Most worthless doctorates in the world: In recent years, there has been increasing scrutiny of the proliferation of doctorates in the world, since there are many that are not worth much outside of their academic sphere.

The educational world awards all sorts of degrees, and not all of them are actually worth much in the real world.

This is because most people understand them instinctively, which is why many don’t pursue certain degrees as passionately as others.

Still, you have to have an advanced degree to get certain jobs, so it’s important that you know which ones are the least worthwhile.

We’ve put together this list of what we consider to be the most useless graduate degrees in the world today.

What makes a degree useless?

Well, many things constitute making a person lose faith in his or her degree program, if your degree can not get you a dream job or promotion, it can be considered useless.

Depending on your locale, there are some degrees you can not use for any major application, especially for scholarships or other funding programs, so the lack of opportunity attached to a specific degree makes it useless.

However, some of these useless degrees are in the easiest majors, so most students who this gives an opportunity for students to apply for them although they don’t consider it promising.

What are the most worthless doctorates in the world?

Here is our pick on the most useless degrees and why we consider them so;

Photographic arts

You can become an actor or a producer and that is a great idea especially if you have a passion for it, however, we consider a degree in film, video, or photographic arts very useless because it is difficult to be hired.

According to Workopolis, the unemployment rate for degrees in film, video, and photographic arts is 11.4%.

Graphic design

Getting a degree in graphic design is not really a smart decision, if you are passionate about design, you can as well go and learn it on youtube or attend a masterclass somewhere.

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With a high unemployment rate of 10.5%, we consider a degree in graphic design one of the most worthless doctorates in the world.

Fashion design

Do you have an interest in fashion design? If yes, that is great because fashion designers tend to get self-satisfaction while working on their projects, fashion design can be fun and creative.

You see, while fashion design is lucrative and really inspiring, it is one of the most useless degrees to get because most fashion designers are natural entrepreneurs.

The person who considers a major in fashion design may have the vision of beginning their own clothing brand, working as a designer for a major company, or becoming a fashion marketer.

This means there is less opportunity while searching for a job with a degree in fashion design, successful designers take time figuring out what works well over the years.

Many students with degrees in fashion design are left looking for a job in a different field and find it wildly unsuccessful as few employers consider their education relevant.

Mass Media

Mass media is one of the useless degrees to get with a very high unemployment rate of 7.8%, with a degree in Mass media you can work as a journalist, public relations, advertiser, etc.

But you can be easily replaced as anyone can be easily trained to do these things, and this is why we consider mass media as one of the most worthless degrees without any real advantage.

Even with your proficiency and portfolio, you can easily be laid off because anyone can take up the role without even getting a degree in it.

Anthropology and archaeology

Thinking of getting a Ph.D. in anthropology and archaeology?

You might have your personal reasons, and we are not ignorant of the fact that as an anthropologist or an archaeologist, you will do a lot of research and carry out a lot of critical analysis.

But we consider a degree in anthropology and archaeology very useless because researchers struggle to find public funding, at all costs.

We also consider a degree in anthropology and archaeology as one of the most worthless doctorates in the world because it has a high unemployment rate of 12.6%.

Political science

Who uses a degree in political science?

One of the most useless degrees in the world is a degree in political science with an unemployment rate of 11.1%.

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Almost anybody can work in government or be involved in politics, going further to get a doctorate degree in it is clearly of no use.

Computer science

Most people think that a degree in computer science will give them an edge in working for tech firms and other related companies, but this is the wrong idea.

There is actually no doubt that it is very difficult to get a major in computer science, even Stanford University, one of the hardest schools to get into has a computer science acceptance rate of just 8.2%.

But with a high unemployment rate of 8.7%, we consider a degree in computer science as one of the most worthless degrees in the world.

However, we don’t discourage you from getting a degree in computer science, but if it is for the purpose of getting a good job, then it is not a good idea.


You can get to know a lot of people and experience diverse cultures after studying languages, no doubt you need this skill for traveling and connecting with the world.

Why studying languages has its many benefits, studying languages as a college degree is useless, after completing your degree, you might really get stranded on what next to do with your life and career and that is when you discover how worthless it is to study languages.

As a graduate with a language degree, you may become a translator or work at a foreign embassy, etc, however, these opportunities are very few and limited.

This is why we consider a degree in languages one of the most worthless doctorates in the world.

Art History

No one has ever considered an Art History degree a practical investment, the majority of its students were never thought to be going into academia, and because of its lack of direct, tangible benefits, graduate schools have been overrun by students who either want to do art for a living or want a more tangible means of communication.

If you want an art degree there’s no reason not to pick up an actual major instead, although it is a passionate degree and students go on to make beautiful sculptures, making a career out of it can be difficult.

Another reason we consider art history as one of the most useless degrees is that it doesn’t have good job prospects, and most graduates are left with limited options when applying for opportunities with the degree.

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Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychologists are professionals trained to help people understand and manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Like psychiatrists, they prescribe medication to individuals who have psychiatric disorders or other severe emotional disturbances.

However, graduates find their psychology degree very difficult to use, and those with a bachelor’s degree are really confused because they can not find a place to fit in or apply for a job.

When a job is available, it is usually very limited, and this is why we consider the psychology degree very useless.

Culinary Arts

The culinary arts degree is sometimes seen as a pathway to becoming a chef or restaurant owner, which makes this field appealing to those who have an affinity for food.

The cuisine and regional courses offered by many universities with degrees in the culinary arts are what may make this degree not seem that much worth it because you can’t specialize as deeply as with other subjects.

Plus, there are very few jobs available.

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You don’t have to pursue a degree in sculpture, but it can help you start a career as an artist.

We consider a degree in sculpture as one of the most useless to get and this is because of its potential for employment.

According to Prospect’s review, there is about a 9.2% unemployment rate for people with a major in sculpture.


There are many worthless doctorates in the world that students get involved in without much information, we hope this article helps you make a more educated decision.


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