students must show proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Intending students must be at least 18 years old
  • Intending students should have their high school diploma or equivalent.
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Aspiring massage therapists can also choose from two certificate programs:

  • A 60-hour introductory Certificate of Mastery that focuses on Swedish massage
  • A 40-hour postgraduate Certificate of Completion designed for experienced therapists seeking to specialize in another modality.



Institute of Muscle Therapies

The Institute of Muscle Therapies is one of the growing massage therapy schools in Arizona.

They have caring and professional staff, and they provide students with comprehensive training in massage therapy, personal training, and sports nutrition which helps set them apart from other massage therapy schools.

There are two types of degrees that students can earn from The Institute of Muscle Therapies:

  • A bachelor’s degree or
  • An associate degree

Both programs offer different benefits for students. Those who are interested in earning a bachelor’s degree will be able to learn about organic chemistry, biology, and other courses that prepare them for their career as massage therapists or personal trainers.

An associate degree does not require as much previous education but is still valuable to individuals who want to be massage therapists or personal trainers.



Phoenix College

Phoenix College is one of the massage schools in Phoenix Arizona that offers a two-year, full-time program that will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a massage therapist.

Phoenix College’s Therapeutic Massage Program has been around since 1978, making it one of the oldest and most established programs of its kind in Arizona.

Students are required to complete an internship before graduation. Most graduates receive job offers upon graduating or within six months after completion of their program.



Pima Medical Institute – Mesa

Pima Medical Institute – Mesa is one of the accredited massage therapy schools in Mesa Arizona located near Phoenix.

In addition to degree programs, it offers classes and workshops for prospective students to get hands-on experience and learn more about their profession.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a massage therapist, Pima Medical Institute – Mesa is worth looking into. It has good online reviews, is recognized by national accreditation agencies, and has flexible enrollment options for working adults (many of whom are already professional massage therapists).

The school also prides itself on offering competitive tuition rates, and the school has a connection that helps fresh graduates quickly secure a job with local employers.



School of Japanese Healing Arts

Japanese Healing Arts is a private, massage therapy school that offers affordable online- and on-campus programs.

As one of the best massage therapy schools in Arizona, their massage therapist program can be completed in as little as two years and allows students to earn credits toward their degree while serving part-time or full-time internships with local or corporate partners. S

Some of their most popular courses include:

  • Sports Massage
  • Therapeutic Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Myofascial Release and



Sedona School of Massage

As the name implies, this is one of the massage therapy schools in Sedona Arizona and offers massage certifications that can even help professionals take their careers to new heights.

Students learn how to assess clients’ physical, emotional and mental needs and how to design a customized massage therapy plan for each client.

Once students graduate, they have immediate access to online resources that keep them updated on industry trends.

Over 75 percent of graduates gain employment at a spa or wellness center within six months of graduating, and 90 percent report being either very satisfied or satisfied with their job.


Southwest Ashiatsu Massage & Bodywork Academy

The Southwest Ashiatsu Massage & Bodywork Academy is one of the massage therapy schools in Tucson Arizona that trains intending and even practicing massage therapists in the Ashiatsu therapy techniques.

Ashiatsu therapy is an ancient, yet revolutionary form of bodywork. Developed by a Master named Kōichi Sakai, Ashiatsu combines traditional eastern bodywork with western physical therapy to create a truly unique and dynamic style of massage.

As one of the best massage therapy schools in Arizona, the Southwest Ashiatsu Massage & Bodywork Academy is one of only five schools in North America that offer Ashiatsu training.

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If you are interested in starting or expanding your career as an Ashiatsu Therapist then look no further than Southwest Ashiatsu! They offer classes 6 days a week for both men and women who want to begin their careers as soon as possible.



Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is one of the massage therapy schools in Mesa Arizona that offers accelerated massage programs that can get you ready for licensing exams in a space of five months.

This school also has established connections with local businesses looking to hire students.

Their small class sizes mean you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet potential employers and network, so look into doing an externship or practicum at one of these locations:

  • Grand Canyon University Hospital
  • Honor Health-Scottsdale Shea Medical Center
  • Banner Health-Sun City West Hospice Program
  • Care Management Services Incorporated



Tucson Massage CE Institute

Tucson Massage CE Institute is one of the massage therapy schools in Tucson Arizona

The tuition to attend Tucson Massage CE Institute is $5,800 per year. A common question that students often ask is how much does it cost to go to massage therapy school?

However, many massage therapy schools offer training programs that last between one and two years. These programs include both practical and classroom instruction, such as;

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Kinesiology and
  • Massage skills.

Some schools also require students to complete an internship during their studies or at graduation.


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Best Massage Therapy Schools In Tucson Arizona

There are many massage therapy schools in Tucson, make your selection from this list

  • Cranial-Sacral Institute, Pima Community College
  • National Holistic Institute – Tucson campus
  • ASIS Massage Education
  • Southwest Ashiatsu Massage & Bodywork Academy
  • Carrington College
  • Tucson Massage CE Institute
  • Aveda Institute Tucson

Best Massage Therapy Schools In Sedona Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is an amazing place to live if you are considering becoming a massage therapist, here are some of the best massage therapy schools in Sedona Arizona;

  • ASIS Massage Education – Flagstaff
  • Sedona School of Massage
  • Essence of Sedona Massage & Wellness Center

Best Massage Therapy Schools In Mesa Arizona

We provided this list of the best massage therapy schools in Mesa Arizona for you to choose from;

  • Mesa Community College – Mesa AZ
  • Arizon State University – Tempe/Phoenix/Mesa Arizona
  • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
  • GateWay Community College- Washington Campus
  • ASIS Massage Education – Mesa

Best Massage Therapy Schools In Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale, AZ is one of America’s most visited tourist destinations, with many visitors every year. Get massage therapist certification before getting into real-world practice with your newly acquired skills. Here are some notable massage therapy schools;

  • Institutes of Muscle Therapies
  • Soul to Soul Reiki, Reflexology & Massage

Best Massage Therapy Schools In Phoenix Arizona

There are many massage therapy schools in Phoenix Arizona to choose from and any of them will give you a quality education that will prepare you for a successful career as a licensed massage therapist.

  • Gateway Community College- Central City
  • Phoneix College Therapeutic Massage Program
  • School of Japanese Healing Arts

FAQs on the massage therapy schools in Arizona

How much does massage therapy school cost in Arizona?

The estimated budget for enrolling in any of the massage therapy schools in Arizona is $19,325.

Students can receive financial aid as high as $3,817.

How much is a massage license in Arizona?

A massage license in Arizona is estimated to be $217, according to the Arizona Massage Therapist Licensing and Certification Exam Resources.

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