Are you curious about finding out where the best small colleges in Georgia are? Do you want to know what requirements are needed to get into these schools?

Well, you’re in for a treat!

We’re about to embark on a journey through the charming campuses and unique programs that make these institutions stand out. From admission insights to the distinctive features of each college, get ready for an insider’s guide to the best small colleges in Georgia.

Whether you’re envisioning an urban adventure or a tranquil campus setting, we’ve got the details you need to make an informed choice.

If you are not hell-bent on studying in Georgia, you can consider other locations just in case you do not find the college of your preference.  Feel free to check out other small schools by exploring our archive of the best small colleges in other states of the US.


What is the number-one college in Georgia?

Determining the “number one” college can be subjective, as it depends on factors like academic programs, campus culture, and individual preferences.

However, the University of Georgia, located in Athens, often ranks highly in various categories as the best college in Georgia.

With a diverse range of academic offerings, a strong sense of school spirit, and a picturesque campus, UGA is a top choice for many students.

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What are the academic requirements for admission into small colleges in Georgia?

Academic requirements vary among small colleges in Georgia, but generally, they look for a combination of a strong high school GPA, SAT or ACT scores, letters of recommendation, and a well-crafted personal statement.

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Each college may have specific criteria for different programs, so it’s essential to check the admission requirements on the respective college websites.

What are the best small colleges in Georgia?

Without further ado, we lead you to the top colleges with small class sizes and student populations in Georgia. Our job here at Ziiky is to make school searching easy and seamless for you.

Now here are the top 10 of Georgia’s small colleges:

1. Spelman College

  • Phone: +1 404-681-3643
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 2,417 (2020–21)
  • Address: 350 Spelman Ln SW, Atlanta, GA 30314

Spelman College is a private, historically black, women’s liberal arts college in Atlanta, Georgia, dedicated to intellectual, creative, ethical, and leadership development.

As a renowned historically black women’s college, Spelman empowers its students to become global leaders.

Its vibrant community not only offers rigorous academic programs but also emphasizes social justice, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an inclusive and empowering educational environment.


2. Agnes Scott College

  • Phone: +1 404-471-6000
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 1,013 (2020–21)
  • Address: 141 E College Ave., Decatur, GA 30030

Nestled in Decatur, Agnes Scott College stands out with its dedication to women’s education and global perspectives.

Agnes Scott College is a private women’s liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church and is considered one of the Seven Sisters of the South.

The college’s strong emphasis on leadership development, coupled with its innovative Summit program, prepares students for success in a diverse and interconnected world.

The college offers co-ed graduate programs and is currently named the most innovative liberal arts college in Georgia.


3. Berry College

  • Phone: +1 706-232-5374
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 2,170 (2020–21)
  • Address: 2277 Martha Berry Hwy NW, Mt Berry, GA 30149

Berry College is an independent coeducational private liberal arts college in Mount Berry accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The college was founded on values based on Christian principles and is currently nationally recognized for academic excellence and extraordinary value.

With its expansive campus in Rome, Berry College provides a unique blend of academic excellence and a strong sense of community.

Students benefit from a distinctive combination of liberal arts education, hands-on work experiences through the world’s largest campus, and a commitment to service, making Berry College a standout choice.


4. Piedmont College

  • Phone: +1 706-778-3000
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 1,213 (2020–21)
  • Address: 1021 Central Ave., Demorest, GA 30535

Nestled in the scenic foothills of the Appalachian Mountains is Piedmont College, a private university. The college offers a close-knit community and personalized education in Demorest.

With a focus on experiential learning and small class sizes, Piedmont provides students with the tools they need to succeed academically and personally.

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5. Morehouse College

  • Phone: +1 470-639-0999
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 2,554 (2020–21)
  • Address: 830 Westview Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30314

As a historic men’s college in Atlanta, Morehouse College is renowned for its commitment to producing leaders who will make a difference in the world. At Morehouse, leadership is learned, and legends are born.

The school places a strong emphasis on academic excellence, brotherhood, and civic engagement. Morehouse provides a transformative experience for its students.

Unlike most schools, Morehouse College has a variety of residential dorms and academic buildings east of Ashview Heights


6. Covenant College

  • Phone: +1 706-820-1560
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 840 (2020–21)
  • Address: 14049 Scenic Hwy., Lookout Mountain, GA 30750

Covenant College is a private, liberal arts Christian college in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. As the college of the Presbyterian Church in America, Covenant teaches subjects from a Reformed theological worldview.

The college combines a rigorous Christian liberal arts education with a breathtaking natural setting.

The college’s commitment to fostering a strong community and integrating faith with learning makes it a distinctive choice for students seeking a holistic education.


7. Oglethorpe University

  • Phone: +1 404-261-1441
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 1,408 (2020–21)
  • Address: 4484 Peachtree Rd. NE, Brookhaven, GA 30319

Oglethorpe University is Atlanta’s premier private liberal arts and sciences university, with over 60 courses of study to choose from.

Situated in Atlanta, Oglethorpe University stands out for its innovative CORE curriculum and emphasis on global education.

With a strong commitment to fostering critical thinking and ethical leadership, Oglethorpe prepares students for success in a rapidly changing world.


8. Brenau University

  • Phone: +1 770-534-6299
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 1,310 (2020–21)
  • Address: 500 Washington St SE, Gainesville, GA 30501

Brenau University is a private university with a historic campus in Gainesville, Georgia. The college is open to students who seek degrees ranging from associate to doctoral degrees.

With campuses in Gainesville and Norcross, Brenau University provides a supportive learning environment with a focus on creativity and leadership.

Known for its strong programs in the arts and sciences, Brenau offers a personalized education that prepares students for successful and fulfilling careers.


9. Clark Atlanta University

  • Phone: +1 404-880-8000
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 3,376 (2020–21)
  • Address: 223 James P Brawley Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30314

Clark Atlanta University is a private, Methodist, historically black research university in Atlanta. The university is recognized for its strong academic programs and commitment to social justice.

With a diverse and vibrant campus community, CAU provides students with the tools they need to thrive academically and positively impact their communities.


10. Georgia Southwestern State University

  • Phone: +1 877-871-4594
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 2,018 (2020–21)
  • Address: 800 Georgia Southwestern State University Drive, Americus, GA 31709
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Nestled in Americus, Georgia Southwestern State University offers a welcoming community and a range of academic programs.

With a focus on personalized attention and a supportive environment, GSW prepares students for success in their chosen fields.

Keep in mind that Georgia Southwestern State University is a state public university administered by the Georgia Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.


What is the cheapest small college in Georgia?

Determining the cheapest small college involves considering factors like tuition, fees, and available financial aid. Generally, public institutions like Georgia Gwinnett College or Georgia Southwestern State University offer lower tuition rates for in-state residents.

However, individual financial situations, scholarships, and grants can significantly impact the overall cost of attendance. It’s recommended to explore financial aid options and compare costs based on personal circumstances.

What college accepts the least number of students in Georgia?

Emory University, located in Atlanta, is known for its highly competitive admissions process and relatively low acceptance rate. With a commitment to academic excellence, Emory admits a limited number of students each year, making it one of the most selective institutions in Georgia.

FAQs on best small colleges in Georgia

What makes small colleges in Georgia unique?

Small colleges in Georgia offer a personalized learning experience, fostering close-knit communities where students receive individualized attention from dedicated faculty.

The intimate setting allows for meaningful connections, smaller class sizes, and a collaborative atmosphere that enhances the overall educational experience.

How do I choose the best small college for me in Georgia?

Consider factors such as academic programs, campus culture, location, and size. Explore each college’s unique offerings, whether it’s innovative academic initiatives, a focus on community service, or strong support for specific fields of study. Visit campuses, talk to current students, and envision yourself thriving in an environment that aligns with your goals and values.

How can I make attending a small college in Georgia more affordable?

Explore financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, and work-study programs. Many small colleges are committed to making education accessible and offer financial assistance based on merit, need, or both.

Additionally, consider in-state tuition benefits, part-time work opportunities, and budgeting strategies to manage costs effectively and make your small college experience more affordable.



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